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Arunachal youth boycott Chinese good

Arunachal youth boycott Chinese goods
By Maj Gen G D Bakshi, SM,VSM (retd)
Hindi in Arunachal
Who says that India ends in the North East? Frankly, it begins here.
Did you know that a group of students in Arunachal Pradesh have taken a chapter out of India’s freedom struggle and begun a movement to boycott Chinese goods?
I made this discovery, and many others, when I was invited to Itanagar in October to meet 645 college students from 28 colleges and technical institutions of Arunachal Pradesh.
The Youth Camp, inaugurated by Education Minister Bosiram Siram, turned out to be a most memorable and unforgettable experience.
I went to teach, but was left speechless and deeply moved by the burning patriotic fervour and tremendous enthusiasm of these tribal youth from the Adi, Apatani, Monpa, Mishmi, Nyishi, Tagin and so many other tribes across this border state.
All of them were fluent in a pure and Sanskritised form of Hindi. They were well informed and deeply aware of national, regional and global issues.
They have an innate flair for community singing and their melodious chanting of Sanskrit hymns from the Vedas and Upanishads left one spellbound. In fact, it moved one to tears to see their love for their country and culture.
Say No to China
What one group of students from Tawang said at a workshop took our breath away. The young people of Tawang had decided to boycott all Chinese goods.
Some Marwari traders were resisting this boycott for the purposes of economic gains/profits. The traders claimed they brought these cheap goods from legitimate channels and hence, should be allowed to sell them.
The students felt this was a betrayal. China had evil designs on their beautiful state and this was their forthright response.
They were not enamoured of China or its totalitarian state model. Some of them were quite keenly aware of how Tibetan Buddhism had virtually been destroyed, how the Dalai Lama and thousands of Tibetans had to flee their homeland forever, simply to preserve their culture and their way of life.
The sad saga of Tibetan resistance to Hanisation was fresh in their memories. The Hans in Tibet now outnumber the local people. A century down the line, Tibet would cease to exist as a unique cultural and linguistic entity.
The response of the young people of Tawang was a page straight out of the history of the Freedom Struggle. In a poignant statement (so very reminiscent of Gandhiji’s approach in our freedom Struggle), they had decided to boycott Chinese goods.
The message was loud and clear – they saw the Chinese as prospective colonisers of their sacred land; as aliens and invaders who would destroy their culture and efface their unique identity.
Too short for the Army?
What else moved these young people? ”Why is height such a disqualification for joining the Army?”One young man after another asked me this agonizing question.
Their tremendous zeal and enthusiasm for joining the Army was as apparent as their keen disappointment over being rejected on the basis of not being tall enough.
One student patiently tried to explain that people of Arunachal Pradesh were given 1.5 cm worth of concession in height stipulation. As a Military Commander, I would have given my right arm to have such motivated and enthusiastic young men in our fighting units.
If there was one thing that they were so keenly looking forward to, it was the raising of two battalions of the Arunachal Pradesh Scouts. Seeing the burning zeal and commitment of these young Apatani, Monpa, Tagin and Mishmi boys, I felt the Indian Army would do itself the greatest favour by expediting the raising of these Arunachal Scout battalions. I am told these battalions are in the pipeline and will fructify soon.
I am certain, that as and when that happens, the Arunachal Pradesh Scouts will give as good an account of themselves in battle, as the brave Nunoos of the Ladakh Scouts.
In Siachen and Kargil, the Ladakh Scouts have become a byword for bravery, grit and sheer tenacity. Having seen these young boys from Tawang, I cannot help feeling they will be as good, if not better than our Ladakh Scout units. The Army Headquarters must expedite the raising of these Arunachal Scout battalions, for in the heightened threat profile, they have a very significant role to play.
An Eastern renaissance
As the helicopter took off from Itanagar, the haunting strains of 645 boys and girls, chanting Sanskrit hymns from the Vedas and the Upanishads, lingered in my ears. It had been a beautiful and unforgettable experience.
I could not help thinking that what we were seeing was the beginning of a remarkable Indian revival; a great civilizational renewal and it was starting from the Eastern-most corner of India.
With such dedicated boys and girls, the sun of an Indian renaissance will truly rise from Arunachal Pradesh and spread to the rest of our land. God Bless these children and their beautiful chants of faith and confidence in being the proud inheritors of an ancient Indian tradition of excellence. It restores my faith in the manifest destiny of the Indian people.
The decision of the youth of Tawang to boycott Chinese goods is a clarion call that should raise the rest of the country out of its slumber.
Maj Gen Bakshi is Deputy Director (Research) of the Vivekananda International Foundation.

What’s in a name? A lot, especially in India since last 20 years, please read it and be smart!

What’s in a name? A lot, especially in India since last 20 years, please read it and be smart!

Next time when someone who sounds Hindu is talking bad about his faith you know the secret behind it! He is not even a Hindu. This is used as a conversion technique. This is how deceptive and evil gets, that is their modus operandi for past 2000 years. They misappropriate good things about other civilizations and ‘internalize’ on their way to global conquest, it is called INCULTURATION! Here are a few recent examples:

Mary wears Bindi & Sari , Joseph wears Turban in “Indian” Bible to fool Hindus–westhead-india-s-new-bible-wears-a-bindi

Christians use Gayatri Mantra to hunt souls!

Rigveda is not Indian says missionary

Xian pastor claiming Tiruvalluvar as a Xian saint.

Manufacturing Mother from fraud called Teresa

Samuel Reddy – How Slayers are Sainted

Families paid to claim YSR shock deaths’YSR+shock+deaths+a+farce’.html

Things They Don’t Tell You about Christianity

Thi is a good site to understand the real Christianity. Interested readers can go through.

Justice for Deaf and Mute Anil Kumar – Sexual Abuse Victim

2,000 Gujarat tribals return to Hinduism in Surat

2,000 Gujarat tribals return to Hinduism in Surat

By our correspondent
Surat, 21 December, 2009
As many as 2,000 tribal people(officially registered about 1700) from remote parts of eastern and southern Gujarat tribal belt today reconverted to Hinduism in a function held at Adajan area in Surat.
Jagadguru Ramanandacharya Shree Swami Narendracharya Maharaj of Nanij presided over the purification ceremony — a several-hour long function. Wearing dhotis and sporting the sacred thread, the converts’ heads were tonsured to signify their rebirth. During the purification ceremony, the converts who felt cheated after going to Christianity apologized to their forefathers for betraying their faith. Converts were purified by Panchagavya and Bhabhuti. Converts were given fresh ‘Vastram’. The affidavits will be made and later registered to complete the formalities
The entire conversion process was similar to the one when 350 years back Shivaji Maharaj brought Netaji Palkar into Hindu dharma by performing the purification process.

No state money for churches : Andhra highcourt

No state money for churches

By By Our Correspondent (Deccan Chronicle)
Oct 06 2009
Oct. 5:

The Andhra Pradesh High Court on Monday made it clear that no government money can be spent to construct or repair churches and other Christian religious institutions in the state in pursuance of the GO Ms. No. 42, issued on December 19, 2001.
A division bench comprising Chief Justice Anil R. Dave and Justice C.V. Nagarjuna Reddy was dealing with a writ petition filed by one Dr Tripuraneni Hanuman Chowdary complaining that the state government was promoting a religion contrary to injunctions of the Constitution. The bench was clarifying its earlier orders of status quo in this regard.
The petitioner listed the various orders issued between December 2001 and March 2009 and complained that the state under the guise of welfare of SCs and STs was “promoting religious activity relating to Christians”.
The court had ordered on September 7 to maintain status quo on release of funds under the GO for maintenance, repair and construction of churches.
When the case came up for hearing, the counsel for the petitioner, Mr Challa Kodanda Ram, complained that the words status quo were being misinterpreted by the officers. The bench then said there shall be no spending of government money in pursuance to the various GOs issued by the government.

Source URL:

YSR Reddy’s death

http://in.christian articles/ view-reddys- death-undeniably -a-colossal- loss-for- christians/ 4481.htm

Church leaders in India would agree that it would take another decade
to find a peer commensurate with Reddy who was even-handed and filled
with egalitarian and inclusive principles. Reddy’s audacious decisions
and staunch actions had brought cheer to the minuscule community at
various times. If Reddy’s death is the greatest loss in the political
circle, the same goes for Christians whose pleas had been humbly
addressed and grievances punctually redressed by the deceased leader.

Without question, Reddy’s action spoke larger than words. Just ten
days back, in a first, the Christian politico dauntlessly adopted a
resolution supporting the Dalit Christians. Remember, not recently or
past, has anyone of this stature made such a move to emancipate
millions of Dalits whose predicaments fell deaf ears until now. It was
something to cheer. The chief minister was praised and thanked by
leading Christian councils.

It was not an outright move. The decision to back Dalit Christians
came after many delegations met at his office and beseeched help. To
all, Reddy promised action. Apparently he had even promised to lead a
Christian delegation to New Delhi to speak to the highest authorities
and bring justice to the 20 million Dalit Christians. Unlike others
whose promising words come to satiate their lust for power and yearn
for limelight, Reddy’s was factual. Following his visit to Delhi with
a delegation, it was pertinent that Minister for Minorities came out
with a statement acknowledging that all probes proved the causes of
Dalit Christians and a positive response was in the offing.

Further, a perusal of his contributions in his own state evinces more.
The chief minister apart from taking gargantuan tasks that brought
unprecedented development had pioneered scores of initiatives for
Christians. “He set up the A.P. State Christian Finance Corporation
which is first of its kind in the country. He also introduced the
novel schemes like Government subsidy to the Holy Land and assistance
for Christian Mass Marriages for the first time,” according to Andhra
Pradesh Federation of Churches (APFC), a state-level apex body of the
Bishops and Heads of Churches of all Christian Denominations.

Bigotry alive for Christian Dalits

Bigotry alive for Christian Dalits
By Sunil Raman
BBC News, Eraiyur
Centuries ago, as their forefathers faced social and economic deprivation, many low-caste Hindus embraced Christianity.
But in one corner of southern India, their hopes for equality remain unfulfilled hundreds of years on. Called “pariahs”, hundreds of Dalit Christians continue to face discrimination – not from Hindus but fellow Christians.
More than 200km (124 miles) from Chennai, the capital of the southern state of Tamil Nadu, is the village of Eraiyur.
Home to about 3,000 Dalit Christians, mostly farm labourers and migrant workers, the area witnessed violence last year when Dalits demanded equal treatment.
The village is dominated by Vanniyar Christians numbering 15,000, who own most of the land and businesses.
They imposed restrictions on Dalits even though they had also converted to Christianity.
Restricted life
A 17th Century church building, Lady of the Rosary Parish, stands tall above the Eraiyur settlement. The village came up around the parish church, with Vanniyar houses closest to it. The Dalits were forced to build their small huts on the fringe of the village.
It did not take long for the divisions within the Hindu social system to be reflected among the new Christians.
The dominant Vanniyars created rules which restricted the movement of the Dalits.
When they visited the parish church they were not allowed to walk on the main street leading to the building. Instead they had to use a side street that led to the church gate.
When Dalits died they were not allowed to be buried in the cemetery. Their burial ground is beyond the village and can only be accessed through a broken path.
In addition, the funeral cart parked inside the church building can be used only by Vanniyars.
“We were told not to touch any upper caste person, not to get too close to them, not to talk to them,” says Mrs Peraiyamaka, 60, a farm labourer who has been visiting the parish church since childhood.
“It is no different now.”
Mr Thomas, a 60-year-old labourer says there is also a fear of violence as young Dalits refuse to be submitted to such humiliation.
He says this fear prompted the Dalits to build an alternative church.
A single-room, white-washed brick structure with an iron grill for the entrance is set in a small open ground.
Called Our Lady of Perpetual Help, the Dalit church has a coloured icon of Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus in her arms. She is flanked by plastic flowers and incense sticks burn on the sides.
The Dalits’ demands of recognition for their church were rejected by local Catholic priests on the ground that a village can have only one parish church.
Mr Mathew is a Dalit activist who graduated from Madras University.
Having faced prejudice as a schoolboy, he has now decided to fight for the rights of Dalits.
His efforts to seek justice have created tension in his village, forcing him to move to elsewhere.
He is angry that although the constitution has banned “untouchability” it continues to be practised in different ways.
“My family may get some minimum help or guidance from Christianity. That’s all. There is no big change after we came to Christianity,” says Mr Mathew.
Vanniyars disgruntled
As we walked out of the Dalit quarters towards the well laid-out area where Vanniyar Christians live under the shadow of the whitewashed parish church, we were greeted by a few angry women.
They did not want us to take pictures and asked us to leave.
A few angry residents of Vanniyar quarters gathered around us. They agreed to answer our questions. Emily, 25, was eager to give their version of the story.
“We have allowed them to use the road. They are creating trouble,” she says.
We asked her how in a free country one group could dictate to others on the use of a public road.
“I don’t know. It’s been like this… but we have now allowed them,” Emily replied.
Similar responses came from other Vanniyars we spoke to.
Mr Arukadas, a retired government teacher lives next to the parish church and he shared his unhappiness with the Dalit Christians.
Asked about using a common funeral van and a graveyard where all Christians irrespective of their past Hindu caste identity can be buried, he retorted: “It will take a long time for a common graveyard.”

Nuns treated like servants by priests: Cardinal

Nuns treated like servants by priests: Cardinal
17 Mar 2009, 0401 hrs IST, Ananthakrishnan G, TNN

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Early last year, a study by the Catholic church found that 25% of the nuns in Kerala were unhappy with life inside the four
walls of a convent. More recently, a former nun dropped a bombshell revealing in a book about sexual abuse and mental harassment she suffered in the order. Now,there’s further confirmation of their misery and it comes from the leader of India’s archbishops.

Cardinal Varkey Vithayathil, who is president of Catholic Bishops Council of India, says the nuns are humiliated by priests and they live in fear.

The cardinal’s views have appeared in his biography, much like the nun’s own. If Sister Jesmi’s book was called `Amen! Autobiography of a nun’, Vithayathil’s book is titled `Straight from the heart’. The cardinal tells his biographer Paul Thelakat, the spokesperson of Syro-Malabar Church, that the time has come to free the nuns from the “pitiable situation” they are in.

“I would say to a great extent our nuns are not emancipated women. They are often kept under submission by the fear of revenge by priests. That’s how the priests get away with whatever humiliation they heap upon them. It is a pitiable situation from which somebody has to liberate them,” says the 82-year-old cardinal.

“A big complaint of our nuns is that the diocesan priests are treating them like servants, making them wash their clothes, prepare their food, wash the churches, etc and that too without getting paid. These are all unjust ways of treating the women religious.”

About the criticism against the clergy in the controversial Sister Abhaya murder, the senior priest says he believed that the Church had not tried to hide anything in the case. “The Church does not want to protect anyone.”

Vithayathil admits that there has been erosion in values in religious life. “I think asceticism has gone out of religious life.” He also points to the growing gap between the clergy and laity.

Also, in what would be music to the ears of the Sangh Parivar, the cardinal lends legitimacy to arguments against religious conversion. “I must add that there is some truth in their contention that certain Christian groups are going about making mass conversions without any real conversion of heart.”

He says the Church believes in admitting to its fold “people who have belief in the Church” and not in mass conversion of people “who have no faith and become Christians only nominally”. He, however, slams anti-conversion laws, which he says, have banned even legitimate conversion.

Elect those who choose India as life-force


March 14th, 2009

Elect those who choose India as life-force

Surrounded by failed States and terror dens, India needs a strong leadership that will not hesitate to take punitive action against the erring State or non-State ‘player’ and organise the strength to withstand a spillover. Wars and inner conflicts are not won with machines. You got to have a heart that’s firm and courageous. The war machine’s role is secondary.
India was never so vulnerable and foolishly spineless as it stands today. Not because we do not have the power to defend our people and land but because of a leadership that’s a delight of the alien invaders and petty boat infiltrators. Our leaders join politics to earn money and sell conscience — they have no credentials except to boast of a family name or caste and muscle power. We have a galaxy of non-political leadership but that too boot polishes the nincompoop rulers in search of reflected glory. These holy men and women are so detached from the realities of their nation’s pains and agonies that they go on a six-month long world tour for establishing peace in Palestine and Iraq and show off their pictures in the galleries of the United Nations as proof of their expanding influence. And surely they get quite a number of gullible people to believe they are great.
And we are increasingly surrounded by a Nepal, once a Hindu nation and now a threat for Hindu survival. We have a Pakistan and Bangladesh that have bled us continuously for the last three decades of intermittent terror wars — Khalistan, Operation Topac, the jihad in Kashmir and the ignominious forced exodus of Kashmiri Hindus.
We have lost more than 60,000 Indians in terror attacks directly sponsored and encouraged by Pakistan — whether its army or Inter Services Intelligence or the sheepish conspiratorial silence of their leaders, only the naive would make a difference and absolve the culprits. The simple arithmetic is that Pakistan, a creation of intense hate against Hindus, has always felt a sadistic pleasure at our discomfiture. It’s the very basic element of Pakistan that has not let us live in peace since August 14, 1947.
But we refuse to see history and continue to lose geography.
Post-1947, we have lost more than 1.25 lakh square kilometres of land to Pakistan and China and Indian Parliament had passed a unanimous resolution to take the lost land back.
But not a single political party would dare to mention in its election manifesto that if voted to power it would strive its hardest possible to implement Parliament’s resolve.
Cats would remain cats unless they are born as tigers.
The last 100 years has seen India shrinking to half and the Hindu population being overwhelmed by a demographic invasion that hates to see Hindu dominance in any sphere of life. They have vanished from Kabul, Balochistan, Pakhtunistan, Multan and Dhaka, humiliated in Kathmandu, killed, converted and incapacitated in Sri Lanka, turned invisible in Sindh, Rawalpindi, Lahore and Chittagong, driven out of their last bastion in the saffron valley and increasingly reduced in Nagaland, Arunacahal, Mizoram and Jammu. And we fight over sackfuls of currency notes as we saw during trust vote on the nuke deal and are busy winning votes through dramas like a night’s stay in a Dalit home.
That’s India of today — reduced to an Orwellian play by murderers and bribe-seekers who are again seeking an entry to Parliament by investing huge chunks of money.
There are those who still believe that Pakistan will, or it can, or it may become brotherly to us. Perhaps Uncle Sam, now Chacha Obama, will help.
Even Gods refuse to help such worms.
Elect those who at least know a little bit of India and love her people. A leader that wouldn’t hesitate to serve from South Block even if it means incurring personal monetary loss, but inspiring newcomers to stand and live proudly on their earnings through labour and merit. Living on peoples’ money must come to an end. Forget the temples, mosques and churches for a while and just concentrate on two basic factors, removing illiteracy and bringing every fellow Indian above the poverty line with a one-year period as deadline. It has to be on a real war footing to make up for the losses due to a lethargic, vision less and self-serving leadership.
Trust me, we can do it if we have the will. Have courses in science, mathematics, engineering and technology upgraded, spread out and quality marked. We terribly lack in the manufacturing sector because there is not enough engineering talent available. Even the best of engineering colleges are facing a serious dearth of proper faculty and it results in less than appropriately equipped students. It’s good to see a number of technology and engineering colleges, institutes and private universities that have sprung up in most of the cities and metros that must be the envy of even a developed nation. But are they really providing what they announce and do they have the right kind of facilities and infrastructure to produce credible graduates confident enough to start a swadeshi enterprise of world class standards?
If a post-World War America, Japan and Europe can rebuild their ravaged countries into models of modern development and human endeavour, why can’t we? Why can’t we set our own goals and standards that must make the most developed nation too follow us? Swami Vivekananda said all expansion is life and all contraction is death. Barring politics, we have shown the world the extraordinary capabilities and the astounding acumen to achieve the impossible in recent years. It happened, as is said, in spite of bad politicians. Let a new crop of good politicians take over Parliament and change its fossilised and stinking contours to a vibrant new hope commensurate with the professionalism being exhibited by Indians elsewhere.
And this is not at all age related but only needs a mind and heart that works for the nation.
And they must have the sinews to expand militarily unabashedly. India must show a will and the power to control her region. We are bled because of a meaningless large-heartedness that makes jihad factories on both sides of our territory send mercenary self-destructionist lunatics who kill and maim and destroy our people and city life. Bangladesh and Pakistan have got to be brought to their senses through instilling fear in them, a genuine and serious one. They have to be made to think twice before being silent or encouraging an anti-India terror policy. State policy makers must be clear in their mind that sometimes revenge is the only word the enemy understands and why must we not avenge the brutal killings of our patriotic citizens?
Hence choose those who choose India as their life-force and not just a platform for money making and dying like dirt. The choice is yours to practice in the coming elections.

Kerala’s biggest challenge – the fastest breeding Talibanization C. I. Issac

Kerala’s biggest challenge – the fastest breeding Talibanization C. I. Issac
9 March 2009

The State of Kerala came into being in 1956, and Hindus then comprised 61.5% of the population. In half a century, this has swiftly declined and reached barely 55%. Meanwhile, the two other minority religions, contrary to the general trend of population growth, have grown drastically. The negative growth of Hindu population is a continuing phenomenon, and cannot be treated as an inadvertent phenomenon. Several factors can be seen behind this fall, political, religious, economic, and so on.

Christians are taking advantage of the existing political situation through their stratagem of ‘mission of education and open-ended proselytism’ that marginalized Hindus economically and numerically. On the other hand, Muslims are spreading their net of annihilation of Hindu life in Kerala through ‘petro-dollar, hawala money, aggressive proselytism and Talibanization’ of the State. They are supported by the self-styled ‘cultural-cum-intellectual magnates’ functioning as the tails of CPI(M), who patronize all fundamentalist-cum-extremist activities in the State under the guise of human rights.

For instance, one Malayali, Javed [before conversion to Islam he was Pranesh Nair], a member of Lashkar-e-Taiba team of four who masterminded the plot to assassinate the Gujarat Chief Minister, was killed in a police encounter on 15 Nov. 2004 at Ahmedabad. The cultural magnates tried to portray this as a fake encounter and exalted Javed as a fallen hero. But the recent shooting of Malayali terrorists by security forces on the Kashmir border had them scuttling into deep burrows.

Kerala’s history of Talibanization goes back to the days of Moplah Riots of 1921, but Left historians and coalition politics connived to conceal its fanatic disposition and projected the incident as agrarian rebellion. Moreover, the state conference of the CPM (February 2005) at Malappuram officially declared the fanatic Wariamkunnathu Kunjahammed Haji, leader of the notorious Moplah Revolt who killed thousands of Hindus including innocent women and children in cold blood during 1921 Khilafat agitation of Malabar, as a martyr of the Communist Party! Even Muslim League is reluctant to make this bigot their Badar.

Islamic fundamentalism tightened its hold over the social, economic and political scenario of Kerala in the post-independence period; it was constantly appeased by the Communist Party. In 1946, one Unnian Saheb [1] and his family of Perinthalmanna, Malappuram district, Malabar, returned to the Hindu dharma. Enraged, a Moplah mob [2] brutally exterminated Ramasimhan [Unnian Saheb] and his family as an admonition to all wishing to return to purva dharma. At that time, all political parties, particularly the Communist ‘vanguard’ Party under self-styled revolutionary leader EMS Nambudiripad, attempted to misdirect the police investigation and save the culprits from the law [3]. Kerala political parties even today continue this minority appeasement…

The anti-Hindu approach of the Communists drove a sizable number of Hindus to desert the party fold during the 1960s, leaving the Communist Party free to adopt an open policy of minority appeasement. The immediate result was the birth of an exclusive Muslim district, Malappuram in 1968 – its layout conforms to the Muslim League demanded Mopilastan of 1946. Today it is the hatchery of all anti-national and terrorist activities in Kerala.

The State Government acquired 24 acres of land for the Aligarh Muslim University Centre at Malappuram district, which was later decided to be enhanced to 1000 acres. Sources suggest that the proposed land will comprise the Elemkulam Mana, the household of veteran Marxist leader and first Communist Chief Minister EMS Nambudiripad. It is a shortcut for the CPM to secure the benevolence of the Jamaat-e-Islami in the forthcoming general elections. The district already hosts Calicut University; hence the attempt to open a centre of Aligarh Muslim University is not logical. Kerala is today a haven for terrorists operations. Its 580-km unchecked coastline is a major attraction for terrorist outfits.

Subsequently, a Christian district carved out, a political decision that legitimized the communal divide of Kerala. The Communist Party’s history of minority appeasement goes back to the days of its inception in Kerala. First, it glorified communal riots masterminded by Muslims as revolutions; then it shared political power with Muslim and Christian communal outfits; now the bigot Abdul Nassar Madani is dear to it. This is a ‘suicidal compromise’ as far as the national mind of Kerala is concerned.

In the 1980s, several cinema halls were set ablaze by fundamentalists in Malappuram district; police remained inactive due to political pressure. To this day it remains lukewarm towards terrorists; more than a dozen bomb blasts have taken place in the northern districts during the past decade. No one was booked for the blast at Bepoor Port, thanks to the blessings of the ruling party.

The Talibanism of Malappuram is now a serious threat to the nation and Hindu values. Bangalore city witnessed a series of bomb blasts on 25 July 2008. Recently, the Karnataka police booked the culprits of this incident – all nine were Malayalis from Malappuram. The brains behind most of the recent blasts in our metro cities hail from Kerala; besides Malappuram, most Malabar districts face fundamentalist threats. Hence the police failed or was ‘forced to fail’ to book the culprits of the Thrissur train blast on 6 December 1997.

The Thrissur blasts were followed by Coimbatore blasts on 14 February 1998, which took the lives of 50 persons and injured over 150. The target was L.K. Advani who escaped miraculously, and the prime accused Abdul Nasser Madani, presently a respectable icon to Marxist and Congress coalitions of Kerala. His henchmen hijacked and set fire to a Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation bus from NH 47 near Cochin demanding his release. The police have registered a case, but its destiny is still mysterious.

A strategy of ethnical cleansing is now in operation on the Kerala coastline, to make the 580-km coastline safe for ISI-sponsored activities. Currently, from Ponnani to Beypore, a length of 65-km coastline, no Hindu fishermen hamlet can be seen; all were cleansed by conversion or by threat. A few Hindu fishermen hamlets survive north of Beypore, such as Marad.

On 2 May 2003, ISI-sponsored terrorists [NDF] conducted an ethnic cleansing operation here. Eight Hindu fishermen were brutally killed by terrorists. They reputedly prepared for a communal riot aimed at total annihilation of Hindu fishermen community from the coastal regions, but the alertness and restraint of Hindu leaders foiled their plans. Recently, the special trial court awarded life terms to 65 accused in the case.

On 10 March 2005, NDF assassinated Aswini, RSS district leader; police were helpless to nab the actual culprits because of political pressure. It is a convention among Muslims of northern Kerala to insist Hindus to keep business establishments closed on Fridays, not go for fishing on Fridays, shut down of hotels during Ramzan; those who disobey pay the price. Police under political pressure are becoming inactive on every instance of Talibanization of Kerala. Santhosh of Mathilakom police station area of Thrissur district violated the above fatwa and opened his shop on Fridays. On 9 August 1996 he was brutally killed by terrorists, and money power and political power became victorious in this case, as usual [4].

Another Taliban experiment is the extension of Islamic wedlock to non-Muslim girls; a one-way traffic. In 2001, one Balakrishnan of Kasargod fell in love with a girl named Raziabanu and got married. Some time later, he was brutally slaughtered; the police and political parties together depicted this homicide as a political murder. They fabricated a story that the murdered Balakrishnan was a Congress worker of Kasargod and the police, Congress and CPM unanimously found that the culprits behind the murder were Marxist workers! The story doesn’t end here. With the meaningful silence of the authorities, the chief accused in the case absconded to a foreign country, as in the case of the abduction and butchering of progressive Islamic theologian Chekannoor Maulavi.

According to Kerala Marxist’s conceptual framework, for a person to be recognized as a progressive or revolutionary, he has to be fundamentally anti-Hindu and pro-Muslim/pro-Christian. Those who talk in a broader national perspective may be called ‘saffron’ or renegade. In short, Marxist, Missionary, Muslim-dominated Kerala is terrorist-friendly.

In the hilly districts of Kottayam and Ernakulum, the banned jihadi organization SIMI conducted all-India terrorist training camps. The public brought the matter to the attention of the authorities, so police rushed there and arrested all on petty charges and released them on bail! Political intervention forced the police to close the file without further investigation.

Recently, those who participated in the terrorist camps were arrested from different States of India. Kerala police and ‘cultural magnates’ were reluctant to accept that the jihadis shot by security personnel at the Kashmir border were Malayalis.

Converting non-Muslim criminals to Islam is a new technique in Kerala. Several such convert-criminals were killed in police encounters in different parts of the country. Further, terrorist organizations in Kerala frequently change their names to maintain the façade of a secular organization. Once SIMI was tainted, it changed its name to NDF. So now NDF has become a watchword for subversive activities in Kerala. Likewise, half a dozen organizations camouflaged as NGOs are at the forefront justifying talibanism (these include the Forum for Ideological Thought, Karuna Foundation, Islamic Youth Centre, Minority Rights Watch) [5].

Talibanism flourished in the economic front, under the euphemism of “Hawala”. In a decade, the economic disparity between Muslims and Hindus widened unbelievably. The weekly “Malayalam” in its editorial warned of the inherent danger of this imbalance between Hindus and minorities. “While examining the records of the registration [land] department, it is evident that in several districts 70% of the lands were purchased by the above said [Muslims] communities… In certain specific districts the purchase of land is the exclusive right of a particular community. The intermediaries in these land deals are also their religious institutions.” [6]

For generations, Hindus have been worshipping cows. Only one state in India legitimizes cow slaughter – Kerala, due to the impudence of minority religious groups. Government official data states 5,00,000 cows were slaughtered in the State during 2002 and 2,49,000 tonnes of beef sold [7]. The real statistics will be much higher. Medical science advises people to refrain from the consumption of beef, yet the minority religious leadership insists on continuing this cruelty to humiliate and hurt Hindu self-esteem.

Talibanization of Kerala’s cultural scenario began around the 1970s. In the State School Youth Festival, art forms like Moplah Song [Muslim] and Margamkali [Christian] were introduced as events of competition by Muslim education ministers [8]. A traditional Hindu art form, Kolkali, an event of competition in the youth festival, was transformed into an Islamic one through introduction of a new dress code – the Moplah dress like green colour lungi, belt and banyan [vest] – was made the event costume. Finally, all non-Muslim students were forbidden to take part in the State Arabic Youth Festival.

Muslim League Ministers holding the education portfolio call the ceremonial lighting of lamps as un-Islamic, though Muslim ministers of other secular parities light lamps without hesitation. People’s representatives who took their oath of allegiance contrary to the constitutional directive, i.e., in the name of Allah and Infant Jesus, continue as ministers, MLAs and MPs. If a Hindu took an oath of allegiance in the name of his personal deity, it would be termed a “gross violation of the stipulations enshrined in the Constitution of India.” The Kerala High Court’s decision of 3 March 2003 in the case against Umesh Challiyil [MLA 2001-06] is an example to this embargo.

The erection of the statue of Tunchathu Ezhuthachan, father of Malayalam language and literature, at his birthplace Tirur, now Muslim-dominated, proved problematic. It was resolved by erecting a symbolic representation of ‘an inkpot and brush,’ the official emblem of Jamaat-e-Islami. It is true Ezhuthachan used only stylus and Palmyra leaf for writing, never pen or ink, but the compromise was pure political appeasement.

Kerala Muslim society was more national until the 1960s, but has been steadily alienated from the mainstream, thanks to uninterrupted hawala money from the Gulf reaching fundamentalists. In dress code and social gatherings they are forced to keeping away from the mainstream. Only 10.3% of the older generation ladies used purdah; now 31.6% of the new generation have adopted purdah [9], which certainly suggests fundamentalist compulsions.

On 6 November 1999, Pope John Paul II in a sermon at Sacred Heart Cathedral, New Delhi, stated, “Just as in the first millennium the Cross was planted on the soil of Europe, and in the second on that of the Americas and Africa, we can pray that in the Third Christian Millennium a great harvest of faith will be reaped in this vast and vital continent [Asia]”.

In the light of this ambition one should view Hindu antipathy to the minority approach of en masse dismemberment of a community and culture. This proselytism is suicidal so far as a civilization is concerned.

Under the guise of charitable service, a Kenyan national, Brother Bernard, on a tourist visa, and some nuns of the Missionaries of Charity, engaged in conversion through allurements in an economically backward Hindu settlement. They were opposed and blockaded at the entrance of the hamlet by some youths hailing from all non-communal political parties. This news is being vocally debated in mainstream Kerala newspapers. The police pressed charges against those who protested the conversion agenda of the Kenyan missionary, but recently the court acquitted all the accused in this case.

Three years ago, an American citizen, Rev. Joseph Cooper, on a tourist visa, publicly ridiculed Hindu gods and goddesses [10] at a Christian convention at Kilimannoor near Trivandrum. The public gave him a proper response, but the state government and opposition front provided him an escape route, even though he had violated visa norms and, like Brother Bernard, engaged in conversion of Hindus.

Hindu society faces multifaceted attacks from all anti-national forces. They must protect this nation from another division, and they must, above all, save the dying Hindu community of Kerala.

1] After his conversion to Hinduism he received the name Ramasimhan.
2] Muslims of this region is called so.
3] See EMS’s Selected Works, [Mal], Vol. VII, pp 356-57 4] Deepak Dharmadam, Keralam Feekararude Swantham Nadu, pp 59, 60.
5] Mangalam Daily, Kottayam,9th February 2009 6] Malayalam Varika, Editorial, Vol. VII, No. 12, 25th July 2003.
7] The New Indian Express, Kochi, 13 August 2003.
8] Not ignoring the fact that in the 53 years of Kerala’s history, for 49 years the portfolio of education is controlled by the minority religious parties or a person from a minority community who represents the secular parties.
9] Dr. K. P. Aravindan [ed], Kerala Padanam, Kerala Sastra Sahitya Parishad, Kozhikode, 2006, p135 10] He uttered that Lord Krishna was the first AIDS patient.
11] Malayala Manorama, daily, Kottayam, dtd. 19th March 2005 12] Keralam 2000, State Language Institute, Trivandrum, pp 908, 909

Dr. C.I. Issac is a retired Professor of History, and lives in Trivandrum. The article is based on the First P.A. Ramakrishnan Memorial Lecture delivered in Chennai on 8 March 2009

Is secularism dead? An Andhra Pradesh CaseSheet

Is secularism dead? An Andhra Pradesh CaseSheet

Samavedam Shanmukha Sarma
19 February, 2009

The message was loud and clear, “To realize our dream of making every house a Christian home in the state, we have to vote for a particular party”. Thus spoke Pamphlets, during last elections in Andhra Pradesh. They were silently distributed at many places to certain communities.

Developing into a Christian State :

Four and half years past, their vision had come true.. Today, Andhra Pradesh is a developing state, yes, certainly developing into a Christian State . It is good, if Christians prosper, but it is atrocious, if the so called development is at the cost of demoting Hindus-by decoying them through power traps and other means; demeaning Hindu sentiments and making every effort to, “Convert” them by augmenting the communal numbers of “their” so called community alone. Can you call this as, “Development”?

Why do our intellectuals and countrymen become blind to this blatant and brazen “crossing” of the State – throwing aside its secular vigor? Is this not the height of fanatical arrogance?

Came Christmas 2007 !, Whole world had sliced down its Christmas budget because of economic slowdown , yet in Andhra Pradesh , huge advertisements appeared on behalf the government-detailing millions and millions of funds ,being spent for the betterment, progress and prosperity of Christian community alone. It is an unabashed campaign stuffed with haughtiness and conceit. The surpluses showered therein shall certainly make the Santa Claus awestruck. Please do not forget views of Franois Gautier, (the renowned columnist Indian express), how in this country important positions of important institutions are being “Christened” with their people.

Are they not building cemetery to the secularism in this country, by their shameless acts? Or is it our fault that we are not realizing that we are being ruled by communal forces? Have we become impotent and indifferent to their open declarations? Or are we tolerating and accumulating all Insults? What is happening?

In the name and disguise of “minority protection”, their dreams are being realized by working for the welfare of “their” people through “their” government. Is this situation acceptable to democracy, if it becomes for “their” people and by “their” people, when all people voted for them to come to power.

Christianized governance is making a demonic dance in the entire state of Andhra Pradesh, insulting Hindu sentiments and values.

Rulers’ Hypocrisy and Their Evangelic Relatives:

By making political visits to the Hindu Temples and thus troubling the thousands of ardent Hindu devotees during their visits and simultaneously grabbing every opportunity to adore their shining bald heads with Muslim caps – these imposters and hypocrites are making a mockery of secularism, when their cajolers and cronies including intellectuals waste no time in singing welcome songs to them and are offering a grand red carpet reception with ritualistic pompousness.

During December 2007, even the gleeful posters of a preacher – “ruler’s” most near and dear relative, aided by political funds and support, adored every nook and corner of the State, calling a clarion Christian call. Hindu name with a brother prefix, wishing a Christmas greeting, aiming for conversion, a face that had even wiped away the Jesus Christ photograph in these posters and banners became ubiquitous in their presence, through out the state displaying the rulers’ superciliousness and their disdain for secular values.

In some cities, the radius of its spread is up to ten kilometers; on every electric pole and on every tree, the message was displayed blatantly as “Jesus the only savior” (without Jesus Christ’s Photo). What does this mean? What should be tolerance level for other religious faiths of state for this kind of propaganda?

Why, are we not reacting ?, Why are we not protesting, to this crystal clear message from the rulers of Andhra Pradesh, that it is their “CE”- Christian era and others are just subjects and have to fall in line with them.

Majority Community’s Funds being diverted for Christian Subsidies :

It is Majority community’s exchequer that is being used to dole out subsidies to the Christian minority and allocate funds to build churches. Millions and millions of rupees are being spent from government treasury and even bonanzas and packages are being promised for this so called “Nobel – Gobel cause”, by tempting and ensnaring gullible people into conversion trap. The politics of religious number game is multiplying at the speed of light in Andhra Pradesh.

The Government subsidies to this particular religious community are something like adding fuel to the burning fire. Earlier missionaries spent only foreign funds for conversion. Today the government fund at their disposal is making their task easier.

Why people are not realizing that offering special incentives to a single religious community alone by the government tantamount to religious fundamentalism?. Is it ruler’s dad’s property to give out doles like this?

Government of Andhra Pradesh is spending millions of rupees and is sending Christians to visit Jerusalem . Have we vanquished Poverty to offer such communal sops? The government advertisements project it as a bold initiative being taken in the country for the first time. God save us, which country in the world can really take this drastically daring step? What moral right this government has to call it self as a secular government, if it is communalizing the state in the name of minority pampering.

In spite of having a Hindu name and caste suffix, the rulers continue to practice Christian Faith and Doctrines, none to question them. Shall the Jesus Christ, the personification of truth, pardon them? Our leaders like Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Ambedkar had univocally condemned the religious conversions and had foretold that they are dangerous to nation’s peace and progress.

According to certain biblical texts, Jesus Christ had even warned his disciples not to go towards east and not to resort to religious conversions. Though it is evident that is a clear ploy of westerners to rule India through religion, yet the majority community of this land are becoming mute spectators and stooges in their gambit.

If the government pronounces that, it is their solemn duty to safeguard Christian’s property, what else can be said about this brazen utterance? Is it not the secular government’s duty to protect every Indian’s property, not just the Christian properties? Then what intentions prompt the government to make such appalling statements?

Jerusalem Trip Bonanzas:

Is any government worth its name in any foreign country, is offering to its minority community, the tax payers’ money, to visit their holy land situated in other countries? Why then does the government encourage this communal tourism to foreign countries? Are the churches in this country are becoming less holy and attractive? What message goes to the Christian converts living in this country? Is it not silently telling them that their religious roots do lie not in this country but in the foreign lands?

Hindu religious places are situated in this country and it implies that this country belongs to Hindus. This remains to be the eternal truth, in spite of painting the land with many pseudo secular colours.

Does this government offer any sops to Hindu pilgrimages? Which government in this country is offering subsidies to Hindus for their pilgrimage to “Manasasarovar”, situated in China ? Leave aside these subsidies and grants, during Hindu festivals, the state owned Transport Corporation hikes the bus ticket charges to holy places situated in the state of Andhra Pradesh-special buses with special fares and poor Hindus pay them all.

This kind of discrimination by the government only confirms their hidden agenda to frustrate the majority community mindset and to lure them to claim minority status for sops.

Not a single political party in the state raises its voice against this injustice being meted out to the majority community. Vote bank politics make the opposition to offer more promises to the minorities and seek the vote shamelessly.

Where is Secularism Today ?

So it is crystal clear that majority community is at the receiving end of deprivation and discrimination. The more the parties try to lure minorities, all the more the majority community of this so called secular country is being denied of its basic rights.

Everyone in this country has equal rights and should live harmoniously with others. But our opposition is towards the policy of political parties which try to divide the majority and offer sops to minority for sake of holding the power.

We respect Jesus Christ and the holy Bible. Hindus are culturally tuned in their minds to accept Bible as a sacred text of Dharma Sastra. Living harmoniously with other religions is the very nature of Hindus. But this goodness is being viewed as its weakness and is being exploited for converting the whole Hindu community into Christianity. How long do these treacherous game plans have to be tolerated by the Hindus? Even the iota of the Humanistic principles cannot advocate this kind of exploitation for achieving numerical supremacy.

India is the land of Hindus for Eternity. The invaders of this country had established their respective religions by forcefully converting the people of this country by luring them with money and position and threatening them with sword. Yet the majority community had accepted the converted minority and is living peacefully with them, unlike many other countries. We all had become Indian citizens. We all had accepted secularism and secular values.

We cannot change our parents. Nobody wants to change his mother and father. Similarly about the religion one is born into. It is our righteousness rather ethical responsibility to adhere to the religious path in which we are born in.

In the countries like America and England , people of all religions are living together. There, we don’t find government offering special sops to minorities. Here at India , politicians create a fear complex about the safety of minorities only to plunder the votes of minorities. It is high time, that all the citizens representing all religious communities of this country should come forward and teach a befitting lesson to these power grabbers who divide the country on the communal lines in name of secularism. But, will that happen in this country? Poor citizens are getting trapped into sops being offered by the politicians and are not in a position to resist them and are in fact “parasite-ing” on them.

What is the Future of Tomorrow’s Hindu Minority ?

If the situation continues like this where shall Hindus migrate? How long should they tolerate and compromise? Hindu Temples were destroyed in the past, yet they tolerated every drastic act. Their mothers, sisters and wives were raped before their very eyes, yet they kept quiet. Their kith and kin’s heads were hacked and chopped, yet they uttered not a word. Their religion was suppressed in everyway, yet they endured. Hindus were not free citizens at that time, when these acrostics were heaped on them.

Today, being the citizens of Sovereign, Socialist, Secular and Democratic Republic, are we to accept and sit stoic to the same kind of treatment being meted by today’s rulers? Do our thick skinned bodies and our karmic mindsets, which blame everything on destiny and Kaliyuga’s pollution, make us live an enslaved life again?

Your future is at stake,. The day is not far away, when Hindus of this country become a minority. On that day, no separate ministries shall be carved out for minority welfare; no vote bank political sops and promises to make you grow; no special subsides; no special protection for your temples; every moment of your life shall become full with fear and threat from other religious bigots.

If you keep quiet today, your tomorrow is a big hell. If you tolerate these selfish politicians today, tomorrow our children shall be left with bleak and dreadful future.

Today’s Convert is Tomorrow’s Enemy:

In a village, the organizers of a Rama Temple lamented that “In the past, when we organize a procession of Lord’s Idols for Sri Rama Navami Celebrations, every house and every street used to participate in the festival. Today, we don’t see the same people turning up in the same streets. If we volunteer ourselves to their houses and inform them to come and receive the Prasad, they indifferently reply to us that they got converted and cannot take the Prasad.”

Yesterday’s devotees are today’s enemies. How to tackle this kind of situation? What should we do now? What can we do, expect cursing, crying and howling?

Christian festivals are celebrated in month of December all over the world. But in India , they happen with every throw of a cap- no timing and no logic. Very evangelistic preacher invents a new timing and a Christian festival is celebrated. These festivals are fabricated to be on par with Hindu festivals, be it Sankranti, Sivarathri or Navaratri. The invented Christian festivals happen at the proximity of famous Hindu temples in name of “Krupa Festival”, “Daya Festival”, ” Health Festivals “and grand conversions happen.

Now these programs have taken a new avatar, imitating horror serials like “Mystry after death”, “Death takes you to grave or hell”.

Conversions or religious propagation, what exactly is happening and what is the truth? There is a sea of difference between preaching religion and baiting conversions. All these days, the knife of conversion was smeared with words of honey like Love, Peace and Service. But today, we hear aggressive slogans like “yahovah shall fight”; “we want, economic, social and political rights”, being uttered by Christian fronts.

Hindus!, Arise!,Awake! :

How can one religion enjoy special status and special rights in a secular country? How far is it legal and ethical if one religion resolves that it should rule and subdue others in a democracy?

“This is Hindu country and Hindus alone should rule”. Have we ever heard such kind of words uttered in India ? Don’t we deserve a ruler who is above communal mindset? When shall we have a polity that gives equal status to every religious community without pampering minorities?

Whether, Christians or Muslims, they had enjoyed their hay days, during foreign rule in the past. They were never subjected to sorrow in their past. Why then, they require special status on the basis of religion today? Is idiocy and ignorance overpowering Hindus that they deter from answering the hypocritical zealots? Do they fear the terror mongers and their bosses in neighboring countries?

Religion is a matter of faith, it is a not a political ideology. Why is support required from the government to make a person follow his faith sincerely? Why then governments declare sops and subsidies based on the religion? What does it means if Government proclaims, that “Government supports all Christians in the state in every way”. Can the gesture of the government be interpreted as the open support to religious conversion that is happening at alarming levels for the past four years?

Recently, an opposition leader in the state was exhorting people to revolt against the rulers, as the government was grabbing the lands of poor and was distributing them to the most favored industrialists. Can Hindus take clue from it and revolt, applying the same logic to themselves?

Hindus!, Arise!,Awake!,

No foreign country in world comes to your rescue, when matters go worse and your human rights become denied. Yet, even to a small discomfort to minorities in this country, the whole world becomes hyped with words of injustice being done to the minorities and human rights violation.

These are the heart burns expressed with concern, yet there can be certain political minds which give saffron coloring to the above words. This voice remains independent of political sides and tunes. This expression has nothing to do with any Political Parties and Parivars. As a true inheritor of this country’s Hindu heritage and legacy ,every letter of the every word , had evolved and shaped from the depths of the Heart, which is eternally soaked in Hindu dharma.

Hindu nationalists oppose quota for tribal Christians

Hindu nationalists oppose quota for tribal Christians
Thursday, 29th January 2009. 12:39pm

By: Vishal Arora.

New Delhi: Hindu nationalists in India have launched a campaign to demand removal of affirmative action benefits for those tribal (aborigine) people who have converted to Christianity.
As part of its ‘intellectual’ campaign to rescue tribal ‘purity’ (of culture) from the influence of the Church, the Sangh Parivar (a family of organisations under the leadership of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, India’s most influential Hindu nationalist group) yesterday re-released a book to demand removal of tribal Christians from the Scheduled Tribes category in the Indian Constitution, reported The Hindustan Times.

Communities listed as Scheduled Tribes in the Constitution can avail from the 7.5 per cent seats reserved in government and public sector jobs and educational institutions for them. The tribal communities in India – whose members are originally not Hindus but belong to ethnic faiths – form around nine per cent of India’s population. According to estimates, around 20 per cent of India’s 24-million Christian community is from tribal backgrounds.

A tribal leader from the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Karia Munda, re-released the book, ‘Bees Varsh Ki Kaali Raat’ (A Twenty-Year Black Night) that was originally launched in the late 1960s by Kartik Oraon, a politician from the BJP’s archrival party, the Congress. The book argues that “Christian converts walked away with quota benefits meant for tribals in the first 20 years of Independence (in 1947), despite having ‘abandoned’ tribal practices.”

“We are expecting wide political support on our demand, including from the Congress (party). This is a genuine demand of all tribals,” the daily quoted Harsh Chauhan, convenor of Janajati Suraksha Manch (Forum for Protection of Tribals), believed to be a Sangh Parivar outfit, as saying.

“The Manch says Kartik Oraon handed a memorandum signed by 235 Lok Sabha (House of the People) MPs (members of Parliament) to the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi asking for converts to Christianity and Islam to be removed from the benefits of ST (Scheduled Tribes) quota. The Sangh Parivar is keen to reinstate the demand all over again,” said the daily.

While a tribal person retains the right to the government’s affirmative action after converting to Christianity or Islam, when a Dalit (formerly known as ‘untouchables’) person coverts out of Hinduism to these religions, she or he loses all benefits. Hindu nationalists are also opposing Christians’ demand to allow job reservations for ‘Dalit Christians’ – the matter is pending before the Supreme Court of India.

Bhairappa;s article – English version


(English translation of the article written by Kannada writer S. L. Byrappa on religious conversions. The article is translated by Shri. Manoj Deshpande)
Saturday, November 1, 2008

For the last four decades, Christian missionaries in India have been indulging in religious conversions and this trend has become fairly aggressive and far more pronounced with Sonia Gandhi’s coronation. However, the mass media have chosen to ignore reporting this. States like Orissa and Karnataka have reacted sharply to the scale of operations of Christian missionaries. This has been dutifully reported by all newspapers and TV channels across India. Self-proclaimed ‘Secularists’ and Left parties have taken this opportunity to announce that India has met its doom in this backlash and have thereby supported the missionaries! It is certainly a pity that they do not care to recognise that the common man on the street clearly understands what the truth is. Sonia Gandhi’s sycophants, self-proclaimed intellectuals and secularists have gone to the extent of blaming pro-Hindu organisations, Seers and BJP governments for the situation and are helping Christian organisations bent on getting India censured at the international level by United Nations and other such organisations. The Congress Government at the centre controlled by Sonia Gandhi has initiated steps to dismiss the state governments in Orissa and Karnataka. The only thing hat has stopped them is perhaps the realisation that these governments may be reinstated by popular vote which will not serve their purpose. In order to be seen as taking action the Government at the Centre and Left parties, aided by the English media, are blaming Bajrang Dal for the riots. However, no one has bothered to investigate if Bajrang Dal is really involved in these riots and whether how many of these riots are being instigated in the name of Bajrang Dal. Have they concerned themselves with finding out if these riots could have been caused by the neighbours or communities of those who have converted due to the temptations and misinformation campaign induced by the missionaries?

Francois Gautier, a French Journalist residing in India has expressed concern over he conversions that are taking place in India with the tacit support of Sonia Gandhi. He says: “I am a Christian by birth and a Westerner by origin. I have studied mostly in Catholic schools. My Uncle Hugh Gautier, who was one of the noblest men I knew, was a priest in a beautiful church in Paris. My father, who was a famous artist in France, lived his entire life as a devout Catholic. They were regular visitors to the Church. Having come from this background, I get disturbed when I notice the extent to which Christianity is spreading across India under Sonia Gandhi’s rule. According to Census 2001, there are 23.4 Lac Christians in India, which amounts to about 2.5%, and that is fairly negligible. However, India today has Christian Chief Ministers in five states: Nagaland, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. Most politicians in Sonia Gandhi’s inner circle are either Christians or Muslims. It seems like she doe not trust Hindus. Ambika Soni, a Christian, is Congress’ General Secretary and a powerful member of Sonia’s coterie. Oscar Fernandes is a minister who implements Centre’s policies. Margaret Alva is entrusted with motivating Maharashtra Congress with fear. Congress in Karnataka is virtually A K Antony’s domain and Sonia’s secretaries belong to various Christian organisations in India. Walson Thampu, a known anti-Hindu, is the head of NCERT’s (National Council for Educational Research and Training) Educational Committee. Sonia Gandhi nominated a known Hindu-baiter, John Dayal, to her National Integration Committee. Another anti-Hindu, Kancha Elliah, has implicit approval of the Government to plead to UN & US Congress to look into matters related to caste discrimination in India. I have nothing personal against Sonia Gandhi. However, it is disconcerting to note that the number of conversions have increased exponentially since she has assumed the top-post in India. Approximately four thousand foreign Christian missionaries are actively converting people to Christianity in various states in India today. At the time of independence there were no Christians in Tripura; today, their numbers stand at 1.2 Lacs. Their numbers have risen by 90% since 1991. This is more pronounced in Arunachal Pradesh: it had 1770 Christians in 1921 as opposed to 12 Lacs today. Moreover, there are 780 churches there. A church is built almost every day in the remotest parts of Andhra Pradesh, apart from the plan to build a church at Tirupati. Mizo, Bodo and other such rebellions in the North-eastern states are actively fuelled by Christian missionaries. More than twenty thousand people have lost their lives in the last two decades due to these movements in Assam and Manipur. State-owned Indian Airlines deplaned Swami Avimuktananda for carrying a stick – a symbol of his renunciation. It was just a harmless piece of bamboo. This could only happen in a weak state like India where a foreigner like Sonia Gandhi has been allowed to rule.” (Francois Gautier: 09343538419/09442123255)

The Indian media, especially English TV channels and newspapers celebrated The Pope’s visit to India. The Indian Government accorded hospitality reserved for heads of states to The Pope, who is the religious head of Roman Catholics. The President, The Prime Minister and the cabinet queued up to pay obeisance to him. A few pro-Hindu organisations argued that he is a religious head and his sole mission to India was to encourage conversions and therefore he should neither be allowed to enter India nor be accorded official welcome. These opinions were dismissed as Hindu-fundamentalist diatribes by the self-proclaimed modernists and the English media. And what did the Pope do? He proclaimed with exaltation: “Just as we planted the cross in Europe in the first millennium and in the Americas and Africa in the second millennium, we shall harvest the crop of our faith in this powerful continent (Asia) in the third millennium”. He did not bother to hide his true intentions. However, the media and the self-proclaimed Secularists who branded Hindu groups as fundamentalists chose to maintain clever silence over this proclamation.

The following list details the present population (percentage) of Christians (in countries that had previously been untouched by Christianity) due to the wide-spread activity of Christian missionaries: Angola (90%), Burundi (78%), Cameroon (35%), Central African Republic (82%), Chad (33%), Congo (62%), East Timor (98%), Ethiopia (52%), Equatorial Guinea (94%), Gabon (79%), Kenya (25%), Liberia (68%), Mozambique (31%), Nigeria (52%), Papua New Guinea (97%), Philippines (84%), Rwanda (69%), South Africa (78%), South Korea (49%), Sudan (30%), Tanzania (20%), Togo (23%), Uganda (70%) and Zaire (90%).

The USA contributes USD 145 Billion every year to fund Christian Missionaries across the world. Churches across the world spend USD 1.1 Billion towards research aimed at achieving religious conversions. This is for propaganda material in 300 languages about 180 topics. Books and articles are printed in 500 languages. They total 175000. Every conversion costs USD 3300. It does not mean that this amount reaches the Convert. It is the expense incurred in activities related to administration, planning and implementation of the conversion programme. In 1500 A.D, there were 30 Lac active Christian Missionaries. Their number stands at 64.8 Crore today. 54% of these people are non-Whites. The strategy is to train non-Whites, provide them with funds and involve them in religious conversions. This is similar to the time when the British employed Indians as Soldiers to rule India!

What brand of spiritual enlightenment is this? This is an issue that Indians do not understand. That is perhaps because Indians relate spiritual enlightenment to things like living in a hermitage in a forest or in caves in mountains or perhaps in the freezing heights of Snowy Himalayas where people manage to look inward. One cannot preach others until one is enlightened. And what would one preach about? To look inward! To understand oneself! Religion is a form of this enlightenment. Preaching it is called jigyasa. However, this isn’t the essence or method of Christianity.

To understand Christianity, we need to learn the features of Semitic religions. They are also called Prophetic religions. It means that these religions were established by a prophet each. The roots lie in the Jewish religion established by Prophet Abraham. Christianity, established by Jesus Christ, is a modified form of Judaism. Later, Prophet Mohammed established Islam borrowing various tenets of Abraham’s Judaism. The message common to these religions is that ‘God is not directly accessible to Man. You are, fundamentally, Sinners. God is exceptionally terrible and cruel and punishes without qualms. You will have to believe me, your Messiah, and follow my preaching to obtain an opportunity to avoid burning in hell. If you do not pay heed, you are sure to end up in hell. You will have to place faith in this religion. You will have to convert others to this faith. You will have to spread this message and convert people wherever you go, even if it necessitates the use of force. That is Religion; that is the code.’ Prophet Mohammed taught methods of torturing, killing and enslaving those who did not believe in Islam. These teachings are an integral part of Quran and have been highlighted in several places in the text. Prophets are intolerant towards Gods of other religions. I have described this is my novel AvaraNa.

Jesus Christ was one such Prophet. However, it is believed that he taught love and tolerance of a different variety as compared to the one preached by Prophet Abraham. Some Researchers wonder if Christ ever existed; and if he did exist, was he the kind of person depicted in the New Testament of the Bible? This view has found support after the discovery of Dead Sea Scrolls. Saint Paul, the founder of the Christian Church was the one who gave Christianity its present form. In one aspect, the Bible does not differ from the Quran: both propagate the view that if you do not abide by the Holy Scripture, you are destined to be consigned to the flames of hell. Christians (erroneously) believed that Jews had crucified Jesus and subsequently went on to torture and convert them, and those who refused to convert were tortured to the extreme. That is perhaps why Jews have refrained from converting others. Further, Jews have always been victims of torture and still do endure harassment in several parts of the world. Pope Pius XII knew that Hitler was executing Jews in Gas chambers. Hitler executed 60 Lac Jews in all. Pope Pius XII was notoriously known as Hitler’s Pope since he maintained studied silence over Hitler’s activities. He could have advised Hitler and perhaps reduced the number of people murdered during Hitler’s rule. It is widely believed that the Pope saw this as a sort of vengeance towards the people who crucified Jesus Christ. Christians have not been able to provide a suitable explanation to Pope’s behaviour during Holocaust.

The notorious Goa Inquisition (257 years between 1560 and 1817; 230 pages) conducted by the Portuguese Clergymen documents the persecution of those who refused to convert. The inquisitions presided by Joseph Stalin were modelled on Christ’s Inquisition. The Goa Inquisition was conducted behind closed doors in a big house in Goa. The priests subjected such men, women and children to torture with the belief that those who do not believe in Jesus must be under the influence of the Devil and therefore must be brought to faith by punishment. The screams of the victims used to echo in the vicinity deep into the night when they were whipped, their limbs ripped, and their eyelids were torn and their bodies were violated in the presence of members of their family.

Diego de Bordeaux, a priest and Miguel Vaz, the ruler of the territory had drafted a 41 point plan to torture Hindus into conversion. Under this plan, the then Viceroy of Goa, Antonio de Noronha released a directive to the province of Goa in 1566 that ordered: ” I hereby order that under the rule of my Monarch, no new Hindu temple shall be allowed to be constructed or repaired, in this province. Permission has to be sought to repair existing temples and the violation of this order will result in the destruction of the temple in case and the material inside such temples shall be confiscated”.

Other examples of his ordinances: Hindus shall not play musical instruments in their wedding ceremonies. Relatives shall not be invited for engagement. People shall not receive auspicious returns in weddings. There was a blanket ban on following rituals related to weddings, funerals, wearing traditional attire, growing revered herbs like Tulsi and following rituals related to penance and fasting. On September 22, 1570, an ordinance was issued that gave Hindus who converted to Christianity relief from paying taxes for a period of 15 years. They were required to stop using their Hindu names and family names. The Goa Inquisition would fill up several pages. Readers may refer to A K Priolkar’s THE GOA INQUISITION (Voice of India. New Delhi). Pages 79-84 of his book provide a full account of the Hindu temples destroyed by Missionaries with details of the places these temples belonged to. The book also contains a reference section with accounts by Portuguese authors of those times who have recorded these details. There is no difference between the Christian Missionaries and Muslim Kings who tortured Hindus and destroyed Hindu temples in response to those who refused to convert. Millions of Hindus in Goa fled to neighbouring states like Karnataka, Maharashtra and Kerala due to the lack of religious freedom. They call themselves Konkani Hindus. Chief among them were the GSBs (Gaud Saraswat Brahmins) and Saraswats.

Renowned Historian K M Panicker states thus in the twelfth chapter (PORTUGUESE RELIGIOUS POLICY IN MALABAR) of his book MALABAR AND THE PORTUGUESE (Voice of India, New Delhi, 1997- Reprint): The Rulers of Malabar never interfered in the ways of life of the Syrian Christians. This has been recorded by the Portuguese themselves. However, at the first available opportunity the Indian Syrian Christians proclaimed their loyalty to the King of Portugal. They submitted their ancient manuscripts and religious artefacts to Vasco de Gama. They also committed themselves to his mission of annexing Indian states. They invited him to build a fortress in Granganoor to accomplish his mission. The Hindu Kings of Kerala ended up paying heavily for the patronage they afforded to Syrian Christians. The Portuguese Viceroy was eventually ordered to convert the Prince of Cochin.

Renaissance was a period in Europe that opened the minds of the elite to the existence of other faiths across the world. The advancement in art, science and technology brought in a modern outlook in people in various nations of Europe and they began to question the methods and practices adopted by the Roman Catholic Church. This awareness resulted in gradual decline in the approach the Roman Catholic Church took in the matter of religious conversions. This also reduced Church sponsored torture for conversion across the world. The Protestants questioned the dominance of the Roman Catholic Church. The awareness created by modern Physics, Biology and Sociology resulted in an eventual rejection of the rule of Roman Catholic Church. The Church turned the tables on them by portraying that these new ideas had foundations in the theories originally propounded by the Church. It began referring to them as ‘Christian Science’. It then propounded a theory that Science and Faith are separate and faith cannot and should not be measured by the yardstick of Science.

The British who ruled India established their own Church of England. They did not want to destabilise their rule by directly confronting the faiths followed by people in India. They, therefore, began dissociating with the Missionaries outwardly. However, the British Government and the missionaries shared the same goal at one level: to destroy the sense of nationalism in Indians and thereby kill the spirit of resistance against the British rule. Systematically, through Macaulay’s education policy and dogmas such as Aryan Invasion, biased interpretation of Indian history, misinterpretation of caste system, commentary on Indian socio-political structures, census policy, the segregation of Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists from Hindu mainstream, supporting Muslim separatist movements etc., they injected their own divisive thought systems into University education to evolve a new breed of Indian citizens modelled on the British thought. The Missionaries deployed all these along with a sustained smear campaign on Hindu deities to ease the process of conversions. The Government allowed the missionaries a free growth path by granting their requests to open schools, colleges and hospitals across India and also allowed the allopathic system of medicine to gain wide acceptability. People who converted to Christianity received special favours and gained reservations in jobs and promotions. Converted Christians were indoctrinated into the ways of life of the British to ensure their continued loyalty to the Church and the British rule. The Indians were amazed at the kind of Institutions the British developed and I have seen this in Indians I know (however, we are now building much bigger institutions) However, we must not forget that they used the colleges to provide medical skills to Christians and to ensure their progress. Let us look at the support the British Government extended to Christians in building such institutions: A young man I know was praising the British for their enterprising nature that led to the conversion of forests to coffee plantations. A retired Revenue Official explained to me: A recommendation used to go out to the King’s Government from the resident British Official at Bangalore that some specified people had to be granted land for coffee estates. The recommendation was nothing but an Order. This order would then be passed down to a Taluk Amaldar through the District Administrator. The Amaldar would then appoint a revenue inspector to accompany a horse-ridden White King (all Whites were referred to as ‘King’ then) who would then go to a mountain top and point out an area of land with the tip of his index finger and demand that that land was needed. The revenue inspector would then obediently measure the land and report to higher officials. Within a week, the British Citizen would get thousands of acres of forests. The man would then employ locals to cut trees which he would sell to raise money for his coffee plantation. The Imperial Bank would lend money to such people (interest free) until the coffee trees bore fruit and once the crop yielded the interest rate would be one percent. Wasn’t it then brave of British citizens to build hill-top bungalows overlooking their vast coffee plantations? Well, how could Indians summon such courage? It is said that the Planters Association at Sakaleshpur bore a sign that read: “Locals and Dogs not allowed”.

These three Prophetic Religions born out of the desert and the religions born in India have one fundamental difference. All these Prophets claimed that their word was the ultimate truth and that God’s word has been sent through them. They demanded absolute submission and the alternative they offered was hell. They also propounded that God’s word, as pronounced by them, ought to be spread across the world as a message using violence if needed. Prophetic religions are basically blind-faiths. Indian faiths that derive their roots from the Vedas state: ekam sat viprAh bahudha vadanti (There is only one truth- the learned men explain it in different ways). This free thought has found echo in several Indian religious channels. In Jain philosophy syadvAda (syat = possibility; existence) holds prime position. It delineates that there is nothing that can claim to be absolute truth – including what I say. There is every possibility that the exact opposite may be true or both could coexist. Jains identify the possibility of existence of up to seven truths at one time. This is an expression of the previously stated Vedic philosophy of One Truth. All Indian religious testaments agree on this basic philosophy. They encourage debate. This is perhaps what differentiates Indian religions that encourage exploration of truth from Prophetic Religions that command unflinching obedience to the Gospel. The Sages (Rishis) behind Vedas (texts outlining the basic tenets of what evolved to become the Hindu way of life) and Upanishads (texts containing the essence of Vedas) were not Prophets. Koenraad Elst, a Belgian Scholar on Religious Evaluation, states in his book Psychology of Prophetism: “Prophets talk a great deal about themselves. They ascribe special powers to themselves and state that they have a special connection with the Creator of the World. Sages, on the other hand, talk about Universal Truths and that these truths can be divined in a state of awareness which can be achieved through practice”. Koenraad Elst’s book is a must read for anyone who has a serious interest in the study of religions. The Buddha was not a Prophet but a Sage who indulged in the study of treatise belonging to the age of Upanishads. His insights are not contrary to the ones presented in the Upanishads. One might want to consult R D Ranade’s A Constructive Survey of the Upanishadic Philosophy (see the second section of the fourth volume. This has been translated to Kannada by R R Divakar, D R Bendre, and S B Joshi within two years of the printing of the original. I have a 2004 edition of the Kannada version printed by Gurudev Ranade Samadhi Trust, Nimbal, Bijapur). Vedic Religions, Jainism and Buddhism use the term Dharma (Way of Life) and not the term Religion, employed by Prophetic Religions.

The Vedic philosophy made our spiritual leaders silent bystanders when the prophetic religions annexed India. When the invading Rulers forced millions of men, women and children into submission, torture and conversion, our spiritual leaders saw it as an aberration in their behaviour and not as a flaw with the religion that advised conversion by force. There is a story concerning the then Seer of Shringeri Mutt Sri Chandrashekhara Bharati which is seen to depict the broad-mindedness of Hindus. When a European approached him and requested to be converted to a Hindu, the Swamiji is said to have replied, “You become a good Christian. You will then be seen as a Hindu, as well”. Did the Swamiji know that a ‘good’ Christian is expected to convert as many people as possible to Christianity? Or was he ensnared by the magnanimity of the Vedic Philosophy of One Truth? Or was he not able to tide over the mental block of accepting a person of another religion into the Hindu fold? These questions remain unanswered. When Muslims were forcing Hindus to convert, or when the Portuguese were conducting their inquisition in Goa and Malabar, or even when Christian priests were going around converting people in the guise of social service Hindu Leaders remained complacent instead of proactively analysing the underlying philosophy of these predatory religions. Sri Vidyaranya who was the source of inspiration and Guiding force behind the establishment of the Vijayanagara Empire was well-aware of the cultural and political milieu of his times. However, I have not come across any work of his that analyses the issues of his period. To my knowledge, Swami Dayananda Saraswati and Swami Vivekananda were the only Spiritual Leaders who directly approached the task of analysis of predatory religions from the perspective of philosophical and spiritual assessment. The lack of awareness of predatory religions among the Hindu spiritual Leaders of the past and present times is prevalent among most educated Hindus. This predatory philosophy is the driving force behind suicidal Jehadis and missionaries who travel far and wide into the Indian hinterland to convert people.

It is natural to evaluate the utility of religion in rendering service to the community in context of economic progress of the state. In the west the concept of Welfare State brought in a social security net that included education, healthcare services, employment guarantee, unemployment support, care for the elderly etc. This brought in the awareness that the Government can protect the interests of citizens and religion, therefore, is not necessary to ensure service. A few decades ago, Indians used to look at the Christian Church and admire the services it extended to the community. Today, many Hindu Institutions have started serving people in the same manner. However, at the philosophical level, is community service the primary duty of religious institutions? It is gratifying to see Hindu Institutions doing community service in the context of failure of corrupt Governments and Politicians to do so. However, to what extent are these religious institutions fountains of spiritual knowledge? Are our religious institutions today equipped to meet the spiritual needs of people, beyond Social needs such as food, clothing, shelter, education and healthcare? If we are to believe that spirituality is the source of our moral enlightenment, then spirituality must not be measured on the scale of community service.

In 1975, I had represented India in a one-month conference on Moral Education organised by UNESCO in Tokyo. We visited a few schools in Japan to understand how Moral Education is imparted. One of them was a Christian Missionary School. After a discussion, I asked the Principal, “How is your School different compared to other schools in this country?”
“A very good question,” he said, “about thirty of our students have converted to Christianity after coming of age”.

To him, morals meant conversion to Christianity. A non-Christian, therefore, is immoral. A Muslim Leader has said this about Mahatma Gandhi: “He may be a Mahatma, but he is worse than a sinful Muslim because he is not a Muslim”. Such bigots are not sensitive to the fact that morals are not affiliated to religion and that religious conversions must not take place through violence, coercion, torture, temptation or misinformation.

I have a question about Mother Teresa, who has great standing in international media and is today on the verge of Sainthood: Did she allow desolate Children who were sheltered by Missionaries of Charity to follow their religions? I had been to her institutions after her death. All children there have been converted to Christianity. Is this not a ploy for religious conversion? The Vatican Church funded such institutions and ensured that their work was glorified in Western media which was promptly echoed by Indian media without question. It is a pre-requisite for a person to have performed miracles during her/his lifetime to be considered for Sainthood. Nuns at Missionaries of Charity at Calcutta gave statements that they have witnessed Mother Teresa performing miracles. Intellectuals in India observed studied silence to such pronouncements when in the past they had vociferously questioned Sai Baba’s claims of miracles.

Now, I wish to narrate what I have witnessed in a few small villages about six decades ago. Village folk used to come out to see Siddaganga Swamiji (who used to go out in a bullock cart for alms) when they heard drums being beaten. Shivakumar Swamiji who is a centenarian now was about forty years old then. Village folk used to collect grains and vegetables from all houses and send them to Siddaganga which was about forty miles away, in their own bullock cart. Swamiji never used to ask for rations. He used to tell people: “Please send poor children from your villages to our institutions. We will provide for them and educate them. Education is very important”. The number of children then was limited. Over a period of time, it has grown to about eight thousand. Swamiji followed the path of renunciation and through the process of seeking alms, increased the number of people benefitting from Dasoha by visiting three to four villages every day. He offered shelter to children of all faiths. I have seen even Muslim children there who were not wearing lingas (a sign of conversion to Lingayat caste of Hinduism). Their belief is that religion is a matter of personal preference; our job is to provide them value-based education. He got his dues only recently by the Kannada media when he turned a centenarian. He never got the publicity that Mother Teresa got. It is certainly not a matter of dissonance too that he did not get wide-spread press. It is one of the five principles of renunciation to offer the credit of all good deeds to God. Stating that one has achieved something fuels egotism. Such people cannot reach higher levels of Yogic attainment. Malladihalli Raghavendra Swamiji, Baba Amte, Dr. Sudarshan of BiligiriRanga Hills and several others have dedicated their lives to selfless service. However, none of them have received the press received by Mother Teresa despite rendering greater service since they were not serving Jesus!

A lot of people live by the philosophy that they will be true Christians only when they convert at least a few people to their faith. This motivates thousands of people to spend their time in converting people to Christianity in remote corners of India. They receive training, support, funds, guidance and of course political backup (in case of adversity) from foreign missionaries. Hindus know only losing people to conversion and not gaining people. The Judiciary has interpreted a law related to religious conversion. However, who will implement it? When Hindus hand over people attempting to convert others to Police Custody, they are branded as fundamentalists by the media. Police does not take action. People who violate the law do not get punished. People who attempt to stem conversions are targeted by Christian institutions, political parties, self-proclaimed intellectuals and sundry entities of all hues. The Government arrests them on the pretext that they were spreading communal disharmony. Congress is used to sacrificing the interests of Hindus and defending such acts from the time of Nehru. Mahatma Gandhi had lost control over Congress before independence. Nehru’s viewpoints were always contrary to the Mahatma’s. Today, Congress is being controlled by a lady from the country that hosts Vatican City. It is essential for money-minded Congressmen to toe her line if they wish to stay in Congress. They then do not summon courage to criticise her policy of sponsoring conversions. Non-Congress Politicians like Devegowda, Mulayam Singh, Lalu Prasad Yadav and others have an eye on the lower-caste vote bank and choose to dissociate themselves from the BJP which has been branded as a pro-Hindu party. Communists swear by anti-Hindu principle. Today’s intellectuals are products of Macaulay’s education system. Most of our politicians are hypocrites who spend their mornings performing rituals in Hindu temples and publicly proclaim that they visit Masjids to pray to be born as a Muslim in their next life! Such politicians sit before statues of Gandhi fasting till noon to oppose people who resist conversions. Dalit Intellectuals oppose the suggestion to ban conversions. They fear that they will lose the trump card of threatening to convert to Christianity or Islam. The Church is attempting to provide reservations to Dalits who convert to Christianity thus eradicating the barrier for Dalits to convert; this is again opposed by Dalit intellectuals. They do not want to share the Dalit quota with Dalits who convert to Christianity. Y Samuel Rajashekhara Reddy, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, is implementing a strategic plan to first provide reservations to Muslims and then extending it to Dalit-Christians. Dalit intellectuals who encourage the Dalit community to convert to Buddhism choose to place themselves under the Dalit category in official records. They also advise Hindu spiritual leaders who oppose conversion to mind their own business. Are Hindu spiritual Leaders meant only to bless self-serving politicians who fall at their feet in full public view during elections?

In such circumstances, when a few people oppose mass conversions, the pro-conversion lobby makes a big issue of it. Christian institutions appeal to Christian-dominated international media to stop the ‘doomsday’ in India! France has prohibited children from wearing religious symbols- especially Muslim and Sikh headgear- to bring in a sense of French nationalism. The Indian Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh had planned to submit an appeal on behalf of the Sikh Community (to allow Sikh boys to wear religious headgear) to French President Sarkozy. However, he ended up assuring them that he will take immediate action on the riots in Karnataka and Orissa on his return without bothering to explain the situation. He is now attempting to place these state governments under President’s (read Congress’) rule on the pretext of the anti-conversion riots in these states.

Some people may go underground to protect themselves from the backlash they experience when they try to oppose conversion which should actually be stopped by a democratically elected government. Who will be responsible for their acts if they choose underhanded means to oppose conversion in future? Do we not have people who feel that they should react to the situation since the Government and political parties have shown lack of will and capacity in countering Islamic Terrorism? The US has not faced another act of terrorism since September 2001. People die every single day in some part of our country due to acts of terrorism. It is foolish to expect power-hungry politicians will stop this. Terrorists plan to usurp power by continuously committing acts of terror all over the country. Lenin, Mao Tse Tung, Prachanda, Naxals have all employed this technique. Wouldn’t Hindu people be tempted to tread this path? Would we be able to stop them through public criticism of such acts when this happens?

Politicians, Media and self-proclaimed intellectuals who base their power-play on religion will have to reflect on this question today with sincerity and responsibility.

Francois Gautier ends his article with these words: “Are we moving towards a Christian India under the stewardship of Sonia Gandhi? If yes, then it is a great loss not just for India but for the whole world because spirituality in its truest form is alive only in India today”.

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