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Do you know what ‘Satyadarshini’ contains?

Scanned copies of the book Satyadarshini is here. Look, how filthy is it!! That shows the cheap techniques that Christianity has to coonvert people. When they have nothing great to project in their religon, they just have to depend on making false interpretations of Hindu GODs and stories and project it in a way they want. That shows how weak Christianity is? If they have something really good stuff which is not there in Hinduism, let them just project it. Why mimsinterpret the GODs and make people feel that Hindu GODs are not good and Jesus is the only great GOD in this world?

Real reason for attack on Churches in Mangalore & the truth behind the news

Karnataka State Home minister  VS Acharya  is also a blogger.  Here are the some news/views, direct  from his blog –  This has photos of Christians attacking Policemen. The captions under the photos are too Good – Dont
miss.  It really takes a nerve to write like this, being a Minister. Kudos to VS Acharya !


Mangalore situation – an analysis by CM, Karnataka