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Why Godse killed Gandhi

Why Godse killed Gandhi. Interesting read.

Gandhi’s family says RSS is cannot be blamed for Gandhi killing
Even as K T Thomas’ remark on the Gandhi assassination continues to make waves, great grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, Sreekrishna Kulkarni asserted it was not right to link the RSS name. “In 63 years’ time, the Government has instituted many judicial commissions and committees to investigate the assassination. None could establish the RSS connection”, Sreekrishna told Deccan Chronicle.
He said India is a democracy with a vibrant and independent judiciary. “The children of Gandhiji have never tried to obstruct or influence the impartial investigation of this case”, he reminded. Sreekrishna said it was time people learnt to respect the judicial findings in the matter and rested the issue. As for RSS, he said it has contributed immensely to the nation’s development.“It’s incorrect to drag the RSS name repeatedly for petty political reasons”, he appealed. Sreekrishna also revealed that after Bapu’s assassination, his grandfather Ramdas Gandhi had written to Nehru requesting him not to hang Godse. But Godse was hanged”, he said