Ganesha and diabetics

I have received this mail from someone. Looks interesting.

Let us see the dhyaana sloka of Sri Ganesh

gajAnanam bhUta gaNAdi sEvitam
kapithhajam bUphala sAra bhakshitam
umAsutam SOka vinASakAraNam
namAmi vighnESwara pAda pankjam

The normal meaning of this SlOka, I trust, no need to explain. But let us see this in another context..

gajAnanam means = very big, very much, very high, plenty, sufficient
bhUta means = having bitter taste (example, the taste of bitter guard [KarEla] )
gaNAdi means = in total, or in totality, from top to bottom, from bottom to top etc
sEvitam means = if consumed, if drunk, or if eaten

kapithha means = the stem of Lotus (lotus flower)
jambhU phala means = fruit of jAmbun or jAmun (one kind of fruit, very famous and having medicinal values)
sAra means = every, all, juice
bhAkshitam = if consumed, if eaten, if drunk etc

uma means = sweet
sutam means = which takes birth, taken birth from, taken birth of
SOka means = du:kh, disease, illness
vinASa kAraNam means = becomes the destroying factor, becomes the destroying element

pAda pankajam means = both the legs
veghnESwara means = to take immense care, take extra ordinary care (yourself to remove all odds)
namAmi means = be serious to wash, keep clean, keep neat (bow downward towards your legs and see that it is free of dirt)

Now let us see how it is to be combined and studied –

Take the complete plant of bitter guard (including roots, stems, flowers, and bitter guard), take the stem of lotus flower, take the jAmun fruit, all these things in equal quantity, make the juice of it and consume it. The word gaNAdi gives us the meaning for taking these items in ‘equal quantity’ [ gaNa + aAdi ] gaNa means Number, aAdi means total ] means, all these items should in equal.

(Actually no need to explain like this. Those who are learned, only an indication is enough to understand but for others this will also be insufficient)

Then what will happen –

umAsutam SOka vinaSam, means the illness, the disease, the sickness which takes birth from umA, that is, from sweet, will be vinASa kAraNam, means it will vanish

Now, which is SOka, which is the rOga, which is the disease we get from sweet ..? No doubt, it is Diabetics.

Then, those who are having Diabetic, they are warned to be very seriously careful to protect their legs, keep it very neat, clean and without dust, mud.

(remember, the doctors advice the Diabetic patients to be careful towards their legs, keep it neat and clear etc)

Chanting of this mantra keeping the divine spirit of GaNeSa in mind, no doubt, it will do away all hurdles in life.

But if one chants this mantra with the thinking explained above, it will result into destroying the Diabetic problems.

Thus, the DhyAAna Sloka is not only to praise Lord GaNESa but if one is chanting this mantra the Diabetic disease will also get vanished.

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