Real reason for attack on Churches in Mangalore & the truth behind the news

Karnataka State Home minister  VS Acharya  is also a blogger.  Here are the some news/views, direct  from his blog –  This has photos of Christians attacking Policemen. The captions under the photos are too Good – Dont
miss.  It really takes a nerve to write like this, being a Minister. Kudos to VS Acharya !


Mangalore situation – an analysis by CM, Karnataka

5 Responses to “Real reason for attack on Churches in Mangalore & the truth behind the news”

  1. 1 voiceofneil September 17, 2008 at 4:57 pm

    Well. I felt he left a one sided opinion on things. Thats my issue. Being in a responsible position, I dont think it was wise to have write stuff on attacks on police when he didnt mention why the situation got violent.

    That amazes me. Anyways, I respect his freedom to wrirte.

  2. 2 thammayya September 18, 2008 at 9:40 am

    I think, you are referring to V S Acharya’s blog. He has given the information about the church violence. I too agree that he should have mentioned the real reason behind the violence. That is the attack by a mob on churches. And, going one step behind, the reason for this attack by Hindus was a book called ‘Satyadarshana’, which was published by ‘New life’, a christian organization. Without knowing these things, the story is not complete. That is the reason I have given links to also. where these reasons are given, explaining the content of the book. One is free to preach about his/her religion but not to create false impressions about other religion or spread hatred about other religions. What New Life has done is not good for the society. What do you say?

  3. 3 Bharat September 19, 2008 at 1:03 am

    1. At no situation, citizens have the right to attack on the law. Police forces are law forces, they are not simply khaki dress wearing persons. I bet, dare attack a policeman in the west, and see where you land.

    When citizens take the law at hand and attack police forces, they too have right to defend themselves. Moreover, they are assigned the task to bring law and order. Why police had to fire over Gujjar community people in Rajasthan? To bring law and order, as they took the law at hand and destroyed national assets of over 2/3 billion US dollars (newspaper report).

    2. Till such time, we recognise a crime as crime and asked for punishments without looking religion, color, gender, caste, creed etc, we can’t find peace and harmony. It is our fault, we don’t look situations without our prejudice and biasness. Why? Reason, we all have our vested interests. Christians want their number grow up, no matter how. This is a global fact. So, Hindus have their concern and right to protect their community and not become another South America or Africa or Goa (Read the Goa Inquisition).

    3. Conversion, that is forced and fraud, have to stop. A national anti-Conversion law is a must. Christian missionaries must be banned. We don’t need a mission brigades to destroy our nation and culture from inside.

    Out of 12,000 people groups in the world, over 4,000 of them are in India

    What is this? Is it not direct invasion on a nation, culture, civilization?

    4. Peace and harmony comes from two sides. Its two-way process. If christians (as a follower of faith from outside India) don’t respect the native Hindu, Budhist, Jain, Sikh faiths (which comprise over 85% people), how can one expect respect from the native to foreign faiths?

    5. Christians have to decide what they want? Peaceful and harmonious living with native faith people or live in conflict till the whole hindus are converted into christianity. Note, till some years back Hindus has no bad feelings about christians, but aggressive soul harvesting business is fast runing that situation.

  4. 4 Viniwin September 20, 2008 at 10:26 pm

    It’s saddening to see all the happenings in Mangalore.
    @thammayya: Saw the publication ‘Satyadarshana’ online & in fact it is insulting to Hindu religion & I would strongly condemn it.
    There is clear mention of addresses & names of the concerned persons in the book & I would suggest Hindu brothers should have lodged a complaint against them & protested against them.
    I wonder nowhere in the book the name of ‘New Life’ has been mentioned. How come it’s been dicided that it’s been published by them?(Please note that I’m neither defending ‘New Life” nor I’m a member of the “New Life”) All the persons involved in publishing this book are from out of Mangalore & Karnataka. How come the Bajarangdal / vhp attack the churches in Mangalore? Then, why there is a need for the law of the land, constitution. Anyone can attack if they have the grievances aginst someone? I would label these Bajarangdal / vhps (& the BJP to supporting them) to the militants.

  5. 5 thammayya September 22, 2008 at 9:03 am

    I agree with you. There is no name of New Life written on the book. And, complaints are given on the publisher and printer. The printer is also arrested. New Life is attacked not because they published the book, but they distributed it. Distributing it means that they agree to the content, which is not less than writing and publishing the book. This kind of denigration of Hinduism is not good.

    And, coming to attack on Christians and taking law into handa is not good. It was also not good when muslims protested and burnt public properties when Danish news paper published a cartoon on Prophet mohammed. And, it was also not good to attack on public property when christians did protest on Da Vinchi Code, a movie release by a non-indian. If that was the seriousness christians and muslims had in protesting cartoons and films which are not real and they are just for entertiment, why not hindus protest something serious is happening against hinduism. Do you see anything wrong there. And, moreover, you and I can write here that maintain peace. But, when some one sees someone distributing such a filthy material to denigrate hindu GODs, it really boils the blood for any normal person, who loves his\her faith.

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