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Indian magicians blow my mind: American illusionist

Indian magicians blow my mind: American illusionist
By indiaabroad
Tuesday Jul 27 9:10 AM
New Delhi, July 27 (IANS) Renowned American illusionist Franz Harary, who once made the Taj Mahal disappear, says Indian magicians have no money, no technology, but their magic ‘blows my mind’.
‘Magic started in India around 5,000 years ago and eventually became popular. But shortly after it was invented, it became stagnant. There is a whole lot of it to come out,’ Franz, 45, told IANS over phone from Mumbai. ‘About 250-300 years ago it came over to the US.’
Harary, who has made several friends in India and frequently comes visiting, says the country has immense talent.
‘About 12 years ago, I met a group of magicians who live in Shadipur in New Delhi. They are just unbelievable. They just blew my mind. They have nothing – no money, no technology and their magic is stronger than mine. What they do blows everything I do, leaving all the research and money I put behind,’ he said.
‘They tap into the core of the psychology of what makes Indian magic work. Their approach is real and not an illusion. When I saw it, I was surprised. It made me rethink everything I do.
‘For the past 12 years I’ve been observing them and it has made me revise my own magic. They have helped me more than I have helped them,’ he added.
Franz had been doing magic since the age of 13. He aspired to be a singer and dancer and used to design illusions as hobby. However, his commercial breakthrough happened at the age of 21 when he initiated a stage illusion for Michael Jackson’s 1984 Victory tour.
He made Jackson levitate and disappear on one side of the stage to reappear with his brothers on the other side.
Harary is here to judge STAR One’s reality show ‘India’s Magic Star’. He feels the show would help revive Indian magic.
‘When I heard about the show, I felt it was an amazing opportunity to take everything that I have learned and developed as a Western illusionist and bring it right back to where it all began,’ he said.
‘Today, all of them (Indian magicians) are seen doing magic that was invented by my friends. They all look like American magicians from Las Vegas who happen to be Indian. I felt this is the opportunity to tell them: guys, you got to get up. I want to help them realise who they are and what you are and what you can do.’
Franz says he is ready to do anything for the entire culture to regain its position in India.
‘This is not about just a television show; it is much bigger than this. It’s an attempt that the entire culture regain its position. I love India, I love everything that Indian magic stands for. Anything that I can do and in whatever way I am open for all that,’ he said.
Franz has created illusions for Michael Jackson, Snoop Dogg, Cher, Steven Spielberg and even Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan during an awards function. And Salman Khan is next on his wishlist now.
‘I had once made Shah Rukh disappear from one side of the stage and later he appeared on the other side. I would love to create a similar illusion for Salman Khan,’ he said.
Franz signed off saying, ‘We are in talks for opening something in India that would be absolutely amazing. It will be based on my magic and the Indian magic and it would be the first of its kind on the planet. You would be able to go and spend a day there.’
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How to wipe out Islamic terror

How to wipe out Islamic terror
Dr.Subramanian Swamy
31 May 2010

According to the latest Union home ministry Annual Report to Parliament, of the 35 states in India, 29 are affected by terrorist acts carried out by all kinds of forces. Terrorism, I define here as the illegal use of force to overawe the civilian population to make it do or not do an act against their will and well-being.There are about 40 reported and unreported terrorist attacks per month in the country. That is why the recent US National Counter-Terrorism Centre publication A Chronology of International Terrorism states: ‘India suffered more terrorist acts than any other country’. While the PM thinks that Maoists’ threat is most serious, I think Islamic terrorism is even more serious. If we did not have today the present Union home minister, PM, and UPA chairperson, then Maoists can be eliminated in a month, much as I did with the LTTE in Tamil Nadu, as a senior minister in 1991, or MGR did with the Naxalites in the early 1980s.Why is Islamic terrorism our number one problem of national security? About this there will be no doubt after 2012. By that year, I expect a Taliban takeover in Pakistan and the Americans to flee Afghanistan. Then, Islam will confront Hinduism to ‘complete unfinished business’.Let us remember that every Hindu-Muslim riot in India since 1947, has been ignited by Muslim fanatics — if one goes by all the commissions of inquiry set up after every riot. By today’s definition these riots are all terrorist acts. Muslims, though a minority in India, still have fanatics who dare to lead violent attacks against Hindus. Other Muslims of India just lump it, sulk or rejoice. That is the history from Babar’s time to Aurangzeb. There have been exceptions to this apathy of Muslims like Dara Shikoh, in the old days, or like M J Akbar and Salman Haidar today who are not afraid to speak out against Islamic terror, but still they remain exceptions.

Blame the Hindus

In one sense, I do not blame the Muslim fanatics for targeting Hindus. I blame us Hindus who have taken their individuality permitted in Sanatana Dharma to the extreme. Millions of Hindus can assemble without state patronage for Kumbh Mela completely self-organised, but they all leave for home oblivious of the targeting of Hindus in Kashmir, Mau, Melvisharam and Malappuram and do not lift their little finger to help organise Hindus. For example, if half the Hindus vote together rising above their caste and language, a genuine Hindu party will have a two-thirds majority in Parliament and Assemblies.The secularists now tout instances of Hindu fanatics committing terrorist attacks against Muslims or other minorities. But these attacks are mostly state sponsored, often by the Congress itself, and not by Hindu ‘non-state actors’. Muslim-led attacks are however all by ‘non-state actors’ unless one includes the ISI and rogue elements in Pakistan’s army which are aiding them, as state sponsoring.Fanatic Muslim attacks have been carried out to target and demoralise the Hindus, to make Hindus yield that which they should not, with the aim of undermining and ultimately to dismantle the Hindu foundation of India. This is the unfinished war of 1,000 years which Osama bin Laden talks about. In fact, the earliest terror tactics in India were deployed in Bengal 1946 by Suhrawady and Jinnah to terrorise Hindus to give in on the demand for Pakistan. The Congress party claiming to represent the Hindus capitulated, and handed 25 per cent of India on a platter to Mohammed Ali Jinnah. Now they want the remaining 75 per cent.

Forces against Hindus

This is not to say that other stooges have not targeted Hindus. During the last six decades since Independence, British imperialist-inspired Dravidian movement led by E V Ramaswamy Naicker, in the name of rationalism tried to debunk as irrational the Hindu religion, and terrorised the Hindu priestly class, ie, the Brahmins, for propagating the Hindu religion.The movement’s organisational arm, the Dravida Kazhagam (DK), had venerated Ravana for 50 years to spite the Hindu adoration of Rama and vulgarise the abduction of Sita, till the DK belatedly learnt that Ravana was a Brahmin and a pious bhakta of Lord Shiva too. Abandoning this course of defaming Ramayana, the DK have now become stooges of the anti-Indian LTTE which has specialised in killing the Hindu Tamil leadership in Sri Lanka. Of course the DK has now been orphaned by the decimation of the LTTE.

Civil war situation

In the 1960s, the Christian missionaries had inspired the Nagas. The Nagas also wanted to further amputate Bharat Mata by seeking secession of Nagaland from the nation. In the 1980s, the Hindus of Manipur were targeted by foreign-trained elements. Manipuris were told: give up Hinduism or be killed. In Kashmir, since the beginning of the 1990s, militants in league with the Pakistan-trained terrorists also targeted the Hindus by driving the Hindu Pandits out of the Valley, or killing them or dishonouring their women folk.Recognising that targeting of Hindus is being widely perceived, and that Muslims of India are largely just passive spectators, the foreign patrons of Islamic terrorists are beginning to engage in terrorist acts that could pit Muslims against Hindus in nation-wide conflagration and possible civil war as in Serbia and Bosnia. Muslims cannot be divided into ‘moderates’ and ‘extremists’ because the former just capitulate when confronted. Recently, Pakistan civilian government capitulated on ‘kite flying’ and banned it because Taliban considers it as ‘Hindu’. Moderate governments of Malaysia and Kazhakstan are now demolishing Hindu temples.

Collective response

Hence, the first lesson to be learnt from recent history, for tackling terrorism in India is that the Hindu is the target and that Muslims of India are being programmed by a slow reactive process to become radical and thus slide into suicide against Hindus. It is to undermine the Hindu psyche and create fear of civil war that terror attacks are organised. And hence since the Hindu is the target, Hindus must collectively respond as Hindus against the terrorist and not feel individually isolated or worse, be complacent because he or she is not personally affected. If one Hindu dies merely because he or she was a Hindu, then a bit of every Hindu also dies. This is an essential mental attitude, a necessary part of a virat Hindu (for fuller discussion of the concept of virat Hindu, see my Hindus Under Siege: The Way Out Haranand, 2006).Therefore we need today a collective mindset as Hindus to stand against the Islamic terrorist. In this response, Muslims of India can join us if they genuinely feel for the Hindu. That they do, I will not believe, unless they acknowledge with pride that though they may be Muslims, their ancestors are Hindus. It is not easy for them to acknowledge this ancestry because the Muslim mullah and Christian missionary would consider it as unacceptable since that realisation would dilute the religious fervour in their faith and also create an option for their possible re-conversion to Hinduism. Hence, these religious leaders preach hatred and violence against the kafir ie, the Hindu (for example read Chapter 8 verse 12 of the Quran) to keep the faith of their followers. The Islamic terrorist outfits, eg the SIMI, has already resolved that India is Darul Harab, and they are committed to make it Darul Islam. That makes them free of any moral compunction whatsoever in dealing with Hindus.

Brihad Hindu Samaj

But still, if any Muslim does so acknowledge his or her Hindu legacy, then we Hindus can accept him or her as a part of the Brihad Hindu Samaj, which is Hindustan. India that is Bharat that is Hindustan is a nation of Hindus and others whose ancestors are Hindus. Even Parsis and Jews in India have Hindu ancestors. Others, who refuse to so acknowledge or those foreigners who become Indian citizens by registration can remain in India, but should not have voting rights (which means they cannot be elected representatives). Hence, to begin with, any policy to combat terrorism must begin with requiring each and every Hindu becoming a committed or virat Hindu. To be a virat Hindu one must have a Hindu mindset, a mindset that recognises that there is vyaktigat charitra (personal character) and a rashtriya charitra (national character). It is not enough if one is pious, honest and educated. That is the personal character only. National character is a mindset actively and vigorously committed to the sanctity and integrity of the nation. For example, Manmohan Singh, our prime minister, has high personal character (vyaktigat charitra), but by being a rubber stamp of a semi-literate Sonia Gandhi, and waffling on all national issues, he has proved that he has no rashtriya charitra. The second lesson for combating the terrorism we face today is: since demoralising the Hindu and undermining the Hindu foundation of India in order to destroy the Hindu civilisation, is the goal of all terrorists in India we must never capitulate and never concede any demand of the terrorists. The basic policy has to be: never yield to any demand of the terrorists. That necessary resolve has not been shown in our recent history. Instead ever since we conceded Pakistan in 1947 under duress, we have been mostly yielding time and again.

Bowing to terrorists

In 1989, to obtain the release of Mufti Mohammed Sayeed’s daughter, Rubaiyya who had been kidnapped by terrorists, five terrorists in Indian jails were set free by the V P Singh’s government. This made these criminals in the eyes of Kashmiri separatists and fence sitters heroes, as those who had brought India’s Hindu establishment on its knees. To save Rubaiyya it was not necessary to surrender to terrorist demands.The worst capitulation to terrorists in our modern history was in the Indian Airlines IC-814 hijack in December 1999 staged in Kandahar. The government released three terrorists even without getting court permission (required since they were in judicial custody). Moreover, they were escorted by a senior minister on the PM’s special Boeing all the way to Kandahar as royal guests instead of being shoved across the Indo-Pakistan border.Worse still, all the three after being freed, went back to Pakistan and created three separate terrorist organisations to kill Hindus. Mohammed Azhar, whom the National Security Advisor Brijesh Mishra had then described as “a mere harmless cleric”, upon his release led the LeT to savage and repeated terrorist attacks on Hindus all over India from Bangalore to Srinagar. Since mid-2000, Azhar is responsible for the killing of over 2,000 Hindus and the attack on Parliament on December 13, 2001. Omar Sheikh who helped al-Qaeda is in jail in US custody for killing US journalist Daniel Pearl, while the third, Zargar is engaged today in random killings of Hindus in Doda and Jammu after founding Al-Mujahideen Jingaan. This Kandahar episode proves that we should never negotiate with terrorists, never yield. If you do, then sooner or later you will end up losing more lives than you will ever save by a deal with terrorists.

Moment of truth

The third lesson to be learnt is that whatever and however small the terrorist incident, the nation must retaliate—not by measured and ‘sober’ responses but by massive retaliation. Otherwise what is the alternative? Walk meekly to death expecting that our ‘sober’ responses will be rewarded by our neighbours and their patrons? We will be back to 1100 AD fooled into suicidal credulity. We should not be ghouls for punishment from terrorists and their patrons. We should retaliate.For example, when Ayodhya temple was sought to be attacked, this was not a big terrorist incident but we should have massively retaliated by re-building the Ram temple at the site. This is Kaliyug, and hence there is no room for sattvic responses to evil people. Hindu religion has a concept of apat dharma and we should invoke it. This is the moment of truth for us. Either we organise to survive as a civilisation or vanish as the Persian, Babylonian, and Egyptian civilisations did centuries ago before the brutal Islamic onslaught. For that our motto should be Saam, Dhaam, Bheda, Danda.

Poverty is no factor

What motivates the Islamic terrorists in India? Many are advising us Hindus to deal with the root ‘cause’ of terrorism rather than concentrate on eradicating terrorists by retaliation. And pray what is the root ‘cause’?According to bleeding heart liberals, terrorists are born or bred because of illiteracy, poverty, oppression, and discrimination. They argue that instead of eliminating them, the root cause of these four disabilities in society should be removed. Only then terrorism will disappear. Before replying to this, let us understand that I have serious doubts about the integrity of these liberals, or more appropriately, these promiscuous intellectuals. They seek to deaden the emotive power of the individual and render him passive (inculcate ‘majboori’ in our psyche). A nation state cannot survive for long with such a capitulationist mentality.It is rubbish to say that terrorists who mastermind the attacks are poor. Osama bin laden for example is a billionaire. Islamic terrorists are patronised by those states that have grown rich from oil revenues. In Britain, the terrorists arrested so far for the bombings are all well-to-do persons. Nor are terrorists uneducated. Most of terrorist leaders are doctors, chartered accountants, MBAs and teachers. For example, in the failed Times Square New York episode, the Islamic terrorist Shahzad studied and got an MBA from a reputed US university. He was from a highly placed family in Pakistan. He certainly faced no discrimination and oppression in his own country. The gang of nine persons who hijacked four planes on September 11, 2001 and flew them into the World Trade Towers in New York and other targets were certainly not discriminated or oppressed in the United States. Hence it is utter rubbish to say that terror is the outcome of the poverty terrorists face.If we accept the Left-wing liberals argument, does it mean that in Islamic countries, the non-Islamic religious minority who are discriminated and oppressed can take to terrorism? In the Valley, where Muslims are in majority, not only Article 370 of the Constitution provides privileges to the majority but it is the minority Hindus who have been slaughtered, or raped, and dispossessed. They have become refugees in squalid conditions in their own country.It is also a ridiculous idea that terrorists cannot be deterred because they are irrational, willing to die, and have no ‘return address’. Terrorist masterminds have political goals and a method in their madness. An effective strategy to deter terrorism is therefore to defeat those political goals and to rubbish them by counter-terrorist action. How is that strategy to be structured? In a brilliant research paper published by Robert Trager and Dessislava Zagorcheva this year (‘Deterring Terrorism’ International Security, vol 30, No 3, Winter 2005/06, pp 87-123) has provided the general principles to structure such a strategy.


Applying these principles, I advocate the following strategy to negate the political goals of Islamic terrorism in India, provided the Muslim community fail to condemn these goals and call them un-Islamic:

Goal 1: Overawe India on Kashmir.
Strategy: Remove Article 370, and re-settle ex-servicemen in the Valley. Create Panun Kashmir for Hindu Pandit community. Look or create opportunity to take over PoK. If Pakistan continues to back terrorists, assist the Baluchis and Sindhis to struggle for independence.

Goal 2: Blast our temples and kill Hindu devotees.
Strategy: Remove the masjid in Kashi Vishwanath temple complex, and 300 others in other sites as a tit-for-tat.

Goal 3: Make India into Darul Islam.
Strategy: Implement Uniform Civil Code, make Sanskrit learning compulsory and singing of Vande Mataram mandatory, and declare India as Hindu Rashtra in which only those non-Hindus can vote if they proudly acknowledge that their ancestors are Hindus. Re-name India as Hindustan as a nation of Hindus and those whose ancestors are Hindus.

Goal 4: Change India’s demography by illegal immigration, conversion, and refusal to adopt family planning.
Strategy: Enact a national law prohibiting conversion from Hindu religion to any other religion. Re-conversion will not be banned. Declare caste is not birth-based but code of discipline based. Welcome non-Hindus to re-convert to the caste of their choice provided they adhere to the code of discipline. Annex land from Bangladesh in proportion to the illegal migrants from that country staying in India. At present, northern one-third from Sylhet to Khulna can be annexed to re-settle the illegal migrants.

Goal 5: Denigrate Hinduism through vulgar writings and preaching in mosques, madrassas, and churches to create loss of self-respect amongst Hindus and make them fit for capitulation.
Strategy: Propagate the development of a Hindu mindset (see my new book Hindutva and National Renaissance, Haranand, 2010).

India can solve its terrorist problem within five years by such a deterrent strategy, but for that we have to learn the four lessons outlined above, and have a Hindu mindset to take bold, risky, and hard decisions to defend the nation. If the Jews can be transformed from lambs walking meekly to the gas chambers to fiery lions in just 10 years, it is not difficult for Hindus in much better circumstances (after all we are 83 per cent of India), to do so in five years.Guru Gobind Singh has shown us the way already, how just five fearless persons under spiritual guidance can transform a society. Even if half the Hindu voters are persuaded to collectively vote as Hindus, and for a party sincerely committed to a Hindu agenda, then we can forge an instrument for change. And that ultimately is the bottom line in the strategy to deter terrorism in a democratic Hindustan at this moment of truth.

About the author:Subramanian Swamy is a former Union minister

Interaction with RSS chief Mohanji Bhagawat

Interaction with RSS chief Mohanji Bhagawat
30/05/2010 11:27:59 Courtesy:

15-May-2010 in Chennai.

Questions asked by Sri. Sadagopan (Vijayabharatham) and S. Aravindan Neelakandan (
When you became the Sar Sangha Chalak you visited Dhiksha Bhumi…

It is only natural thing. Dr. Ambedkar had visited RSS camp and had appreciated the absence of even trace of caste feelings among Swayam Sevaks. When Dr. Ambedkar converted to Buddhism Guruji remembered what Swami Vivekananda said about the nation needing the intellectual acumen of Sankara and the compassionate heart of Buddha. And it was an RSS man Dattopant Thengadi (the founder of Sangh workers’ union BMS) who was the election agent of Baba Saheb Ambedkar.

But there are people who see Ambedkar as enemy of Hinduism…

See…Dr. Ambedkar knew the good intentions of Sangh Hindus. But he also knew that at that time Hindus at large had not had change of heart with respect to Dalits. He knew that though Sangh wanted and would eventually achieve a Hindu society free of casteism, Sangh at that time, had neither the strength nor the authority to bring that change at once. He thought Dalits should not endure injustice till such a change would eventually come. So he converted. But he converted to Buddhism which is rooted in the Indian soil and which he considered as an inalienable part of Hindu culture. He also wanted to make sure that the depressed sections of the society were not lured away by failed alien ideologies like Marxism. In fact Ambedkar told Dattopant Thengadiji that he stands as the bulwark between Dalits and Marxism just as Guruji stands as bulwark between Marxism and non-Dalits. (Of course we consider Guruji not as representing any sectarian section of Hindu society but his heart and vision encompassed entire Hindu society including Dalits and non-Dalits.)

India Today reported that you eulogize Gandhiji in your addresses.

Oh…That should not be a surprise. Surely I did not discover Gandhiji in Sangh. Guruji has a whole lecture praising Mahatma. And the name of Mahatma Gandhi has entered the morning prayer of RSS long before I even became Prantha Pracharak. Gandhian vision of village development, Swadeshi, cow protection etc is harmonious with Sangh vision and mission. So if anyone is surprised because I mentioned Mahatma that surprise shows their ignorance of Sangh philosophy and history.

There are people who pit Ambedkar against Gandhi. How do you reconcile both?

All great leaders might have differences. But all of them valued society’s welfare and nation’s welfare. If we approach them in the same spirit, we can find harmonizing elements in them and learn from them in our own service to nation building. That has always been the approach of Sangh.

In Tamil Nadu there has been a strong movement to wean away Dalits from the national mainstream and Hindu culture. Does Sangh have any programme to counter this?

From the time of Meenakshipuram conversion, Sangh has paid special attention to Dalit problems in Tamil Nadu. There are many villages where untouchability has disappeared after Shakas appeared. In fact two villages which have been awarded Tamil Nadu government award for eradication of caste discrimination, are villages where Swayamsevaks have brought social harmony. In places where Dalits and non-Dalits have clashed Swayam Sevaks have been invited by both as peace makers. In Kerala also Sangh has worked dynamically for Dalit emancipation for example even at the famous Guruvayoor temple. Sangh has a clear vision that at every village access to water resources, living space, places of worship, hygienic conditions and cremation grounds should be common for all Hindus. In fact the numerical strength of Sangh activity and the disappearance of caste discrimination are directly proportional.

You have always stressed about Hindu-ness. Whom do you define as Hindus? Are religious minorities Hindus or non-Hindus?
All Indians who consider this land as their ancestral and sacred land are Hindus irrespective of their ways of worship. All Indians who follow the Dharmic values and Samskrti which this land has cherished are Hindus. Those who have alienated themselves as religious minorities should realize this truth for this is the truth about their own true self-identity. They are not the descendants of Babur or David but they are the descendants of Rama and Krishna and Bharatha. All those who fulfill these three conditions together are Hindus in Rashtreeya sense.

Women dressing her child
as Krishna on Janmashtami, Hyderabad.

What is Sangh view on environmental problems and sustainable development particularly in the light of threats like Global warming?

Our the Dharmic values and Samskrti as well as our way of life are always eco-friendly. We venerate nature. For us all nature is imbued with Divinity. Cow protection has been part of it. An enlightened environmental policy has to be scientific. For that we need models based on experiments. Sangh and Sangh-related organizations are conducting such experiments throughout India. Also we should remember that a nation like Bharath has diverse eco-zones and we cannot have a single model and the regional environmental models have to be based on localized experiments. As I said there are many experiments like for example at Chitrakoot and in many villages in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala. They will give us inputs to develop localized models for environmental policies which in turn will help us develop frame an enlightened and scientific policy for environmental problems and sustainable development.
With respect to science and spirituality India has an unique position among world civilizations.

What is Sangh view with respect to science, Indian culture and world future?

For Hindus Science and Spirituality are not opposed. They are two sides of the same coin. Upanishad says that those who pursue only physical sciences (without the knowledge of inner sciences) fall into darkness. But those who pursue only inner sciences ignoring physical sciences fall into even greater darkness. For those who seek only liberation (Moksha) and not Artha (Economic welfare) and Kama (worldly pleasures) perhaps inner sciences alone may suffice. But for those who live in society, for them also Moksha is the goal but they also seek Artha and gratify Kama and in doing this the regulating principle is Dharma. This integral approach to life has made Hindu society approach science and technology in a holistic manner. In fact Dharmic values and Samskrti of Hindus never had problems with science (unlike the western society). However this is the theory. This is the principle that we have in our Sastras. The world will have to accept this approach to life. But that will happen and that can happen only when we produce large number of scientists who shall contribute to the improvement of welfare of humanity. World will listen only to those who have strength. So Hindus have to become strong if Mother Bharathi’s voice has to be respected and if Her vision has to be accepted by the world community. Working towards that is the duty of every one of us.

Dharma, wisdom, right and wrong

Dharma, wisdom, right and wrong
By U. Mahesh Prabhu
A great part of the global population is still illiterate, among these literates very few are educated, educated ones are not necessarily knowledgeable and being knowledgeable doesn’t necessarily mean wise. Confused? But it’s true.
A university certificate assures – at best – your presence at college but not your learning or quality. Yet, we often tend to confuse literates with educated and educated with knowledgeable and the knowledgeable with wise ones.
Now, among the literates and educated many tend to consider themselves as “wise”. But being wise and considering oneself to be wise are two different things. It’s not necessary that education is a prerequisite to be wise. History will firmly testify this fact. So what is wisdom? How does one get it? I have been bothered by this question for years now.
Of late I have been encountering several people mostly self styled “secularists”, “wise men” and “liberals” who staunchly – swearing by their academic qualifications – declare that “right and wrongs are all perceptions of human mind?”
This is disturbing me, badly. What is right and wrong after all? Though I could explain them with examples I wasn’t readily able to define it. I felt humbled by my ignorance. Because of this I began to search for the right definition. It didn’t take me long. Recently, while reading Shanti Parva chapter of Mahabharata I got just definition I was looking for! It was a bit long but perfect.
Shanti Parva in Mahabharata is the chapter where after Bhishma being forced on bed of arrows by Arjuna, Yudhisthira goes to him every night after the war to learn wisdom.
In Chapter 251 Yudhisthira asks Bhishma to explain to him the signs and quality of dharma and, also, how dharma arose? (It may be noted here that dharma doesn’t necessarily mean religion. Simply put it’s a code laid down for people to follow for their own interests and betterment.)Because there were several faiths Yudhisthira had a great deal of confusion arising through contradictions.
Bhishma answered thus,
“The Vedas, Smirtis and Sadaachar (conducts of saints) are the means of recognizing dharma. Pandits (learned men) recognize material well-being, i.e. artha, as the fourth sign of dharma.
Maharshi’s (great saints) lay down the path of dharma, with purity of purpose, for the benefit of all. Rules of dharma are meant to help men go through life. The fruits of dharma are to be seen both in this world and the next.
A sinful man cannot achieve dharma due to his cupidity, because of which he engages in sinful acts. Some say that even during time of adversity a sinful man, even though experiencing great difficulties, does not rid himself of his sins.
Those who have dharma do not engage in sinful acts even in times of distress. Good conduct alone is the faith of dharma. That is why it is only by relying on and practicing good conduct that you will understand dharma.
The thief who does not follow dharma is very happy so long as he is able to steal from others and take away other’s wealth in lawless times. But when thief’s own wealth is taken away by others then he wishes for such a ruler who will punish the thieves and protect the people.
He who is innocent and pure has no fear in entering portals of justice. He knows himself to be innocent.
It is best to speak the truth. There is nothing higher than the truth. The whole world is upheld by truth. The world is valued only by truth.
Even sinful men of terrible deeds swear by the truth and take the help of truth in dealing with others. If any among them breaks their promise, then there will be a fight between them and they will destroy each other.
Not to take wealth of another is the eternal religion. The strong regard dharma as being for the weak, but when destiny makes the strong weak then they too start taking interest in dharma.
There is none in this world who is completely strong or completely happy. Therefore you should never engage in crooked acts.
The truthful man is never afraid of the wicked, the sinner or the ruler, since he never does ill to anyone. This is why he can live without fear being pure in heart.
The thief is afraid of everyone, like a deer that has entered man’s habitation. He looks at others as he is himself, who has done so many sinful acts against the others. The thieves regard others as thieves. A man with pure heart and conduct on the other hand goes everywhere without fear.
The great Maharishis who worked for the good of all, enunciated the giving of daan as dharma; the wealthy look at this dharma as the one favoring the poor. But when destiny takes away their wealth, reducing them to poverty and adversity, then they start taking interest in the very same dharma. None is wholly wealthy and wholly happy in this world.
When a man would not like that done to him as is done to another, he should know that he should not do to another what he would not like done to himself.
He who sleeps with another man’s wife is himself at fault, so how can he speak about others? I think even if he criticizes another; such criticism will not be suffered.
How can he who wishes to live, think of taking the life of another? This is why one should do for others what one would like for himself.
After attending to needs and necessities, one should use one’s means to support those who are poor and distressed.
The creator has created wealth for the progress and well being of all. Wealth should be increased in order to help and nourish the poor and the weak. To merely increase wealth for its own sake is vile.
One should always take the path good people approve of, with self-restraint, generosity and compassion, and when one has the means, then by performance of Yajnas, daan and other dharmas, because they are excellent undertakings.
O Yudhisthira! What is attained by pleasing and beneficial words is regarded as dharma by the good people. What is good for us should also be done for others. What is not good for us should not be done unto others. Now, you discriminate dharma and adharma, according to what I have said.
In the beginning the creator said that dharma, which is extremely subtle, can be understood from the good and compassionate behavior of Sadhus (holy men). Their conducts is beneficial for all, and from that one can understand the principles of dharma and artha (moral and material). O Yudhisthira! I have given you the quality and signs of dharma. Having heard it, do not ever be tempted to crooked means.”
Wise words – indeed!
Author is editor-in-chief of Folks Magazine ( and fellow of Royal Asiatic Society (UK).

Christianisation Of Chennai Doordarshan’s Podhigai Channel

Christianisation Of Chennai Doordarshan’s Podhigai Channel
By Thamizhchelvan , April 7, 2010
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Chapter :
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Christianisation – A small backdrop
The Church functions with the sole agenda of Christianisation of the entire world. Christian Institutions of all denominations have the expertise to Christianise non-Christian nations, investing their political clout and money power for ‘harvesting’. The invasion of American, African and Australian countries, annihilating the natives, destroying their culture, planting the Cross, constructing the Church and ultimately establishing the Christian Regime are discernible chapters of world history. If this kind of invasion is one method of Christianising a nation, the other method is by gaining entry in the garb of trade and service, permeating all sectors of governance with political motives and finally achieving the main objective of Christianisation.
The Christian onslaught on India, which started with the arrival of the Portuguese, Dutch and French, attained greater heights during British rule. It would not be an exaggeration to say it has reached its zenith under the alien headed UPA government. Apart from conquering mountain ranges (tribal villages) and coastal regions (fishermen hamlets), the Church has penetrated the interior regions in the name of educational and health services and grabbed vast stretches of land, to the extent that the Church is the second largest land owner in India, next only to the government.
After attaining freedom through years of struggle and sacrifice, our modern founding fathers failed to exile Christian Missionaries and Institutions. They committed the big blunder of giving huge concessions to Christians and Muslims in the name of ‘minority’ rights while framing the Constitution. Another stupidity was the continuation of the Macaulay system of education. These three blunders have resulted in the falling of many sectors to the control of Christians. Even the governance at present!
Christianised Media
The media has long since been Christianized in India. As courses like Journalism, Media Management, Electronics & Visual Communication and Mass Communication are available mostly in Christian institutions even Hindu students are intoxicated with an over-dosage of ‘secularism’ during their studies. They come out of college as ‘secularists’ and function to the detriment of Hindu interests.
Present status of media in India
At present we come across news, reports, columns, debates and programs ridiculing the Hindu faith, insulting Hindu religious traditions, demeaning Hindu cultural heritage and belittling Hindu customs and rituals, in print and electronic, mainstream as well as unconventional media. All this is focused on Hindu youth with an aim to confuse them and create disbelief and hatred in their minds about their own religion and culture.
The same condition seems to prevail in public broadcasters Akashvani and Doordarshan. Here also we can discern considerable influence of minorities and Marxists, as the secular government of the day panders to both.
Actually, the ruling Dravidian racists of Tamil Nadu first started to de-Hinduise the public broadcasters. They influenced the central government not to use the words ‘Akashvani’ and ‘Doordarshan’ and changed them to ‘Akila Inthiya Vaanoli’ (All India Radio) and ‘Chennai Tholaikkaatchi Nilaiyam’ (Chennai Television Centre) in the name of opposing the imposition of Hindi/Sanskrit. Now, Chennai Television Centre is called as “Podhigai” and it is being Christianised.
Christian ‘Podhigai’
Myriad evangelical programs are shown on Podhigai in different names. Evangelisation is going on blatantly in the name of ‘Happy Living’, ‘Success in Life’, ‘Progress in Life’ and ‘Personality Development’. Going by the names, readers could mistake them for Human Resources Development or Educational programs or personality enhancement programs. The conductors of these programs are not Professors or Intellectuals, but Pastors, Padires and Evangelists indulging in tele-harvesting.
Christian Missionary Organisations have captured most of the time slots of sponsorship programs. Our sources indicate that some of the Doordarshan staff help them take ‘prime time’ slots. It is understood that they convince the Director of the Kendra that the revenue will increase if the slots are offered to evangelical organizations. At a time when private channels charge huge amounts for sponsorship program slots, these evangelical organizations easily get slots in Doordarshan for paltry sums from Rs.2500/- to Rs.5000/-, which helps them to harvest and reap more benefits at lesser investment.
Podhigai’s Christian preaching
Let us have a look at the number of evangelical programs going on in Podhigai:
5.30 am – Victory Today (Daily)
8.30 am – Santhoshamaai Vaazha (To Live Happily) – (Daily)
9.30 am – Vaarungal Munneralaam (Come Let us Progress) – (Mon, Wed and Fri)
9.00 pm – Needuzhi Vaazhga (Long Live) – (Daily)
10.30 pm – Vetriyum Vaazhvum (Victory and Life) – (Daily)
10.30 am on Sundays – Araadhanai Umakkey (Praise The Lord)
8.15 am on Saturday and Sunday – Varalaatril Vaazhvor (Heroes from History) – a program by famous Evangelist Joyce Meyers (also dubbed in Punjabi and Telugu and telecast in the respective kendras)
Also at 10.10 pm – Punithathai Nokkiye (Towards Holiness) – a recording of Sunday Mass.
The telecast timing in Podhigai is from 5.30 am to 11 pm and the programs shown between 11 pm and 5.30 am next day are re-telecasts.

Shocking termination of Vande Mataram
The most important and outrageous aspect in the entire issue of Christianisation of Chennai Doordarshan is the shocking termination of Vande Mataram. The mandatory playing of Vande Mataram at 5.30 am has been stopped to please the evangelists. The channel straight away starts with “Yesu Bhakti” instead of “Desh Bhakti”! It means Podhigai starts with the Blessings of Jesus and viewers must either wake up by hearing the word “Sinners” or wake up to the God who forgives sinners! The channel has indirectly made the viewers sinners.
As examinations are going on in schools at present, the channel starts with a program called “Kaanbom Karpom” (Look and Learn) at 5 am without playing Vande Mataram. Sharp at 5.30 the evangelist comes. All the Doordarshan Kendras across the country are supposed to start their telecast at 5.30 am by playing the National Song Vande Mataram and the Chennai Doordarshan is the only Kendra which has stopped playing it. Instead of Vande Mataram, it starts with Yesu Mantram. Unfortunately the people of Tamil Nadu have not realized it, for they have lost their Desh Bhakti in the vicious spell of Dravidian Maya.
Impact of Christian Podhigai
The impact of the Christianisation of Podhigai is undesirable and the consequences seem to be threatening the secular fabric of the nation and its integration. It indirectly gives the government’s stamp of approval for Christian preaching, which helps pastors and evangelists to cheat the gullible masses with that dubious stamp of approval.
Evangelists create an impression in the minds of the gullible masses as if the government authorizes the Christian way of living through their programs. The titles of these programs bear testimony for this fact.
Doordarshan’s reach and impact in rural areas is more than that of the private channels. It has gained the trust and confidence of rural people through programs such as warnings on cyclone, epidemic, weather forecasts, propagation of Family Planning and other government policies, advertisements on Health and Education and agricultural programs. As the people believe the government takes care of their welfare through Doordarshan, they easily fall prey to Christian preaching too. Evangelical organizations clearly exploit the people’s trust and confidence on Doordarshan to have a heavy harvest.
Evangelists and pastors have already started touring the villages and telling the people that Christianity is the only religion authorized and supported by the government and that they stand to gain the concessions offered by the government in various sectors apart from the money and other benefits given by Christian organizations. By this kind of an orchestrated campaign, the evangelists make a killing.
Money, mission and missionaries
Canadian Evangelist Dr. Ron Watts and his American wife Dorothy Watts, missionaries of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, came to India on tourist visa in the 1970s and established an evangelical empire in Hosur on the Tamil Nadu-Karnataka border and indulged in heavy conversion activities throughout South India. As their illegal activities got exposed over a period of time, the State Government ordered the Dharmapuri District Collector to deport them.
A deportation order against Dr. Ron Watts dated 05/09/2003 Letter No: 3608/A1/2003-1 was given by Smt R. Vasantha, B.A., Under Secretary to Government, Public (Foreigners) Department, Secretariat, Chennai-600 009, addressed to the Collector of Dharmapuri and received by the collector on 12 Sept, 2003. But by then, they made a heavy harvest in South India, especially later by utilizing the “Joshua Project 2000” conceived and sanctioned by the US government under George Bush.
Along with Maranatha Volunteers International, American organizations like Bible for the World, Common Global Ministries Board and United Church Board of World Ministries worked in coordination with Ron Watts. Organizations such as Christian Solidarity Worldwide, Konrad Adenauer Foundation and World Vision helped in grabbing lands and getting political support.
India based evangelists like Paul Dinakaran and Sadhu Chellappa and many others also get millions of dollars from countries like US, UK and Germany. The funds received per annum have gone up from Rs.1865 crores to Rs. 12990 crores within a period of 12 years, from 1993-94 to 2006-07. Foreign contributions have increased by more than 100% since UPA came to power.
Tamil Nadu, which was getting on an average of Rs.700 crores, started getting Rs.2000 crores since UPA came to power. Crores of rupees are being spent in each and every district of Tamil Nadu to plant crosses, build churches and harvest souls. As these are the official figures provided by the government, one can imagine the unofficial foreign money flowing into this country. (Ref: Ref. 1 and Ref. 2 and In such a scenario, Podhigai’s impact will be mind boggling, facilitating a heavy harvest for the evangelists.
Impact of private media
We are aware of the private media’s bias against Hindus and its attempts to de-Hinduise this nation. From a deep analysis of the media and its functioning, we can infer a fundamentally important issue.
In our country, the majority of colleges and educational institutions which run courses on Journalism, Visual Communications, Media Management and Mass Communication are Christian. Most teachers, lecturers and professors of these institutions are either Christians or Leftists. Even Hindu students studying in these institutions become ‘secularists’ over a period of time. Thousands of students who come out of these institutions join the print and electronic media houses across the country. The names of Editors, Columnists, Sub-Editors, Correspondents and important reporters show that more than 90% of them are minorities, leftists, secularists and rationalists. No wonder the output from these media houses is blatantly anti-Hindu!
If government broadcasters also join these private players, the outcome is anybody’s guess. On the one hand the private players spew Hindu hatred and on the other hand government players support preaching by minority communities, ultimately leading to de-Hinduisation and a heavy ‘harvest’.
Podhigai shamed and snubbed by evangelists
Although media houses vie with each other to denigrate Hinduism, they don’t shy away from brazenly using theIthihasas and Puranas to produce and air serials for money and TRP rating. They shamelessly fall at the feet of Hindus by telecasting live the many festivals like Vaikunda Ekadasi, Shivratri, Krishna Jayanthi, and Temple consecrations, etc. When Podhigai wanted to telecast a Hindu festival live, it was insulted by an evangelical organization.
The channel wanted to show live telecast of the last Vaikunda Ekadasi festival event in Srirangam Ranganathaswamy Temple and Chennai Parthasarathy Swamy Temple simultaneously from early morning up to 6.30 am. Since the evangelical organization refused to adjust its timing for that particular day, Podhigai had to stop the live telecast abruptly at 5.30 am to facilitate airing of the evangelical program ‘Victory Today’.
Podhigai against Constitution
As per the Constitution, India is a secular country. As Akashvani and Doordarshan are public broadcasters, their bias towards a particular religion is violation of the Constitution. There is nothing wrong in telecasting religiously important festivals to showcase the culture and tradition of a community. India is known for its ancient and timeless civilisational ethos. The magnificent temples are symbols of our cultural heritage. They showcase our cultural magnificence through their architectural beauty and sculptural splendour.
Just because a 60-year-old Constitution says ‘India is secular’, it doesn’t lose its Hindu identity or Hinduness. The Constitution terms our nation as ‘secular’ only for the purpose of governance and administration and not for changing the cultural ethos. There cannot be a second opinion to the fact that India is a Hindu nation with a Hindu culture. Therefore, Doordarshan and Akashvani are duty bound to broadcast all important Hindu festivals which impart religious and cultural values to viewers and listeners.
Christianity and Islam are revealed religions, brought to India by alien people. They are not religions of this soil. Their culture and tradition are totally different and alien to us. In spite of that, it is legitimate to broadcast their important festivals as a part of secular administration, as a considerable number of Islamic and Christian converts are citizens of this land.
But festivals are one thing; preaching is different. What Podhigai does is deliberate preaching of Christianity, and besides, it allows such programs to insult the nation’s culture, tradition and Gods. In a secular country, public broadcasters indulging in preaching a particular minority religion and insulting the faith of the country’s majority community amounts to a clear violation of the Constitution.
Podhigai violates the law of the land
Both Akashvani and Doordarshan are supposed to follow the “Program Code”. (Click here). By allowing evangelical programs, Podhigai has violated important sections of the Program Code. For example, it hurts religious sentiments and threatens National Integration by criticising Vigraha worship and addressing non-Christians as ‘sinners’ through the evangelical programs.
Podhigai has also violated the “Prasar Bharati (Indian Broadcasting Corporation) Act 1990” (click here). This Act clearly lays down norms for the functioning of public broadcasters like Akashvani and Doordarshan. Podhigai has violated some of them by allowing the evangelical programs.
Indifference shown by the department
As a journalist I shot off an e-mail to Ms. Aruna Sharma, Director General of Doordarshan, with copies to Ms. Ambika Soni, Minister of Information & Broadcasting, Dr. Jegathrakshagan, Minister of State, I&B, Smt. Sushma Swaraj, Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha, Mr. Arun Jaitley, Leader of Opposition in Rajya Saba, BJP President Mr. Nitin Gadkari, Senior BJP Leader Mr. L.K. Advani, Mr. B.S. Lalli, CEO Prasar Bharati, Mr. Ashok Jeilkhani, R. Venkateswarulu and Smt. Usha Bhasin (All Deputy Director Generals, Doordarshan). The letter dated 22 March 2010 gives complete details and requests the authorities to kindly investigate the serious matter and take appropriate action as per norms. I requested them to save Chennai Doordarshan from becoming a mouthpiece of Christianity and reinstate Vande Mataram, so that it remains patriotic. I requested an acknowledgement and assurance from the authorities that they would take immediate action. Till the time of writing this article, they had not responded.
It is understood that Minister of State for I & B Dr. Jegathrakshagan reprimanded the Chennai team in a meeting of senior officials in New Delhi for allowing evangelical programs. He is believed to have asked, “When all denominations of Christianity have their own channels exclusively for evangelization and preaching, why do you allow them in Podhigai?” But he seems not to have taken any action to stop them either!
We cannot allow this indifferent attitude of the ministry and department to linger. If one channel functions without protest, the whole of Doordarshan and Akashvani would soon become official channels of Christianity. I urge readers to register their protests by sending mails to the concerned ministers and senior officials. Doordarshan must oblige.
The author is a freelancer

Rights for Terrorists Only?

Rights for Terrorists Only?

Joginder Singh

When I opened a newspaper recently, I saw the picture of a security personnel lying on the ground and half-a-dozen young hooligans beating him with sticks in Srinagar. Nobody was trying to stop such elements from desisting from thrashing the helpless policeman.

I was reminded of my tenure as Inspector General of Police in Srinagar during the worst period of 1988 when terrorist elements had kidnapped the daughter of the then Union Home Minister. The government in a gesture of abject surrender released the Pakistan-trained terrorists to secure her release.

Miserable repeated capitulation in the name of appeasement and so-called peace negotiations has emboldened terrorists, masquerading as separatists, and led to a skewed polity where there is nothing more left to yield.

The Central government has been hoping against hope and common sense that yield, yield and yield will lead to some positive results. Look at the sample of pacification, where even the parents of killed terrorists in open encounters are given a grant of Rs 10 lakh as a kind of rehabilitation money. More is being done for terrorists from the Kashmir Valley than for 3 lakh Hindus and Sikhs who were forced to leave as a part of well-thought-out ethnic cleansing.

A situation has been reached where any use of force in self-defence by the security forces is not only frowned at, but openly criticised by the State government that Central forces have gone out of control. The hot bed of terrorism are certain areas where even if a terrorist is killed, their supporters rise up in retaliation.

Every Citizen of India has a right to private defence, to defend himself or his body, except it appears the security forces!

Whether it is the media or the government, they find the security forces as villains of the piece who are responsible for all ills in Jammu and Kashmir. It is the publicity to terrorists which encourages them to make anti-India statements, with which they can get away. Margret Thatcher, the iron lady of the UK, once had rightly said that the publicity is the oxygen of terrorism. It is the publicity which gives terrorists a larger-than-life image.

The result of all this is reflected in the form of political parties vying with each other to outdo in supporting them. It is very true that the first, second and third priority of all politicians is to win, win and win, whatever be the means, and garner the support of even the devil.

The common citizen, who wants to lead a peaceful life, is unnecessarily dragged into the vicious circle of love and hate relationships. He cannot defy terrorists, as even the local government is playing double in appeasing them. So he feels that it is no use looking up to the government for protection, as its own leaders are living under the shadow of guns.

Nowhere in the world terrorism has been smashed with sweet talks and by dismal surrender. No security force has any grudge against any Kashmiri. They are following the orders of the government of the day.

If you throw stones, or attack security forces, you must expect retaliation with double the might. Terrorist leaders, whom some call separatists, have been given government security, which is the worst form of submission. Any excuse is good enough for terrorists to kick up a shindy, like giving place for temporary structures to the Hindu pilgrims going to the Amarnath shrine or the visit of the Prime Minister to the valley or killing of terrorists and intruders by security forces.

The worst sufferer in this matter is the ordinary Kashmiri, as nobody would like to invest in any place where bandhs and riots take place at the drop of a hat. Tourists also think twice before visiting any such place. It suits the terrorists to keep Kashmir in a disturbed state, as otherwise full-time pro-Pakistani politicians would lose their importance.

The way small-time politicians are going about, is wrecking the economy of the State. No amount of financial assistance is going to improve the situation. Despite the Prime Minister’s repeated visits and peace talks offers to sort out the problem, if any, there have been no takers of it.

The terrorists have got away with the genocide of Hindus and Sikhs from the Muslim-majority valley, with the Government of India being a mute spectator. If anybody from Kashmir is not happy to be in India, including the terrorists hiding as separatists and communalists, it is time for them to quietly migrate to Pakistan or any other country in the world.

It is for the Government of India to accept the reality. In the name of democracy, such elements should not be allowed to get away with murder. Responsibility walks hand in hand with capacity and power, which in the present case does not appear to have been exercised.

(The writer was Director, CBI) (ADNI)

Hindus hounded into cattle pen in Karachi

Hindus hounded into cattle pen in Karachi
July 09, 2010 13:00 IST
In an incident which showcases the brutal hatred with which Hindus are seen in Pakistan, at least 60 members of the minority community, including women and children, were forced to abandon their house in Karachi’s Memon Goth area just because a Hindu boy drank water from a cooler outside a mosque.
Local tribesman, who hold a good clout in the area, thrashed several Hindus forcing them to run away and take shelter in a near by cattle pen, The News reports. “All hell broke loose when my son, Dinesh, who looked after chickens in a farm, drank water from a cooler outside a mosque. Upon seeing him do that, the people of the area started beating him up,” said Meerumal, a resident of the area. “Later, around 150 tribesmen attacked us, injuring seven of our people, who were taken to the Jinnah Hospital,” he added.
One of the injured, Heera, said that another 400 families of the area were also being threatened to leave their households and settle elsewhere. “Our people are even scared of going out of their houses. We are also putting up with living in the filthy pen because we cannot go home for fear of being killed,” Heera said.

Police officials are aware about the incident, but they have failed to take any steps to stop the atrocities being meted out to the minority community.”A trivial incident led to riots between the people of the area. Since both the communities happened to be illiterate, the matter just flared up,” said Memon Goth Station House Officer.
Meanwhile, Minority Affairs Minister Dr Mohan Lal has assured Hindus of full government protection. “I have directed the DPO and the SHO to ensure that these people go back to their houses safely,” Lal said.