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Cow is not a burden for anybody – Shankarlal

Oct 29 – Cow is not a burden for anybody – Shankarlal
by admin ~ October 30th, 2009.


Kishanganj, October 29: Vishwa Mangal Gou Gram Yatra received grand welcome in Kishanganj by the local people including a large number of Vanvasis. Beginning from Bhagalpur the Yatra reached Kishanganj passing through Navagachhiyan, Katihar and Purnia.

The presence of local Vanvasis at the welcome meeting in Kishanganj impressed all. All the Vanvasis had come with their traditional bows and arrows and they resolved for cow protection. These Vanvasis had reached Kishanganj even one day before the function, as they had to walk kilometers to reach the venue. The Vanvasi women welcomed the gourath with intense sticks and garlands and also washed the feet of the saints.

Addressing the gathering national secretary of the yatra Shri Shankarlal said cow is not a burden for anybody rather she is useful for everyone. He said a total of 108 types of diseases could be cured with cow urine and dung. Highlighting the usefulness of the Indian cow he appealed to the people to stop herding cross-breed cows and herd only the Indian breed of cow. He thanked the Vanvasis for welcoming the yatra with so much enthusiasm and said it is the duty of everyone to protect the cow. He said the govansh is at the verge of extinction today only due to the politics of vote bank. He said if the common man stands with firm resolve even the power hungry politicians and the government would be forced to protect the cow.

Rajrishi Ramnayan Das said the protection of the cow and the village is must in the age of consumerism and materialism as both the village and the cows are highly useful for the human beings. He said if we have to see true Indian culture we must see the villages. He said nothing is more important for village protection and prosperity than the gopalan.

After Love Jihad, It’s time for ‘Clinical Jihad’

After Love Jihad, It’s time for ‘Clinical Jihad’
15/10/2009 10:51:29 HK

Kozhikode: After the successful implementation of ‘Love Jihad’in Kerala, Jihadi organisations in Kerala had reportedl started ‘Clinical Jihad’.

Jihadis are known for their vicious, inhuman and devilish methods in annihilating Kafirs. Beheading, stoning, burning alive, and homicide bombing are the usual methods of Jihad
is. Now the Jihadi dogs of hate have come up with new techniques to slaughter innocent kafirs with the assistance of Jihadi young doctors.

As per some shocking report from Malabar, Kozhikode based Jihadi organisation who is now under Police scanner had implemented ‘Clinical Jihad’.Presence of Jihadi organisations in Medical colleges were already rported and now the very same people have identified and recruited Jihadi doctors with clear instructions to prescribe wrong medicines to naive Non Muslim patients.They are also instructed to prescribe costly medicines to empty their pocket.

When ‘Love Jihad’ was reported early our Secular readers had dubbed it as a ‘Sangh Pariwar’ agenda and now thanks to timely intervention of Judiciary more and more people now
appeciate the vigilance of Hindu organisations in helping to expose the evil vicious Jihadi agenda.

Considering the secular nature of our soceity we are very sure that it will take time for them to acknowledge this early warning.We advice Hindu brothers and sisters to be vigilant
while taking medicines prescribed by any Jihadi doctor.

‘Durga Vahini’ to gaurd Hindu girls from Jihadi Romeos

‘Durga Vahini’ to gaurd Hindu girls from Jihadi Romeos
26/10/2009 07:15:57 HK

Ernakulam :‘Durga Vahini’ Girls wing of VHP stepped up it’s activities in the State in order to protect Hindu girls from the clutches of ‘Jihadi Romeo’s.

Three years back itself Hindu organisations had given report about ‘Love Jihad’ state’s Home department, But the report was ignored as it was submitted by so called ‘Communal Hindu organisations’! And now the Media and Police wake up from their slumber when Christian bodies too started feeling the heat.

Durga Vahini is currently functioning under the guidance of Mathru Shakthi , Wome’s wing of VHP. Durga Vahini volunteers take part in Yoga, Martial Arts and Physical training apart from organising awareness camps among Hindu girls.

Durga Vahini will collect the details of School and College going Hindu girls and monitor activities of Jihadi youth in the area. Volunteers will monitor Internet café, Ice Cream Parlours, Park etc and will report any suspicious Jihadi move to target any naïve Hindu girl.. Parents of girls will be contacted and will provide full support to the girs family and parents.

Currently organisational activities are taking place in Ernakulam district. In this December Durga Vahini will conduct First State camp here in Ernakulam and spread their activities to other districts of the state.

Seva bharati Flood relief video

Urgent Appeal to support Flood-hit victims

Urgent Appeal to support Flood-hit victims
We have seen the extent of damage on TV and read it in newspapers. Now, it’s time for us to do something. Here is an appeal from ‘Youth for Seva’ to provide support to the victims in all possible ways. Already 4 full-time volunteers from YFS are working at the relief camps at Bagalkote and Raichur. We are working in partnership with ‘Seva Bharati’ which is running relief centers in Bagalkote, Raichur, Belgaum and Gadag areas serving over 30,000 people.

Families are being provided with basic necessities like blankets, bed sheets, utensils and ration for few days. It costs only Rs.1000/- to support one family. In the long term, we plan to take up rebuilding of homes in villages in collaboration with Seva Bharati.

To manage funds exclusively for this cause, our parent organization (Hindu Seva Pratishthana) has opened a bank account in the name of “H.S.P.Natural Calamities Relief Fund”

Please write cheques in the name of “H.S.P.Natural Calamities Relief Fund” and send it to our office at:
“Ajitashree”, 8/28 Bull Temple Road
Basavanagudi, Bangalore 56004

To do online transfers, the account details are below. After the transfer, please send an email to with your complete address to send the receipts.
“H.S.P.Natural Calamities Relief Fund”
A/c# 64050593389
State Bank of Mysore
Shankarapuram Branch.

Note: All your contributions are eligible for tax exemption under 80G.

For further information, you may contact Ashok 9341980237 or Vikshut 9945429131.
Experience the joy of giving

An inspiring story

We still have a few good human beings around who are doing some yeoman service without expecting anything in return….
God Bless Such Souls !!!!!
‘I don’t feed beggars. They can look after themselves. The mentally ill won’t ask anyone for food or money,’ says N Krishnan who has been feeding them thrice a day for the past seven years.
For more information on N Krishnan’s trust, log on to:

Left 5-star job to feed the mentally ill
N Krishnan feeds 400 mentally ill people on the streets of Madurai three times a day, every day, all 365 days of the year.
The 28 year old has been doing this for seven years via a charity called the Akshaya Trust.

A look into the kitchen reveals a spotlessly clean room.. Sparkling vessels stacked neatly, groceries and provisions all lined up in rows — rice, dal, vegetables, spices — all of the best quality. One would think this was the kitchen of a five star hotel.

Maybe Krishnan achieves that effect because he was once a chef at a five star hotel in Bengaluru.
“Today’s lunch is curd rice, with home made pickle, please taste it,” he says, serving me on a plate made of dried leaves.
The food is excellent.
“I change the menu for different days of the week. They will get bored if I serve the same food every day,” he says with an enthusiastic and infectious smile.

Left 5-star job to feed the mentally ill
N Krishnan feeds 400 mentally ill people on the streets of Madurai three times a day, every day, all 365 days of the year.
The 28 year old has been doing this for seven years via a charity called the Akshaya Trust.

A look into the kitchen reveals a spotlessly clean room.. Sparkling vessels stacked neatly, groceries and provisions all lined up in rows — rice, dal, vegetables, spices — all of the best quality. One would think this was the kitchen of a five star hotel.

Maybe Krishnan achieves that effect because he was once a chef at a five star hotel in Bengaluru.

“Today’s lunch is curd rice, with home made pickle, please taste it,” he says, serving me on a plate made of dried leaves.
The food is excellent.

“I change the menu for different days of the week. They will get bored if I serve the same food every day,” he says with an enthusiastic and infectious smile.

Past 7 years
As we returned, a startling fact hit me. Not a single mentally challenged person had thanked Krishnan. They did not even smile or acknowledge him. Still Krishnan carried on in a world where most of us get offended if someone doesn’t say thank you, sometimes even for doing our jobs.

The food costs Rs 8,000 a day, but that doesn’t worry him. “I have donors for 22 days. The remaining days, I manage myself. I am sure I will get donors for that too, people who can afford it are generally generous, particularly when they know that their hard earned money is actually going to the poor. That is why I maintain my accounts correctly and scrupulously.”
He then pulled out a bill from the cabinet and showed it to me. It was a bill for groceries he had bought seven years ago. “This bill has sentimental value. It is the first one after I started Akshaya.”

The economic slowdown has resulted in a drop in the number of donors. Earlier, they sustained meals for 25 days.
Software giants Infosys and TCS were so impressed with his work that they donated three acres of land to him in Madurai . Krishnan hopes to build a home for his wards there. He has built the basement for a woman’s block which will house 80 inmates, but work has currently halted due to a lack of funds.

Lashkar men waiting to strike india

With the foreign media reporting a continued Lashkar-e-Tayiba [ Images ] threat to India, Indian intelligence agencies say that this dreaded outfit has at least 1,800 men on standby all set to enter into India and spread terror.
Intelligence Bureau sources told that the reports coming in from foreign intelligence agencies were correct and the Lashkar in fact has regrouped in the past year, after it was bogged down following the Mumbai terror attacks [ Images ] last year.
The IB report on the Lashkar suggests that at least 600 terrorists have been kept on standby along the Line of Control [ Images ] and are awaiting orders to enter India. The rest are still in the Lashkar camps in Pakistan ready to follow suit.
The IB says that the Lashkar, since the past couple of months, has been on a recruiting spree and Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence too has been playing a vital role in helping the recruitment process. The arrest of the top leaders by the Pakistan government had lowered the outfit’s morale. However, the Lashkar has been quick to regroup and commence its recruitment process.
The IB says that the Lashkar has increased its attacks recently in the Kashmir [ Images ] Valley. These incidents are only aimed at infiltrating and also testing the strength of the outfit. Moreover, they also need to show that they are still interested in Kashmir — while the actual intention is to spread mayhem in India.
How they regrouped
IB sources, who have submitted a report to the home ministry, the Lashkar regrouped with the help of various other outfits. Since there was a lot of pressure on the Pakistan administration to crack down on the outfit, it was not easy to do things as openly as they used to do before.
Since the Mumbai attacks, both the United States and the Indian agencies have been keeping a close watch. The US agencies were more worried about Lashkar teaming up with Al Qaeda [ Images ].
The ISI has advised all terror outfits operating out of Pakistan to work as one. Their training centres are the same and the training programme is the same. During this time, when the Lashkar was under scrutiny, it was the Harkat-ul-Mujahideen [ Images ], Jaish-e- Mohammad and the Hizbul Mujahideen recruiting on behalf of the Lashkar.
IB sources say that there has been a drastic change in policy and all these outfits have started to share a common ideology so that a common recruiting ground could be set up.
Thanks to this change in strategy all these outfits put together have nearly 15,000 members of which 1,800 have been kept ready to strike India. It is said that the Lashkar is desperate to show its strength and hence the outfit is getting desperate to carry out a major strike in India.

Genetics Deliver Another Blow to Battered Aryan-Dravidian Theory

Genetics Deliver Another Blow to Battered Aryan-Dravidian Theory
HYDERABAD, INDIA, September 25, 2009: The great Indian divide along north-south lines now stands even more blurred. A pathbreaking study by Harvard and indigenous researchers on ancestral Indian populations says there is a genetic relationship between all Indians and more importantly, the hitherto believed theory that Aryans and Dravidians signify the ancestry of north and south Indians might after all, be a myth.

“This paper rewrites history… there is no north-south divide,” said Lalji Singh, former director of the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) and a co-author of the study.

Senior CCMB scientist Kumarasamy Thangarajan said there was no truth to the Aryan-Dravidian theory as they came hundreds or thousands of years after the ancestral north and south Indians had settled in India.

The study analysed 500,000 genetic markers across the genomes of 132 individuals from 25 diverse groups from 13 states. All the individuals were from six-language families and traditionally diverse castes and tribal groups. “The genetics proves that castes grew directly out of tribe-like organizations during the formation of the Indian society,” said Thangarajan, who noted that it was impossible to distinguish between castes and tribes since their genetics proved they were not systematically different.

The study was conducted by CCMB scientists in collaboration with researchers at Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Public Health and the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT. It reveals that the present-day Indian population is a mix of ancient north and south bearing the genomic contributions from two distinct ancestral populations – the Ancestral North Indian (ANI) and the Ancestral South Indian (ASI) — both indigenous to the sucontinent.

“The initial settlement took place 65,000 years ago in the Andamans and in ancient south India around the same time, which led to population growth in this part,” said Thangarajan. He added, “At a later stage, 40,000 years ago, the ancient north Indians emerged which in turn led to rise in numbers here. But at some point of time, the ancient north and the ancient south mixed, giving birth to a different set of population. And that is the population which exists now.”

This finding could challenge the prevailing view of a northern route of migration of man out of Africa via Middle East, Europe, south-east Asia, Australia and then to India.

No state money for churches : Andhra highcourt

No state money for churches

By By Our Correspondent (Deccan Chronicle)
Oct 06 2009
Oct. 5:

The Andhra Pradesh High Court on Monday made it clear that no government money can be spent to construct or repair churches and other Christian religious institutions in the state in pursuance of the GO Ms. No. 42, issued on December 19, 2001.
A division bench comprising Chief Justice Anil R. Dave and Justice C.V. Nagarjuna Reddy was dealing with a writ petition filed by one Dr Tripuraneni Hanuman Chowdary complaining that the state government was promoting a religion contrary to injunctions of the Constitution. The bench was clarifying its earlier orders of status quo in this regard.
The petitioner listed the various orders issued between December 2001 and March 2009 and complained that the state under the guise of welfare of SCs and STs was “promoting religious activity relating to Christians”.
The court had ordered on September 7 to maintain status quo on release of funds under the GO for maintenance, repair and construction of churches.
When the case came up for hearing, the counsel for the petitioner, Mr Challa Kodanda Ram, complained that the words status quo were being misinterpreted by the officers. The bench then said there shall be no spending of government money in pursuance to the various GOs issued by the government.

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Appeal by RSS to donate for flood relief activities


We know that Karnataka is worst affected by the flood due to incessant rain. Many have lost their lives and lakhs of people have lost everything for their sustenance. Rashtreeya Swayamsevak Sangh has taken-up rescue and relief operation. It urges the concerned revered citizens to donate generously at the address given below, for the relief work:

Keshavakrupa, 74, Rangarao Road
Shankarapuram, Chamarajapet
Bangalore – 560004
Ph. 080 2660760, 9480582027

The contribution will be taken in the form of cash (DD, Cheques etc.also ) and kind, The money may also the paid in the form of Cheques/ DDs/ Money Orders in favor of RSS SANCHALITA SANTRASTA PARIHARA NIDHI, Bangalore.

All contributions made here are tax exempted under 80G rule. The receipts will be posted from the above address. Also, the contribution can be made at the Milanstan, with Milan MS/ KVs, and arrangement will be made to give the receipts.

Blankets, Bed-sheets etc. can be deposited at KESHAVASHILPA, Rashtrotthana Parishat, 1st main, Kempegowdnagar, Bangalore 560019.

Those who wish to join hands with relief work operation, may contact
for BAGALKOT, Sri Nagaraj Hadli 9343110149
for RAICHUR, Sri Sudhir Deshpande 9845948069

Kindly give wide publicity so that large number of people can avail this opportunity and be part of this great relief activity.


Mu Venkatarm, Prof. Khageshan P.

Relief work by RSS in areas affected by flood in Karnataka

Releif work carried out by

Raichur District:
Raichur and Manvi Taluks where the worst affected in the recent floods because of the overflowing of Tungabhadra and Krishna rivers. Sangh swayamsevaks of both the taluks started the relief work since 3rd October 2009.
On 3rd Oct. 6000 food packets were prepared and handed over to Govt. machinery to be supplied through the helicopter to the people stranded in the floods. On 4th Oct. another 6000 food packets were distributed to the people of 3 villages who were camping at Ganadal Village.
On 5th Oct onwards Releif Camps were started at Chickmanchali, Nadugaddemalakapur, Tungabhadra Villages which are on the Banks of River Tungabhadra. This iniative gathered support from all the communities and organizations of Raichur. Around 50 swayamsevaks are involved in this work.

Bagalkot District:
40 Villages of Hungund and Badami taluks were worst effected due to the flooding of Malaprabha River. Houses collapsed due to heavy rains all over the District.
Releif works like Food Distribution, Medical facilities were started in several villages by swayamsevaks. On 3rd Oct.about 30000 Rotis were collected in Bagalkot and distributed in 6 affected villages. On 5th and 6th Oct. swayamsevaks and collage students guided by Senior Sangh swayamsevaks started relief work in 28 villages. Food distribution & survey work of Damage caused have been taken up.

Belgaum District:
The heavy rain pouring from last 2 weeks in the Belgaum district has caused immense loss of not only property but also of lives. On the same day following things were collected by our karyakartas and sent to the affected areas in Ramdurg and Savdatti talukas.
1) Rs.60,000 cash,
2) 2 tons of Rice,
3) 1quintal Daal,
4) Plastic sheets worth 60,000 was purchased and distributed to 500 houses in Savdatti taluka,
5) 19 karyakartas from Belgaum city went to Ramdurg, Savdatti and Bailhongal taluka for 2days to monitor the relief work.
Total 76 swayamsevaks worked for all 3 days and arranged Ganji Kendra (langar) in 7 villages in Ramdurg Taluka and 2 places in Ramdurg city for 3 days where more than 12,000 people were served food and also distributed plastic covers for 250 houses and 170 houses in Sureban village of Ramdurg taluka. In Savdatti taluka Ganji Kendra ran for 3 days at 6 places wherein 3000 people were served food. Also our 20 swayamsevaks worked in the Ganji Kendra run by other social organizations. Total 230 karyakartas worked for 3 days in Ramdurg taluka and more than 100 swayamsevaks in Savdatti taluka. Around 5 doctors are working in the affected areas of both the taluka. A cash amount of Rs.1.5 lakhs was collected in 2 days by the swayamsevaks in Belgaum city.
A doctor’s meeting is called for in the evening to collect medicines which will be distributed into the affected areas through the doctors working there. Apart from this 1 ton of rice, 1 quintal of daal and other food materials along with plastic sheets for 500 houses was sent to Bijapur District.
Gadag District:
Releif work was started on 4th Holealur, Nargund, Mundargi,Magadi,and Vaasan. Food was prepared and distributed to 2600 people daily for 3days.15 Swayamsevaks of Magadi village repaired the damaged road between Gojanur & Akkigonda village.

flood relief work by RSS

RSS volunteers fan out to do relief work
First Published : 08 Oct 2009 03:27:00 AM IST
Express News Service

In the first phase of relief operations, they distributed over one lakh food packets collected from neighboring villages and districts in the interior rural areas of Kurnool, Mahaboobnagar and Nalgonda districts.
The Swayamsevaks said that since links to Kurnool had been cut off, material was being brought in from Anantapur, Kadapa, Nellore in the State, and Raichur in Karnataka. The RSS set up relief camps in Karnool town at Saraswati Sishu Mandir and G Pulla Reddy Engineering College.
Volunteers from Adoni cleaned the Raghavendra Swamy temple in Mantralayam and cleared the carcasses of the cows of Goshala and other animals, and handed them over to the police.
In Hyderabad, 2,000 Swayamsevaks went round the city collecting money, food and other material needed for the flood-affected. Two donation collection centres have come up at the State headquarters of RSS and the Keshav Memorial School. Every day four truckloads of food material, two trucksloads of other essentials are dispatched to flood-affected areas. Besides, 200 volunteers from the city are engaged in sanitation work there.
The all-India secretary of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) visited the affected areas of Kurnool and met the volunteers engaged in relief work there. RSS State president TV Deshmukh and Seva Bharati organising secretary Vidwan Reddy have visited the relief camp at Gadwal in Mahaboobnagar district and met the volunteers there.
In the second phase of relief operations, the RSS surveyed the affected areas of Mahaboobnagar district and found that 58 villages were badly destroyed and 16,000 families were devastated.
The organisation decided to supply kits to 5,000 families to enable them to lead a normal life. Each kit consists of kitchen utensils, foodgrains and other material of daily use.
In Kurnool district, 250 to 300 villages are still under water hampering their survey. In the third and final phase of operations, the RSS plans to rehabilitate devastated people and reconstruct destroyed villages.
“We have identified various means of rehabilitation of people like supplying them implements required for their occupation,’’ Swayamsevaks said, adding that they were involving several voluntary organisations.