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Beheaded jawans cremated in a hurry

Beheaded jawans cremated in a hurry
August 07, 2011 1:22:34 AM

Srinagar/Dehradun/ Haldwani

Reporters: Khursheed Wani/Sunil Kumar/ Rajendra Markuna

Militants didn’t mutilate, says Army; doesn’t let families see bodies

Two badly mutilated bodies of soldiers have raised passion in the rank and file of the Army against heavily-armed infiltrators who have increased frequency of attempts to sneak into the Kashmir valley to perpetuate acts of violence.

The Army says that the bodies were mutilated in a fierce gunfight in Farkian Gali sector of Kupwara on July 30. But some reports claim that the infiltrators caught hold of the soldiers of the Kumaon Regiment, beheaded them and took away their heads as war trophies before badly mutilating the bodies. The infiltrator group hasn’t been identified so far, sources maintained.

The family members of Hawaldar Jaipal Singh Adhikari and Lance Naik Devender Singh, whose headless bodies were sent to their native places, were not allowed to see the mutilated bodies.

Though Jaipal Singh Adhikari’s family members were inconsolable when his completely wrapped body was brought here by the Army, none knew that there was more to the version handed out to them — that Adhikari was killed in a grenade blast.

With the information of militants having beheaded two Army jawans in Kupwara region, where Adhikari was posted, trickling in, questions are being asked if Adhikari was one of them. Thirty six-year-old Adhikari was a native of Asgola village, Dwarahat in Almora. He joined the Army in 1994. Jaipal’s family including his wife Beena and two children had recently shifted to Himmatpur, Talla, Haldwani. He was about to join his family in August.

Pushpesh Tripathi, MLA from Dwarahat, who was present during the cremation, told The Pioneer that the ‘body’ which was brought in the casket did not even have limbs.

“Army authorities told the martyr’s father about the unfortunate death and took his permission for token cremation, which was done with full State honours,” said Tripathi.

The defence spokesman claimed that four infiltrators were also shot down while they tried to escape into Pakistan, their bodies were spotted on the other side of LoC but they could not be retrieved by the Army.

“The entire group of infiltrators has been pushed back and their bid foiled,” the spokesman claimed. However, sources said the infiltrators had enough time to catch hold of the soldiers and mutilate their bodies.

Defence spokesman Lt Col Jagmohan Singh Brar conceded that the bodies were badly mutilated but denied the claim that they were beheaded and heads taken away as war trophies by the militants.

“There was a fierce gun-battle at the LoC in which two soldiers died on the spot while another critically injured soldier, who was evacuated to 92 Base Hospital, succumbed later,” he said. “When a soldier receives a full burst of fire from an automatic weapon, everyone knows what happens to the body,” he said, explaining the gory state of the bodies.

Brar said that the frequency of infiltration bids had increased during past two weeks as infiltrators were making efforts to enter the Valley before the onset of winter season. Defence sources said July and August are the choicest months for infiltrators to redouble their efforts to infiltrate as the mountain passes have least or zero accumulation of snow.

Army says that it is fully geared up to face the challenge of infiltration. Earlier this week, Army Chief Gen VK Singh along-with Northern Commander Lt Gen Parnaik and Chinar Corps Commander Lt Gen Syed Atta Hasnain visited forward posts to check preparedness to block the ingress of heavily-armed militants.

Sources said the Army has launched a massive combing operation along the Line of Control in the twin border districts of Kupwara and Baramulla following reports of fresh infiltration bids by militants in smaller groups. Sources said around 50 infiltrators sneaked in during past two weeks and the Army is trying to engage and eliminate them in areas closer to the LoC.

The latest two infiltration bids were made on August 5 but the Army foiled them at the cost of death of a jawan in Kupwara. During the two weeks, amid enhanced frequency of infiltration attempts, four infiltrators and five soldiers including a junior officer were killed.

Relatives and other locals joined the Adhikari family in mourning the death of the Uttarakhand native as did military personnel, representatives from the local administrative and social activists.

Bruised martyrdom

Some reports claim that infiltrators caught hold of two soldiers of the Kumaon Regiment, beheaded them and took away their heads as war trophies before badly mutilating the bodies.

Army says the bodies were mutilated in a fierce gunfight in Farkian Gali sector of Kupwara on July 30.

Defence spokesman claims that four infiltrators were also shot down while they tried to escape into Pakistan; their bodies were spotted on the other side of the LoC but they could not be retrieved by the Army.

Dwarahat MLA Pushpesh Tripathi, who was present during the cremation, told The Pioneer that the ‘body’ which was brought in the casket did not even have limbs.

The truth and the reality about the kashmir

The country today needs to know the truth and the reality about the kashmir. And the reality is :

– That Kashmir is an integral part has never been an issue. Even
the separate constitution that the state of Jammu & Kashmir has by virtue of Art. 370, unequivocally state under section (3), “*The State of Jammu and Kashmir is and shall be an integral part of the Union of India.”*

– Also, in an unanimous resolution on J& K adopted by both the
Houses in 1994, the Parliament affirmed: “*The state of Jammu and Kashmir has been, is and shall be an integral part of India and any attempts to separate it from the rest of the country will be resisted by all necessary means”*. It goes on to state : “Pakistan must vacate the area of the Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir, which they have occupied by aggression”.

– That despite Parliament’s resolution, we have done nothing to assert
this right. Even when there has been widespread unrest in Gilgit-Baltistan in POK, we did not even express sympathy for the agitators who are legally Indian citizens. We let the Srinagar-Muzaffrabad road open but not Kargil-Skardu road.

– That the Kashmir conundrum could have been resolved easily at the
time of Independence and many times in later years.

– That on 14 November 1947 when the enemy was in full flight, the Army
had reached Uri but was stopped from advancing to Muzaffrabad and diverted to Poonch by the then government.

– That when we launched our offensive on 22 May 1948 and by 1 June
1948, we liberated Tithwal, we were tantalizingly close to Muzaffrabad. The operation was again called off. Similarly, in December 1948 after our resounding success in Ladakh and Poonch, we were well poised to liberate Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, but we agreed to a Cease Fire.

– That after the 1965 war, we handed over the strategic Hajipir Pass,
won at great cost, on a platter to Pakistan at Tashkent. And again in 1972, we were outwitted at Shimla when we surrendered our gains [90,000 POWs] without settling the Kashmir issue. The war won by our great soldiers was decisively lost by the then government on the negotiation table.

– That article 370 had its basis in Muslim majority in state of J&K is
a complete lie. It was only an interim arrangement enacted in view of Pakistanis aggression and the UN dimension which was brought upon due to follies committed by the then PM, Nehru.

– That Nehru himself promised its gradual erosion.

– That the nationalist Muslims considered it as an act of
discrimination. Maulana Hasrat Mohani asked for the abrogation of article 370 as it isolated the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Justice M. C. Chhagla demanded its abrogation way back in 1964. But 46 yrs on, it’s still there.

– That the majority of Kashmiris toe the separatists’ line is also a
hogwash. Not many know that the Kashmiri Muslims amongst whom the separatist sentiment and mob violence is largely confined, are in a minority. The non-Kashmiri Muslims like Gujjars, bakharwals and Kargil shias alongwith Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists together constitute 60% of the state’s population.

– That an opinion poll conducted in 2002 under the patronage of Lord
Avebury, a known British protagonist of Pakistan, found that only 6% Kashmiris wanted to join Pakistan. 61% wanted to remain with India.

– That, more recently, in May 2010, Kings college of London University
carried out a similar survey in Kashmir, at the instance of the Saif al Islam, the son of the Col Gaddafi of Libya. The survey results were startling. It was found that only 2% of the people of Kashmir wanted to join Pakistan !!

– That separatist leader Gilani has demanded the release of Parliament
attack convict Afzal Guru, who is perpetually awaiting a death penalty. *Can there be a better proof than this of him being a Pakistani agent ?*

– That the stone-pelters in Kashmir were paid goons. Its officially
established now that the goons were paid Rs 400 to pelt stones and to perpetrate mob violence.

– That there exists a nexus between state govt officials, Hurriyat,
HuM and stone pelters. Gilani and his agents in state government collected money from fruit sellers in Sopore to pay the goons every Friday. This has been confirmed by the Imam of Jama masjid in Sopore, Abdul Latif Lone.

– That the separatists have adopted an alternative strategy. In the
face of declining efficacy of terror and its global unacceptability, they have decided to resort to mob violence rather than indulge in stray acts of terror.

– That from young school children to women and elders – all are being
incited to throw stones at security forces and governmental buildings in order to provoke the security forces so that they are forced to resort to defensive action.

– That in the name of freedom of the Press, we allow the Valley Press
and the so-called secular, progressive media to constantly carry out anti-India false propaganda. The law on sedition does not seem to apply to them.

– That the govt of India pumps in thousands of crores rupees as an aid
to state government without assigning much responsibility. A good chunk of this money goes to buy the peace with trouble makers [read separatists]. The government spends money in the garb of govt jobs that need no office presence, construction contracts to build bridges to nowhere and to provide z plus security to separatists leaders. From the big trouble makers, the money goes down to finance mob violence and stone-pelting.

– That Indian citizens from other states can not buy land or property
in J & K while most of J&K businessmen and leaders including Omar Abdullah, own prime properties in Delhi, Bangalore and elsewhere.

– That the children of almost all of these leaders live outside
Kashmir and get modern education, travel the globe and live well. The jihadi life-style has been reserved only for the youth and the common men of Kashmir.

– That the propaganda against the security forces under the garb of
human rights’ violation is also untrue. The truth is that right from 1947, when Pakistan first attacked J&K, it is the Armed Forces which have had to make the maximum sacrifices to protect this inalienable part of Indian territory.

– That today, our brave soldiers are being unabashedly demonized. The
picture below tells whose human rights are being violated : [image: kashmir]

– That the biggest human rights violation in history has been that of
Kashmiri pundits. Descendents of Hindu priests with a recorded history of over 5,000 years, these original inhabitants of the Kashmir Valley were forcefully and brutally driven out of their homes. Nearly half-a- million pundits – 99% of their population in the valley had to leave their homes and property under one of history’s worse ethnic cleansing.

– That majority of these people – called migrants in their own country
– still live in squalid camps with spiralling health and economic problems.
Approximately 2,25,000 Pandits live in abysmal conditions in Jammu alone with families of five to six people often huddled into a small room. More than 5000 persons have died in these camps so far.

– That nearly 95% houses belonging to Pundits were looted. 20,000
houses were burnt, 14,430 factories were looted/ burnt/ occupied and hundreds of schools and temples were destroyed. Leading International Human Rights Organisations like Amnesty International, Asia Watch and others have yet to take proper cognizance of the genocide perpetrated on Kashmiri Pandits.

Gradual extinction of a civilised community with an ancient culture is yet to shake the conscience of the world. For our so-called secular media/human rights organisations, this barbaric ethnic cleansing does not fall under the purview of human rights violations. The so-called cultural celebrities have time to spend in Maoist terrorists camps but they have yet to visit the camps inhabited by Kashmiri Pundits and see their plight !

Its time the youth and the people of this country understood these realities and acted before it’s too late. We must not succumb to the acceptance of separatists’ demands and we must call their bluff.

In 1953, the national tricolour was hoisted for the first time after Dr *Syama Prasad Mookerji*, entered Kashmir defying the permit system and launched the slogan – *Ek desh mein Do vidhan, do pradhan, do nishan – nahin chalenge, nahin chalenge. *(We cannot have two constitutions, two presidents, two flags, in a single country).

Dr. Mookerji’s martyrdom in Kashmir led to achievement of two of the three goals identified in this slogan. But the third one – separate constitution under article 370 has remained till date.

*Anupam Trivedi*,
Communication Cell, BJP

Rights for Terrorists Only?

Rights for Terrorists Only?

Joginder Singh

When I opened a newspaper recently, I saw the picture of a security personnel lying on the ground and half-a-dozen young hooligans beating him with sticks in Srinagar. Nobody was trying to stop such elements from desisting from thrashing the helpless policeman.

I was reminded of my tenure as Inspector General of Police in Srinagar during the worst period of 1988 when terrorist elements had kidnapped the daughter of the then Union Home Minister. The government in a gesture of abject surrender released the Pakistan-trained terrorists to secure her release.

Miserable repeated capitulation in the name of appeasement and so-called peace negotiations has emboldened terrorists, masquerading as separatists, and led to a skewed polity where there is nothing more left to yield.

The Central government has been hoping against hope and common sense that yield, yield and yield will lead to some positive results. Look at the sample of pacification, where even the parents of killed terrorists in open encounters are given a grant of Rs 10 lakh as a kind of rehabilitation money. More is being done for terrorists from the Kashmir Valley than for 3 lakh Hindus and Sikhs who were forced to leave as a part of well-thought-out ethnic cleansing.

A situation has been reached where any use of force in self-defence by the security forces is not only frowned at, but openly criticised by the State government that Central forces have gone out of control. The hot bed of terrorism are certain areas where even if a terrorist is killed, their supporters rise up in retaliation.

Every Citizen of India has a right to private defence, to defend himself or his body, except it appears the security forces!

Whether it is the media or the government, they find the security forces as villains of the piece who are responsible for all ills in Jammu and Kashmir. It is the publicity to terrorists which encourages them to make anti-India statements, with which they can get away. Margret Thatcher, the iron lady of the UK, once had rightly said that the publicity is the oxygen of terrorism. It is the publicity which gives terrorists a larger-than-life image.

The result of all this is reflected in the form of political parties vying with each other to outdo in supporting them. It is very true that the first, second and third priority of all politicians is to win, win and win, whatever be the means, and garner the support of even the devil.

The common citizen, who wants to lead a peaceful life, is unnecessarily dragged into the vicious circle of love and hate relationships. He cannot defy terrorists, as even the local government is playing double in appeasing them. So he feels that it is no use looking up to the government for protection, as its own leaders are living under the shadow of guns.

Nowhere in the world terrorism has been smashed with sweet talks and by dismal surrender. No security force has any grudge against any Kashmiri. They are following the orders of the government of the day.

If you throw stones, or attack security forces, you must expect retaliation with double the might. Terrorist leaders, whom some call separatists, have been given government security, which is the worst form of submission. Any excuse is good enough for terrorists to kick up a shindy, like giving place for temporary structures to the Hindu pilgrims going to the Amarnath shrine or the visit of the Prime Minister to the valley or killing of terrorists and intruders by security forces.

The worst sufferer in this matter is the ordinary Kashmiri, as nobody would like to invest in any place where bandhs and riots take place at the drop of a hat. Tourists also think twice before visiting any such place. It suits the terrorists to keep Kashmir in a disturbed state, as otherwise full-time pro-Pakistani politicians would lose their importance.

The way small-time politicians are going about, is wrecking the economy of the State. No amount of financial assistance is going to improve the situation. Despite the Prime Minister’s repeated visits and peace talks offers to sort out the problem, if any, there have been no takers of it.

The terrorists have got away with the genocide of Hindus and Sikhs from the Muslim-majority valley, with the Government of India being a mute spectator. If anybody from Kashmir is not happy to be in India, including the terrorists hiding as separatists and communalists, it is time for them to quietly migrate to Pakistan or any other country in the world.

It is for the Government of India to accept the reality. In the name of democracy, such elements should not be allowed to get away with murder. Responsibility walks hand in hand with capacity and power, which in the present case does not appear to have been exercised.

(The writer was Director, CBI) (ADNI)

Amarnath, jammu and Hindus

Its a good video on Jammu’s protests on Amarnath issue. Very inspiring.

Son of Devaki,flstry-1.cms

Tarun vijay writes a good article on Amarnath. Its very good as usual. Here is the statistics he has given, which is part of the article.

Sr. no                                         Jammu region                                  Kashmir valley region
1  Area                                          26293 sq kms                                 15948 sq kms
2  Total revenue generated                       75 %                                             20%
3   Total Voters                                    3059986                                       2883950
4 Assembly seats allotted                         37                                                 46
5 Voters per seat-                                  66521                                        49728
6 Area per assembly seat                       710.6 sq kms                              346.6 sq. kms.
7 Loksabha seats                                             2                                        3
8 Cabinet ministers(till 7th July,08)                 5                                     14
9 Districts                                                        10                                       10
10 Area per district                                       2629 sq. kms                   1594 sq. kms
11 Unemployment status                                        69.70 %                       29.30%
12 Representation in state govt. jobs                    1.2 lakhs                       3lakhs
13 Percentage of employees from local area        less than 25%                            99%
14 Power generation                        22 Mega Watt                                      304 Mega Watt
15 Annual tourist traffic                  80 lakhs plus                                      Less than 4 lakhs
16 Expenditure of revenue on tourism sector less than 10%                                  Plus 85%
17 Rural electrification                           less than 70%                                          100%

Amarnath – what’s happening

Jammu & Kashmir is burning. Why? Is it so simple that the land is not given to the Amarnath Shrine Board? It’s not so simple, like Godhra is not the only reason for Gujarat violence. Decades of silence on muslim domination on Hindus of Jammu and Kashmir has broken now.

Here is a presentation which talks about what is Amarnath issue?