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Speak out and say yes to unity – by Tarun Vijay

Speak out and say yes to unity

28 Sep 2008, 1847 hrs IST, Tarun Vijay
Do we get bad leaders in spite of having good people? 

If our people are great, why do we have leaders who fail? 

Where are the people if the leaders are not doing what we think they should be doing? 

A people so intensely under attack by the terrorists can’t claim to be brave by sitting silently and petitioning state clerks. Those who fear get what they fear. 

While China, having superbly completed the Olympics, sent a man for a space walk and Sarah Palin “delighted” our PM in the US with a handshake, India seems to be descending dangerously into communal polarisation, reinforced and powered by a secular lobby. In the process, the morale of the police and other security forces is being affected for they are facing the brunt from terrorists as well as the secularists in the government and the media who are running them down, doubting their intentions and integrity. 

Suddenly yardsticks for our judgment have changed. Opinions, morphed as judgments, are passed not on merit or weighing its consequences for the society, but by the yardstick of the colour events wear. The Nanavati Commission’s report is to be discarded even before its pages are browsed because the Narendra Modi government instituted it and it shows Hindus as victims. The Bannerjee report is to be trusted because the secular Lalu Yadav instituted it and shows Hindus as aggressors. Strange logic. 

Who speaks for the Indian? 

Inspector M.C.Sharma’s funeral is not to be attended because he shot at Muslims. When the men in khaki arrested the Kanchi Shankaracharya, not a single secular channel or newspaper cast any doubt on the police reports and statements. But when the men in khaki arrested a few from Jamia Milia, doubts were raised immediately and investigative journalism flowered. 

Anything written about patriotism, even a good word about Inspector Sharma, is sought to be embarrassed under a general head – Hindu media. I read this term being used first time in the aftermath of the Jamia controversy. Anything that Muslims show as a sign of solidarity with the rest of the India and condemnation of terrorism is either blacked out or shown apologetically. 

Last week, 21st September to be exact, a few hundred young professional Muslim youth from Okhla and Jamia Nagar organized a silent procession at India Gate in New Delhi. They were condemning terrorism, asking for the harshest punishment for terrorists who use Islam for their crimes, and they wanted to be recognized as patriots. I didn’t see the coverage it deserved. Why? 

Who is speaking for the Indians who were killed in the Delhi blasts? Why did they have to be turned lifeless in a sudden stroke? 

Suddenly a blast occurs and their life is changed. You are going to see a movie, and next moment found dead. Someone bringing his daughter home from school – suddenly both are dead in a blast. Gone to market for shopping – minutes later a phone call at home says ‘Please come to claim the dead body’. Terrorism has changed our lives, our behaviour, our language and relations. Yet we feel hesitant to speak out. 

What happens to those who were dependent on the terror-struck victim nobody knows. They are not news. Can’t we speak about Simran – whose father and grandfather were killed in the previous blast – and about Santosh, the sweet little kid who got killed in Mehrauli blast on Saturday? 

“Son, what’s your religion?” – should that be our first query and decide what is said next? 

Hard law is bad, because it was “used” against a particular community. Police is bad because it’s arresting and targeting a particular community. 

Terror is secular, khaki is suspect 

While the nation and her security forces – that includes the police too, stand firm to combat terrorism, the state power and the seculars are providing focused support to terrorists and enhancing their morale through statements and casting doubt on the motives of the anti-terror action. India’s secular cabinet ministers demanded lifting of a ban on a terrorist organization, proposed Indian citizenship to millions of illegal Bangladeshi infiltrators, refused to say a word of encouragement to the security forces fighting terrorists but publicly assured help to the accused whom police, a part of the government, arrested for blasting Delhi and killing citizens. 

All these secular statements had just one consideration – religion of the groups they want to support or oppose. The seculars have become the worst kind of communal hate spreaders, with their extreme one-sided postures and acidic language. In a way these rabble-rousing seculars have become a security threat affecting the societal fabric and the morale of the policemen and soldiers. 

They ordered a communal head count in the army, ignored and downgraded celebrations of Bharat Vijay Diwas, 16th December, and Kargil Vijay Diwas, stopped observing the Pokharan test anniversary in Delhi and failed to show due respect to Field Marshall Manekshaw. All this can’t just be exceptions; they show a trend, an attitude. 

These are the same elements who represent the governance and by virtue of being cabinet ministers, which ironically includes having taken an oath that obliges them to be loyal to the Constitution, succeed in facilitating comforts for the killers and create an atmosphere in which sympathies for the terrorists are generated and police become suspect with doubtful integrity. Words like – “they have a soft heart”, “they are our children and hence it’s our duty to provide them help”, “nothing can be said till they are proven guilty”, etc – are bandied about to warn the police and reassure those whom police caught at risk to their lives. 

It’s good and admirable to stick to a universal assumption that everyone is innocent till proven guilty. But during wartime words spoken publicly have to be weighed against their possible impact on the elements that shoulder the responsibility to safeguard the nation. If you start being celestially virtuous by sympathizing with the pains and difficulties of those who have waged a war on the state, it’s bound to paralyze the enthusiasm of patriotic soldiers and civil resistance. 

They know their side 

In the secular dispensation, to be objective, liberal and broadminded and have sympathies on humanitarian grounds are reserved only for terror groups. Is it a secret that these seculars leave no stone unturned to create an atmosphere where procedural mechanism to punish the guilty is influenced and driven to believe that the arrested criminal is not the culprit, but the victim of an incompetent state apparatus. 

Remember how a vigorous campaign to release a lecturer of the same Jamia Milia Islamia was launched in spite of Delhi police submitting a truckload of evidence about his involvement in the attack on Parliament? And the famous case of Abdul Mahdani, declared as the “main accused” in the Coimbatore bomb blast case, which left 58 dead? Karunanidhi went to see him in jail, provided all the facilities, including a regular masseur, and finally when on purely “technical” points he was released, Kerala’s Left Front cabinet ministers came out and accorded him a public felicitation? 

The charges against Mahdani were as follows: 

“Accused No. 14 Mahdani is one of the key conspirators in the Coimbatore bomb blasts case.” 

“Accused of collecting and transferring explosives to the town, ripped by a series of bomb blasts on February 14, 1998.” 

“Charged under Sections 302 IPC (Murder); 307 IPC (Attempt to Murder); 153-A IPC (Creating hatred among communities); Section 5 of the Explosives Act and Section 25 of the Arms Act.” 

Public prosecutor Balasundarm, arguing against Mahdani, had expressed “surprise” over the judgment to release him and said he did a good job in assimilating the voluminous evidence of documents 1785 documents marked as evidence, 1300 witnesses and over 15,000 pages of investigation records. If indeed the case had been presented as thoroughly as claimed, why did it fail? 

If such incidents do not open the eyes of the people leading our public life, then what’s the course left for a law-abiding patriot? 

In any other country facing such a serious serial terror assault, those who publicly empathize with the terrorists would have been tried along with the arrested accused of the blasts. 

Speak out and say yes to unity. 

It’s the emergent duty of the media and political powers to help stop the dangerous polarization taking place in our social circles and polity post-bomb blasts and public shows of secular sympathies for the accused killers. 

While care should be taken that no educational institution gets a bad name because of the actions of a few, it’s also the duty of the faculty and the students to show solidarity with the terror-struck people. Muslim leaders have to come out openly re-enforcing a citizen’s solidarity against terror. If students fail in duty and character, the teachers will have to share the responsibility for their bad behaviour. It’s also wrong and false that a few wronged people have taken up guns. What wrongs and if it is indeed so, how many Kashmiri Hindus will have to take up guns? 

Rather, the goodness of the religion needs to be publicized and there will be no dearth of other communities joining with such Muslims. So far it’s only the Hindus who are coming out openly defending the goodness of the Indian Muslims and their religion. Nobody generalizes the community as terrorists, unlike in Europe and America. This difference remains unrecognized though. Maulanas are silent, teachers do not speak out and the common men suffer in silence. Is that the way we are going to deal with this war? If people don’t forge solidarity and revolt and keep looking to politicians for all solutions, even god will think twice about helping them. 

Wounded hearts – by Tarun Vijay

Wounded hearts


Tarun Vijay

September 25, 2008

I would have loved to see Hindus coming out in unison to protect the churches and say no, whatever our grievances may be, it is our Hindu-ness to see all prayer halls are secure and run unhindered. It’s sacrilegious for any Hindu to assault the place of faith of any other brother citizen; the united colours of the tricolour that we so proudly fluttered in Jammu, makes us respect the bond that unites us all. If we don’t do this, we are not Hindus. It’s impossible as a Hindu, however aggrieved and anguished and unfairly treated I might be, to sit silent and watch approvingly the desecration of another’s place of reverence.

I know professional hate-mongers would jump in and cite the example of Ayodhya, forgetting that the structure there was not a functional place of worship. Remember, no one would have been able to stop the Hindus from storming Kashi or Mathura’s ‘subjugated’ temples, pre-independence or after 1947, if the Hindus were so reckless and intolerant. Just see the structures built on Hindu temples there. Yet, we didn’t touch them.

It will be naïve say the same Hindus would feel great by pelting stones and breaking places of worship. Such acts never help a religious community. The crowd that did it is the crowd that expresses anger spontaneously and often in an uncontrolled manner, hitting at its own interests and image. Unacceptable, and sad indeed.

But when Hindus are unable to protect and secure respect for their religious scriptures, icons, gods and temples, how can they be exhorted to do so for others? Whatever is happening in Mangalore and Bengaluru needs introspection on both sides. Closing all options before the Hindus, making them look barbaric and demonising them as if they have surpassed Osama and Church-supported terror groups in the northeast would be to push them into a corner.

The Hindus who sheltered all the persecuted and brutalised religious communities of the world — from Jews to Parsis to Tibetans and never created roadblocks for the aggressive harvesters of the West and rather mingled with the Muslims to pray at dargahs and light candles at churches, producing a cyclonic Hindu monk, Vivekananda, who officially started celebrating Christmas in all his great centres of Hindu faith the world over, which has continued unopposed. Such Hindus can’t be assaulters of the kind they themselves have been condemning and complaining about.

Just see if it suits your palate and patience, what really happened at Mangalore. I have seen translations from a book — Satya Darshini distributed by the missionaries of New Life in Mangalore and Bengaluru. It’s in Kannada and the booklet denigrates Hindu gods and said Indians worship false gods and pleads for their ‘liberation’.

Where are the leaders of the sacred word and social concerns?

All the incidents that took place were not attacks on churches.In fact, unauthorised prayer halls were attacked where the blasphemous pamphlets were distributed and aggressive proselytisation was taking place. These incidents were not localised but took place across three districts of Mangalore, Udupi and Chikmagalur.

The only place where attacks took place apart from New Life prayer halls was at a small prayer hall in the premises of Milagres church in Mangalore, where some miscreants had damaged an idol of Jesus Christ.The Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal have condemned this attack.Following this incident, a Christian mob gathered and the situation went out of control as it started pelting stones and disrupting traffic.The police was forced to intervene and this resulted in unsavoury violence.

It was not a Hindu-Christian clash. In fact, it is more appropriate to call it a ‘Christian-police’ clash. Since some Christians holed up in churches were pelting stones and disrupting traffic, the police was forced to enter the church to clear the mob.

Stabbing incidents were reported from four or five places across Mangalore district.In fact, an activist belonging to the Shri Ram Sena was stabbed, which led to a bandh call by the orgnanisation — an outfit that is not connected with the Sangh Parivar.

The VHP and Bajrang Dal have condemned the desecration of Jesus Christ’s idol in the prayer halladjacent to Milagres church in Mangalore.They have also clarified that they are not against the Catholic faith and the churches.


The archbishop was arrogant and rude to Chief Minister Yeddyurappa who had gone to see him. He could have used this opportunity to express his dismay but also to start a dialogue to know and eliminate the reasons for the unrest and an untowardly reaction.

Fine. Can Hindus express the same to the archbishop: your grace, we are deeply hurt and wounded by your silence on the brutal violence of words against Hindus by your people? And more so, since you have chosen to ignore the pains and angst of the Hindus. What do you have to say about the books of New Life mission?

The best and truly Christian voice I heard amidst the cacophony of blame game and wounded hearts was of a reputed Christian scholar P N Benjamin, in Bengaluru. He wrote, ‘The real source of danger to the Indian Christian community is not the handful of Hindu extremists. Most of the violent incidents have been due to aggressive evangelising. Other than this, there have been few attacks on Christians. Finally, the sensitive and sensible Christians must realise that acts of certain groups of Christian evangelists are the root-cause of tension between Christians and Hindus. Christian leaders should come out in the open to disown such acts of intolerance. The best and perhaps the only way Christians can bear witness to their faith, is by extending their unconditional love to their neighbours and expecting nothing in return.’

And he advised, ‘Will the Christians listen to the words of sanity of Dr Ken Gnanakan, well-known Christian scholar who told this writer the other day: ‘Preach Christ, but do not condemn others’. Even Jesus said in John 3.17: ‘God did not send his Son to condemn the world’

Hindus are like that. The aggressive conversions and the justification of it by the ‘harvesters’ are hurting Hindus as much as any other violence. Still there are saner ways to explain that hurt if there are saner platforms to receive those voices.

Have you seen in any magazine or periodical a story about the swami who was brutally murdered on the night of Krishna’s birthday in Orissa? Why was he killed? They keep blaming the Maoists, and have immediately denied their hand through a well-publicised statement. And the aged lady monk, Ma Bhaktimoyee? Should her murder while performing puja be ignored just because she was not a nun and the Vatican won’t speak about her plight and Italy’s blind-curtained state would not call the Indian ambassador to protest over her death? How long do we have to run our public life directed by signals from firang-lands?

Nowhere on this earth have a people so brutalised and passed through many a holocaust been living so peacefully introverted that some elements of society call it cowardice. Yet, we never allowed the hate for the faithful of those communities whose ancestors were in the forefront of attacks on us.

But should it always be a one-sided story?

The muffling of Hindu voices of reason and dialogue will ultimately lead to more pitfalls and long nights of distrust. Those who advertise their beef-eating rendezvous with unashamed aplomb are trying to teach what makes for a good Hindu. It is bound to invite a payback.

How many of the church people came to heal our wounds when temples were desecrated and razed to the ground in Kashmir? How many maulanas came to help us forget the painful past and have a fresh and harmonious beginning after Godhra and Mumbai and Raghunath temple and Akshardham and Sankatmochan Mandir and Doda and……..

India needed an Indian prescription to heal the wounds and face the unhealthy attackers. Instead we received communalised medicines from secular panacea providers, practitioners of hate certified by state registry.

How can hate for one side provide succour to the other?

Everything this polity does or allows to be a victor in the elections is coated with hate for the other side — a poison prescription to win a battle can’t be transformed to yield admirable results.

Victims can’t be aggressors and any amount of wordplay won’t heal the hurt Hindus have been subjected to bear in isolation.

The Christian aggressiveness and offence is as much if not more violent than jihadis. They carnivalised the shameful mockery of Hindu gods through public passages in a show of strength that takes power from an Italian statement, the Vatican’s powered protest, and finally a White House warning.


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Failure of American financial institutions is a reason to rejoice – Prof. R. Vaidanathan

An interesting read.

……..The decline of these institutions — many more to come — is the best thing that has happened to countries such as India, which are poised to play a larger role in global financial affairs.

Let us have some facts. India had 25% of global income in 1500 through 1700; by 1820, this was down to 17% and by 1951 to 5%; in 1998, the country’s share stood at 5.5% (according to Angus Maddison in The World Economy: A millennial Perspective, OECD Development Centre Studies -2007; Table-B-20 Appendix B; pp263).

We need to reclaim our position in the world — it is just returning to where we were. By 2025, we should have at least 25% of global GDP………….

Electricity from cow menure

See this link. COW based economy that swadeshi thinkers in india talks about is not impractical. A dairy farm in US has already started generating electricity from cow menure and making profit. Of course, in india too there are farmers who are producing electricity from cow menure.

Conversions: Faith in the closet – by Dr. Shreerang Godbole

Conversions: Faith in the closet;       
Shreerang Godbole
22 Sep 2008


Post-Kandhamal, post-Mangalore, the issue of conversions has taken centre-stage.  “Christians are a persecuted, hapless minority”; “How can a minority that accounts for less than 2.5% of the population pose a threat to the 84% Hindus of the country?” is the general refrain. “If Christian missionaries had been indulging in large-scale conversions, how has the Christian percentage remained virtually static in the last two censuses” is the seemingly compelling argument. 

The Christian percentage that stood at 2.32 in the 1991 census was virtually static at 2.35 in Census 2001. In fact, a state like Andhra Pradesh presents a strange phenomenon in religious demography. Since 1971, there has been a steady decline in the share of Christian population in the state. The Christian population in Andhra had increased steadily for more than a century from the time of “mass movements” in 1860s till 1970. The Christian population increased by 2.5 percentage points from 1.7% in 1911 to 4.2% in 1971.

However, there has been a steady decline in the share of Christians since then, as recorded in every decadal census. As per Census 2001, the share of Christians came down to 1.6%. In fact, the Christian population even declined in absolute numbers, from about 180,000 in 1971 to about 120,000 in 2001. The decline in the share of Christians during 1971-2001 is seen in all regions of Andhra Pradesh, though it is most marked in the middle and southern coastal districts – the largest decline being observed in Guntur district (14.6% in 1971 to 3.0% in 2001).  


Yet Hindu organizations routinely allege that Andhra Pradesh has emerged as a hotbed of Christian activities. The annual report of the Ministry of Home Affairs, March 2007, lends credence to Hindu apprehensions. According to the report, for the year 2005-2006, three metropolitan cities namely Chennai (Rs. 7530.83 million), Bangalore (Rs. 4640.97 million) and Mumbai (Rs. 4400.47 million) reported the highest district-wise receipt of foreign contribution in the country.


Next in line are two districts in Andhra Pradesh – Ananthapur (Rs. 2880.11 million) and Hyderabad-Secunderabad (Rs. 2360.84 million). In the last four decades, Andhra Pradesh has consistently been one of the top three states to receive such mind-boggling foreign aid. A couple of years ago, Christian organizations had become bold enough to swarm the seven hills of Lord Venkateshwara to hawk their creed, but had to beat a retreat when Hindu society launched a staunch protest. Outside of the north-east, Andhra Pradesh is the only state in India to have a Christian Chief Minister. How does one explain the curious paradox of an apparent spurt in conversion activities and a static, sometimes even declining Christian share in the population? 


The answer becomes obvious when one takes the trouble of studying Christian strategy and statistics – statistics provided by authoritative mission documents. Every year Christian churches spend billions of dollars to maintain a head-count of their flock. This aids the massive evangelistic enterprise of global Christianity. The Center for the Study of Global Christianity, at the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, South Hamilton, Massachusetts, brings out the World Christian Encyclopedia (Oxford University Press, 1982; 2d ed., 2001) and World Christian Trends (William Carey Library, 2001).

In addition, an annual update of many of the statistics in this report is produced every January in the International Bulletin of Missionary Research. The 2001 report states that of the estimated 1.88 billion professing Christians worldwide, an estimated 124 million or 6.2% are crypto-Christians or those who conceal their faith. We need not swallow everything churned out by this seminary. As the report itself notes, “Christian triumphalism – not as pride in huge numbers, but as publicized self-congratulation – is rampant in most churches, agencies, and ministries… some 250 of the 300 largest international Christian organizations regularly mislead the Christian public by publishing demonstrably incorrect or falsified progress statistics.” Nevertheless, there is no doubt that a significant number of Christians worldwide keep their faith in the closet.


Concealing one’s faith – and double-crossing one’s pre-Christian faith – has a hoary Biblical tradition. In the Gospel of John, we come across a character called Nicodemus who was a ‘closet disciple’ of Jesus Christ. Nicodemus was a Pharisee (a group of Jews whom the New Testament typically depicts as being self-righteous and arrogant because of their disbelief) and a member of the Sanhedrin or the Supreme Court of the ancient Jews which tried and found Jesus guilty. Without renouncing his Judaism explicitly, Nicodemus had met Jesus at night and subsequently took care of his corpse.    

In later centuries, Christians have taken recourse to subterfuge to practice their faith. When Francis Xavier brought Roman Catholicism to Japan in 1549, most of the inhabitants of Ikitsuki Island left Buddhism and became Christians. Recognizing the threat that Christianity posed to Japan and her traditions, Hideyoshi and the other shogun all but stamped out Christianity. Adopting a complex sham, the Christians of Ikitsuki worshipped publicly at Buddhist temples, and then slipped away at night to hold secret Christian prayer meetings. At home, they prayed overtly before Buddhist and Shinto altars, but their real altar became the nan do garni (closet god), innocuous-looking bundles of cloth in which Christian statues and medallions were hidden.

For two and a half centuries, the Christian faith was transmitted secretly to illiterate peasants.  These Janus-faced people came to be known as Kakure Kirishitan (crypto-Christians). In 1865, when Japan permitted a Catholic church to open in Nagasaki to serve Western visitors, the Kakure, then numbering around 30,000 in the region, suddenly came out of hiding. To this day, at public ceremonies such as Kakure funerals, a Buddhist priest is always asked to officiate, but the Kakure make sure to make a secret prayer to erase the effect of the Buddhist priest!

Crypto-Christians are numerous in places where Christianity gets a taste of the maltreatment it usually metes out to others. Thus, Chinese law requires all churches to be registered with government-run Christian associations. Members of so-called underground churches are imprisoned, ‘re-educated,’ and sometimes executed. China’s official census enumerates 10 million Protestants and 4 million Roman Catholics. But reliable estimates place the actual number of Protestants in China at 39 million and that of Roman Catholics at 14 million.

In Saudi Arabia, foreign Christians generally only worship in secret within private homes. They are careful to keep Bibles, crucifixes and religious statues away from public gaze.  While the Church-inspired United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, a creature of the US State Department, makes routine noises against the Saudis, it is not known to have recommended denial of US visas to visiting Saudi dignitaries!


The existence, indeed proliferation, of crypto-Christians in India is a fact acknowledged by the Church. The World Christian Trends (2001) has placed the number of persons affiliated to the Church in India at 62243546 or 6.1%. In short, the number of Christians in India is nearly thrice the official census figure! The document places the share of crypto-Christians in the total Christian population at a staggering 62%! 

In 2002, the American mission agency Global Mapping International asked Patrick Johnstone, author of Operation World, a prayer handbook which documents demographics and mission activity in many countries, to list the seven most encouraging trends of the 1990’s. “The astonishing and mostly undocumented growth of the church in India – the official numbers (2.34% Christians in 1991) are far lower than the truth, deliberately hiding the true extent of Christianity in the nation. The true figures are certainly far more than double, and look like only the beginning. The ‘untouchable’ Dalits have started leaving Hinduism, which could lead to an immense growth of Indian churches” was Johnstone’s gleeful reply. 

So why do so many Christians in India conceal their faith, given that the rulers are Christian-friendly? The present Constitutional provision that limits the benefits available to Scheduled Castes only to Hindus (including Sikhs and Buddhists) is a major hurdle. This has created a peculiar breed of Christians with dual identity. They attend the Church but are identified by their Hindu names and castes in the Government records.

No wonder Christian leaders are vigorously demanding continuation of benefits to Scheduled Castes even after conversion. Not so long ago, Church leaders heaped abuse on the institution of caste, calling it a strictly Hindu phenomenon and claimed that conversion to Christianity would ensure social equality. That argument is passé. “Scheduled Caste converts face the same social disabilities as their Hindu counterparts” is the new mantra. Another reason to hide conversions is the fear that awareness of the grim reality would jolt Hindus into action.  If events in Kandhamal and Mangalore are any indication, the grandiose ambitions of the Church to ‘claim India for Christ’ already seem doomed.


Dr. Shreerang Godbole is a Pune-based endocrinologist, social activist and author. He has contributed in making

And, we say that Hindus in this country are majority

Height of minority appeasement – only 2 compulsory holidays for Hindu festivals and 4 for muslim festivals ! This is another sample of minority appeasement. What a pity! Shame on Hindus of this country! 80 % Hindus get only 5 holidays fr their festivals and 15% muslims get 4 holidays for their festivals. It is lucky to born as a  muslim in this country!

The Katherine Mayos and Pat Robertsons of India-I – By V Sundaram

Christians and Christian missionaries in Karnataka, seem to be on the prowl today against the majority Hindus of that State in a mood of joyous and assertive exultation, mainly because of the wholesale political and administrative support that they are receiving from the UPA government under the stranglehold of a Catholic woman from Italy owing her allegiance to the Pope in Rome and not to the letter and spirit of the ever-disposable and shaky Indian Constitution.  Many Christian outfits have been openly demanding a ban on the Sangh Parivar in a shameless manner.  When Christians and Muslims attack Hindu temples, it is viewed as enjoyment of constitutional minority rights by the Sonia-directed union government.  When Hindus retaliate in self-defence then it becomes ‘a savagely communal and fundamentalist Hindu attack on minority shrines’. 

For the first time after Independence we are having an anti-Hindu Congress government in New Delhi, which uses its Civil Servants to behave like whole-time Congress party functionaries.  There is a cut throat competition amongst Additional Secretaries and Secretaries in the government of India to catch the personal attention of either our surrogate de jure Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh or de facto Super Prime Minister Sonia Gandhi all the time just to demonstrate that they are more committed to the political dictates of Congress Party than to the mandatory commands of the Indian Constitution.  The fact of the matter is that they are all holding their ‘mighty’ transitory and ephemeral offices only at the pleasure of No:10 Janpath, New Delhi and not Rashtrapathi Bhavan, which is only a Post Office of the Congress Party.

When Christians and Christian missionaries in Karnataka openly printed, published and distributed deliberately planned obscene and vulgar anti-Hindu evangelical literature directed against the Hindu Gods and Goddesses in Mangalore, Udupi and Chikmagalur districts, the Hindus like the Hindus of Jammu and Orissa rose in open rebellion.  I am quoting below a few extracts from one such evangelical book, Satya Darshini, which ought to gladden the heart of the Union Home Secretary and more particularly Special Secretary (Internal Security).  This blasphemous book is in Kannada language.  This book was printed in Andhra Pradesh for large-scale distribution for achieving wholesale conversion in Karnataka: 

a)    Urvashi – the daughter of Lord Vishnu – is a prostitute. Vashitha is the son of this prostitute.  He in turn married his own Mother. Such a degraded person is the Guru of the Hindu God Rama, (page 48)

b) When Krishna himself is wallowing in darkness of hell, how can he enlighten others? Since Krishna himself is a shady character, there is a need for us to liberate his misled followers, (page 50)

 c)   It was Brahma himself who kidnapped Sita.  Since Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva were themselves the victims of lust, it is a sin to consider them as Gods, (page 39)

 d)   When the Trinity of Hinduism (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva) are consumed by lust and anger, how can they liberate others?   Their projection as Gods is nothing but a joke (page 39)

e)    When Vishnu asked BRAHMA to commit a sin, he immediately did so.   How can such an ‘evil Brahma’ be a Creator of this Universe? How is it possible for both the sinner and the entity, which provoked the sin to be gods? (Page 39)

f)    God, please liberate the sinful people of India who are worshipping false Gods that believe in the pleasures of illicit ‘Vyabichari’ relationships. (Page 39).

A Central team headed by M L Kumawat, Special Secretary (Internal Security) in the Union Home Ministry was sent to Karnataka to visit the affected areas. A K Yadav, Additional Secretary in the Union Home Ministry was also a member of this team.  The Central team has already visited Mangalore and Hubli districts.  When pressmen asked M L Kumawat, in the manner of an already recorded message in North Block, New Delhi, he said, ‘The State Government has failed to protect certain specified communities against violent attacks on them and their property’. The Hindus of Karnataka and indeed in the whole of India would like to put these questions to M L Kumawat and the other members of this Central team. 

1.    Why did THEY (Central team) not go to Kandamal District in Orissa when Swamy Lakshmanananda and three of his disciples were brutally murdered by Christian missionaries (their ‘beloved’ Christian minorities!) on Krishna Jayanthi Day on 23 August 2008?

2.    Are they aware of the fact that a militant Christian organisation (almost like SIMI) called NEW LIFE has been spreading venom against the majority Hindus by the publication and distribution of offensive and blasphemous anti-Hindu evangelical literature in different parts of Karnataka?

3.    Why are they closing their pseudo-secular and anti-Hindu eyes, minds and hearts to the Crass, Vulgar and abusive language used against Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna, Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva in the book called SATYA DARSHINI in Kannada, distributed by NEW LIFE referred to above?

4.    While they dare to issue a needless warning to the duly elected non-Congress Chief Minister Yeddyurappa, will they dare to issue a similar warning to the Office bearers of Christian organisations like NEW LIFE?  Will they dare to recommend a ban on such ‘communal’ organisations?  Will they dare to use their authority in the Union Home Ministry for recommending the prosecution of this evangelical organisation under Sections 153A and 295A of the Indian Penal Code? Why did they not choose to issue a warning to Lalu Prasad Yadav Union Railway Minister and Mulayansingh Yadav Prisident of Samajwadi Party for their open Illegal demand for the removal of ban on Simi?

5.    Are the members of the Central team aware of the rulings of the Supreme Court of India on ‘forced’ or ‘induced’ Conversions?  Such conversions have been constitutionally ruled out by the Supreme Court of India.  Why are they ‘politically’ acceptable to the disgraceful Sonia-directed UPA government and their servile and ever-obliging Civil Servants (Civil Serpents in actual practice! ) in the Union Home Ministry?

I have seen from newspaper reports that the Bengaluru Archbishop Dr.Bernard Moras insulted the Karnataka Chief Minister very much like Saint Francis Xavier treated the Hindus of Goa in the 16th century!  The Archbishop told the Chief Minister ‘For Christians, the Blessed Sacrament is the most holy religious symbol signifying the body and blood of Christ. I am prepared to shed blood and give my life for the cause of Christ and Christians’.               The Archbishop ought to know that the Hindus in majority, not only in Karnataka but also in the whole of India, are in the same mood to defend their Hindu Gods and Goddesses against the Christian fraud of forced or induced conversions in India. It has been reported that the Archbishop asked the Karnataka Chief Minister ‘What will you do if your temple is destroyed?’ Dr.Bernard Moras should know that the Hindus of Karnataka have reacted against the blasphemous Anti-Hindu literature and fraudulent methods of conversion resorted to by Christian Missionaries and agencies in Karnataka.

In these columns, in a series of articles very recently, I have fully documented the atrocities let loose against the Hindus of Goa by Christian Catholic Missionaries from 1560 to 1612. St.Francis Xavier was the man who inaugurated the Holy Inquisition against the Hindus of Goa. May I request Bengaluru Archbishop Dr. Bernard Moras to issue a statement defending the Holy Inquisition in Goa? Is he not aware of the blasphemous Anti-Hindu Evangelical literature in wide circulation in Karnataka? Can he deny the fact that this kind of savage denigration of Hindu Gods and Goddesses was mainly responsible for the Hindu rebellion in Karnataka? Dr. Bernard Moras cannot now say that New Life is a Protestant Organisation and not a Catholic Organisation. Supreme Court of India does not distinguish between induced/forced/fraudulent Conversions done by either Catholic or Protestant Organisations.

The Convenor of the Chennai Churches Fraternity V.Devasahayam has urged the Central government to impose a ban on the Sangh Parivar and the Bajrang Dal and also to enact a legislation to protect the Minorities. He has said that the Union government must bring in a new legislation on the lines of the SC/ST atrocities Prevention Act. In a shameless manner he has alleged that the BJP Party is undermining the country’s values. He has spoken like a third grade politician in this context: ‘Wherever the BJP is in power, violence is unleashed against the minorities. Muslims and Christians become victims of the fascist tendencies of the Sangh Parivar outfits’.

I am fully aware of the open fight and continuous cold war between the Nadar Christians and the SC/ST Christians in the Church of South India in recent years. The number of criminal/civil cases, between these two Christian Groups, pending in all the Courts of Law in Tamil Nadu (from the District Munsif’s Court to the High Court) will amply bear out this fact. Against this background I am amused to see that Devasahayam has sought legislation on the lines of the SC/ST Atrocities Prevention Act. The existence of this Act has in no way given any protection to the SC/ST Christians either within the Catholic Church or the Protestant Church in Tamil Nadu

You can ask me as to why I have given the title of ‘THE KATHERINE MAYO’S AND PAT ROBERTSON’S OF INDIA TODAY’ to this story today. An American tourist called Miss Katherine Mayo visited India in the winter of 1925-26. She wrote a book called Mother India, severely criticizing India and the Hindus. All the leading men of India like Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, Lala Lajpath Rai, Pandit Madan Mohan Malavya, Sarojini Naidu, Tej Bahadur Sapru and many others protested against the viciously mischievous, distorted and unrealistic portrayal of Hindus in Mother India. Mahatma Gandhi dismissed Katherine Mayo’s Report as ‘A Drain inspector’s Report’.

Katherine Mayo’s representative in today’s India is PAT ROBERTSON. He is an enemy number one of Sanatana Dharma, Hinduism and the Hindus of India. The UPA government under Sonia Gandhi and the Andhra Pradesh Government under Y.samuel Rajashekara Reddy are open political supporters of this anti-Hindu American vermin of a missionary. He has carried on his anti-Hindu campaign in several parts of Andhra Pradesh .Let us hear his words of Christian compassion:  ‘that problem is idol worship. It is said there are hundreds of millions of Hindu deities. All this has put a nation in bondage to spiritual forces that have deceived many for thousands of years’.

In my view all the Churches in India are the political bridges between Katherine Mayo and Pat Robertson.

(To be contd…)

(The writer is a retired IAS officer)

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Does Christianity treats everyone equal, including Dalits?

Look at this link. Dalits christians are still treated as dalits in christianity too. All ‘equality’ they say is bogus.

Know more about Christian evangelism

This is one of the good sites that I have seen, which reports news on conversions done by christian evangelists. You will be surprised to see how big this indudtry is, how widespread this decease is.

What’s Islam? A good website

Look at this link. You can understand the islam better. What is islam in reality, is very well described.

This link gives you links for other sites, which would be interesting.

What did Christians do in Orissa?

Above blog has a good write on what did christians do in Orissa.

End aggressive faith-marketing – by P N Benjamin

End aggressive faith-marketing

By P N Benjamin
The real source of danger to the Indian Christian community is not the handful of Hindu extremists. Most of the violent incidents have been due to aggressive evangelising.
A senior RSS leader once told me: “The incidents of violence against Christians are a reaction to the aggressive propaganda and mindless evangelism, abusing Hindu Gods and indulging in similar activities. The incidents are blown out of proportion. We have decided not to tolerate intolerance of other faiths. Let the Church declare that there can be salvation outside the Church also. The whole atmosphere will undergo a radical change…”

The real source of danger to the Indian Christian community is not the handful of Hindu extremists. Most of the violent incidents have been due to aggressive evangelising. Other than this, there have been few attacks on Christians. Finally, the sensitive and sensible Christians must realise that acts of certain groups of Christian evangelists are the root-cause of tension between Christians and Hindus. Christian leaders should come out in the open to disown such acts of intolerance.

The best and perhaps the only way Christians can bear witness to their faith, is by extending their unconditional love to their neighbours and expecting nothing in return. As such, most of the Christians are against aggressive faith marketing by any religious group because such efforts discredit India’s tradition of respecting all religious thought and also runs counter to the true spirit in which the Constitution grants people the right to profess, practice and propagate their faith.

Many of the Indian Christians were born into Christianity and some others freely chose to embrace it. They also believe that the Great Commission in the Gospel, according to Matthew, unequivocally calls us to witness Christ in a pluralistic setting without violating the right of others to preach, practice and profess his/her faith. Witnessing Jesus cannot in any case be done by questionable means, whether by exploiting people’s socio-psychological vulnerabilities or by running down other religions.

The Christian injunction to make disciples of all nations in today’s context is best honoured by the bearers of the Good News living exemplary Christian lives and showing respect for the nation’s commitment to pluralism, for the larger public good in a civil society. Conversion of faith, given its life-changing nature, stems from a considered personal experience and is less likely in this day and age to be the stuff of dramatic immediacy.

India will continue to remain hospitable to all religions only if the Muslim fanatics and the Christian fundamentalists accept the pluralistic tradition of Hindus which is to consider all religions as equal. Pluralistic Christians and liberated Muslims of India have done that. The overwhelming majority of Hindus practice it.

Fundamentalist Christians assert that they alone are the holders of valid visas to heaven and paradise! Many preachers of the Gospel lay enticing traps for people whom they think must be ‘saved’ at all costs. It is worse still that their attitudes, though they (Christians) are a tiny minority in India, often create counter-reaction from among militant Hindus who sometimes incite violence against Christians. The Hindu fundamentalism is a reaction to the provocation of Christian proselytisers. The fanatics among the Christian faith will soon realise that theirs is a losing battle even if they derive their financial and other means of support from the wealthy nations overseas.
Will the Christians listen to the words of sanity of Dr Ken Gnanakan, well-known Christian scholar who told this writer the other day: “Preach Christ, but do not condemn others.” Even Jesus said in John 3.17: “God did not send his Son to condemn the world…”

Video on RSS work in Bihar flood relief

Does this mean that Hindus are of lesser importance in this country?

Have a look at this blog. Media is concentrating only on attack on churches. But, there are repeated atatcks on Ganesh processions across country. But, no one is bothered. This is not an issue for anyone. But the church attack, though a closed chapter now, still in the news. And, attack on Hindus processions happen every year everywhere in the country. Does this mean that Hindus are of lesser importance in this country?

Do you know what ‘Satyadarshini’ contains?

Scanned copies of the book Satyadarshini is here. Look, how filthy is it!! That shows the cheap techniques that Christianity has to coonvert people. When they have nothing great to project in their religon, they just have to depend on making false interpretations of Hindu GODs and stories and project it in a way they want. That shows how weak Christianity is? If they have something really good stuff which is not there in Hinduism, let them just project it. Why mimsinterpret the GODs and make people feel that Hindu GODs are not good and Jesus is the only great GOD in this world?