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Leh the capital of Ladakh was devastated by two cloud bursts followed by the unprecedented rains. Ladakhthe second largest district after Kutch in Gujrat in terms of area is also known as land of high passes or broken moon. Surrounded by Kunlun mountain range in the North, Himalayas in the South, it is the sparsely populated regions of the J&K State. Renowned for its remote mountain beauty and culture Ladakh has Tibet to the East, Lahul Spiti to its South, Jammu,Kashmir to its West and Kunlun region to its North. Leh also has the distinction of being one of the few remaining abodes of the Budhism in South .Himalayas create a rain shadow denying entry to monsoon clouds. The average rainfall being 90mm. It is with such geographic conditions that houses in Leh and other parts of Ladakh are mostly constructed of mud and mud bricks, which also helps them to maintain heat during the extreme winter months.
Destiny, however, had different designs when on Thursday night there were two cloud bursts in Choglamsar area of Leh which were followed by flash floods resulting into considerable portion of the old Leh town and to the new settlements in Choglamsar area. All this occurred in the dead of night when the people of Ladakh unmindful of the designs of the nature were lost in the world of dreams and were woken up by the roaring sound of the gushing water and cries of their helpless brethren. No one was aware as to what had happened and no one got the time to completely come out of their sleep and act for their safety in absolute darkness. Infact no one can act under such circumstances and before anybody could realise what catastrophe had befallen them they had been washed away or buried under tons of debris.
According to the latest conservative estimates 132 bodies have been recovered so far, more than 600 are missing besides the injured whose number is around 500. The link roads to Leh from Kulu Manali as also National High Way 1D connecting Ladakh to rest of the State and country have been blocked. The Choglamsar was reportedly inhabited by around 150 houses but the cloudbursts and the flash floods have devasted it completely and there is no trace of any inhabitation. This perhaps is the impact of global warming.
The devastation of this magnitude needs restoration on all fronts. On psychological front expression of sympathy and nearness with those who lost their near and dear ones, who lost their belongings etc.,on economic front immediate mitigation of the problems of those who survived the calamity but who lost every bit of their saved and secured future. No help, howsoever, of what-so-ever measure it may be can restore the original peace and tranquillity. The task is gigantic and beyond the competence of one agency or one organisation. The affected people need beddings, clothing, utensils, stores and many items of day to day need. Above all they need a roof over their heads to protect them from the ensuing harsh winter which when comes stays on and on.
On an average a Family requires at least 4 quilts 4 blankets and equal number of mattresses 4 pillows a big darri. All this material suitable for high altitude places like Leh where the temperature goes below zero degree Celsius during winter months which start from October latest by early November. The approximate cost of these items works out to Rs 6500 per family of four members.
In clothing sweaters, warm shirts, inners, jeans/warm trousers, jackets are required. The average cost works out to around Rs.8000.
As regards utensils the minimum requirements are one pressure cooker of atleast 5 Lts capacity, 6 plates for lunch/dinner, 6 glasses, 6 katori 2 patila with lids2 buckets per family. The approximate cost works out to around Rs.2000.
The cost of constructing dwelling units comprising 2 rooms (one room 12*12 and the other one 12*15including kitchen) in mud with tin roof will cost approximately Rs. 2-2.25 lac without labour component for which we intend to involve the beneficiary. The estimates are only tentative and may vary depending upon the requirements of the site. Similarly the requirement is based on an assumption of 4 member family the factual position can be assessed only after the connectivity is restored. In the meantime the Sewa Bharti J&K through its unit in Leh in cooperation with Ladakh Singhay Chospa has already established a relief operation camp in Leh and is looking after the needs of the beneficiaries.
As already stated the task is gigantic in nature and surmountable only when we move together in the specified direction with a cause for our brethren who suffered the nature’s fury for no fault of theirs. Their plight needs to be visualised and their pain felt in our own hearts. Let us then dedicate ourselves for this noble cause and contribute our might in whatever way it suits us. Donations for the cause can be made on-line in A/c no.1948000101057923 Punjab National Bank for.

Seva Bharati adopts 15 flood-affected villages of North Karnataka to build 2371 houses

Seva Bharati adopts 15 flood-affected villages of North Karnataka to build 2371 houses

By R Guru Prasad
Seva Bharati has identified 11 taluks in 15 villages spread across 6 districts to construct a total of 2371 houses. An MoU, signed between Seva Bharati, Karnataka, and Government of Karnataka regarding construction of houses, indicates that at least 2371 families will be able to live peacefully.
Seva Bharati, the service wing of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, is doing a remarkable job by providing houses to North Karnataka people who lost their dwellings in the recent floods. Seva Bharati has identified 11 taluks in 15 villages spread across 6 districts to construct a total of 2,371 houses. An MoU, signed between Seva Bharati, Karnataka, and Government of Karnataka regarding construction of houses, indicates that at least 2371 families will be able to live peacefully.

Dr HV Parswanath, Secretary, revenue department (disaster management), Government of Karnataka, exchanged copies of MoU in the presence of Chief Minister of Karnataka BS Yeddyurappa.

Seva Bharati has formed a core team and various committees comprising experienced civil engineers, construction material suppliers, labour contractors, chartered accountants, financial institutions and dedicated volunteers to implement the project for the flood victims. To make the mission successful, key members of the committees are meeting on every alternate days to chalk out a programme to start construction work which will start after government provides water facility and establishes roads on the proposed site. Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa, Shri MC Jayadev, member of the RSS, Shri N Dinesh Hegde, co-ordinator of Seva Bharati, Karnataka, Santhosh, general secretary (organising) of state BJP, BN Vijayakumar, MLA, Dr Ashwath Narayan, MLA, are working round the clock to effectively implement the project at the earliest. Traders, corporate houses, media houses, government employees, government and private associations, trade unions and general public are voluntarily supporting the cause by generous donation. It can be recalled here that Seva Bharati collected 40 truck loads of essential materials like blankets, sarees, food packets, utensils etc, and distributed the same in flood-hit areas of North Karnataka, soon after the flood havoc.

Villages Ukumanal (180 houses), Ramanahalli (190 houses) in Bijapur district, village Kadwad (40 houses) in Karwar district, village Gowdura (165 houses) in Gulbarga district, villages Aprala and Kolur (52 and 101 houses respectively) in Raichur district, villages Kotnalli (199 houses) Sabbala Hunasi (77 houses), Papatanal (67 houses), Suralikalla (226 houses), Inambudihal (92 houses), Ingalagi (158 houses), Alur SP (209 houses), Khairavadagi (140 houses) in Bagalkote district and village Holeaura (473 houses) in Gadag district are the six districts which will be adopted by Seva Bharati to help the flood-affected families in North Karnataka.

The number of projects run by the Seva Bharati is more than 45,000. It is reported to have 13,786 projects in education, 10,908 in health care, 17,560 in social welfare and 7,452 self-reliance projects. These projects, serving the economically weaker and socially neglected sections of the society range from medical assistance, crèche, library, hostel, basic education, adult education, vocational to industrial training, uplift of street children.

Seva bharati Flood relief video

Urgent Appeal to support Flood-hit victims

Urgent Appeal to support Flood-hit victims
We have seen the extent of damage on TV and read it in newspapers. Now, it’s time for us to do something. Here is an appeal from ‘Youth for Seva’ to provide support to the victims in all possible ways. Already 4 full-time volunteers from YFS are working at the relief camps at Bagalkote and Raichur. We are working in partnership with ‘Seva Bharati’ which is running relief centers in Bagalkote, Raichur, Belgaum and Gadag areas serving over 30,000 people.

Families are being provided with basic necessities like blankets, bed sheets, utensils and ration for few days. It costs only Rs.1000/- to support one family. In the long term, we plan to take up rebuilding of homes in villages in collaboration with Seva Bharati.

To manage funds exclusively for this cause, our parent organization (Hindu Seva Pratishthana) has opened a bank account in the name of “H.S.P.Natural Calamities Relief Fund”

Please write cheques in the name of “H.S.P.Natural Calamities Relief Fund” and send it to our office at:
“Ajitashree”, 8/28 Bull Temple Road
Basavanagudi, Bangalore 56004

To do online transfers, the account details are below. After the transfer, please send an email to with your complete address to send the receipts.
“H.S.P.Natural Calamities Relief Fund”
A/c# 64050593389
State Bank of Mysore
Shankarapuram Branch.

Note: All your contributions are eligible for tax exemption under 80G.

For further information, you may contact Ashok 9341980237 or Vikshut 9945429131.
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