Do you eat sweets covered with “Silver/Aluminium Foil”?

Do you eat sweets covered with “Silver/Aluminium Foil”?
If so, please read this and then decide whether you want to continue:

It also talks about how cheap metals like Aluminum are used as substitute
for Silver because, Silver is precious metal and is expensive.
USA, Aug 23 (VNN) – A couple of years ago, Indian Airlines, the
domestic air-carrier of India had issued instructions to its

suppliers to supply sweet without silverfoil called VARAKH. Do you
know why?

Silver is widely used for various purposes in the market today.
Silver is considered precious and its utility is enormous. The
reason behind this is that silver reflects back 95% of the light
energy that falls on it. The silver foils used for edible purposes

is called VARAKH So what’s so special about VARAKH?

This is what I would like to bring to your notice.

If you keenly observe this VARAKH under a microscope don be

perturbed if you happen to see traces of blood, stools and saliva of
a cattle or ox.

VARAKH is a silver foil and we have no second questions on this, but
to prepare this VARAKH important parts of the CATTLE/OX is made use

Intestines of Cattle/OX are obtained from the slaughterhouse. This

is obtained after butchering to death the cattle/ox for beef and the
part, which cannot be consumed: the intestines are pulled out of the

animal and handed over to the manufacturers of VARAKH. Before
handing over the intestines, they are washed in the slaughterhouse
to get rid of the blood and other remains on these intestines in the

limited facility that is present in the slaughterhouse. We are not
sure how neatly this job is carried out. Intestines are cut into
small pieces and then are bound together as pages in a notebook.

A silver block is placed in the middle of these bound intestines,

and the whole thing is placed in a leather bag and sealed. Experts,
who know how to make VARAKH, pound the bag with wooden sticks, till

the entire bag flattens out. The silver block would by this time be
turned into silver foil. This Silver foil would now be separated
from the intestine pack and will be placed on paper.

This is VARAKH, which reaches the market ready for use. Even staunch
vegetarians, who shy away from egg, unknowingly consume this as a
part of sweet, pan and arecanut. Some unknowingly consume this
because of the additional taste that VARAKH provides.

Now the question is “Why the intestines of the cattle/ox? Why not
something else?” The reason behind using the intestines of the

cattle/ox for preparing the VARAKH is because of the elasticity of
the intestines. They do not get cut even after a severe pounding.

This aspect is brought out in the magazine “Beauty without cruelty”
and the Television show of Maneka Gandhi, “Heads and Tails”. In
India, on an average an estimate indicates that 2,75,000 kilos of

“VARAKH” is consumed. Can you estimate how many cattle/ox are
sacrificed for just a bit of taste?

If you are surprised as I am, after reading this article please
inform as many as possible so as to ensure that we unknowingly don’t

consume beef.

2 Responses to “Do you eat sweets covered with “Silver/Aluminium Foil”?”

  1. 1 tanya April 16, 2010 at 5:29 pm

    the varakh should be banned its not good đŸ˜¥

  2. 2 Dr Mamatha. L. N. November 3, 2011 at 7:03 pm

    Please publish this in several other media and create awareness about this.

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