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Thailand Government released new Postage Stamps on Hindu Deities.

Thailand Government released new Postage Stamps on Hindu Deities.
Posted by hinduexistence on December 17, 2009
Hindu Dharma greatly admired by Thai Government.
Government of Thailand released remarkable new edition of stamps depicting the Hindu Deities, which will definitely delight the hearts of Hindu’s in Asia and other parts of the world. Thailand has a remarkable affinity to the Hindu Religion and Thai People are obviously proud of their Indian (Hindu) connection with the rich and colourful Thai culture and tradition.

The newly published stamps and the first day covers are embossed and printed with four(4) idol images of Hindu gods, namely Lord Ganesha,Lord Brahma, Lord Narayana(Phra Narai) and Lord Shiva(Phra Issuan) has indeed created a wonderful feelings and has brought great honor to the minds of the Hindu fraternity in Thailand and every parts in this globe. The inclusion of Aum sign and the Trimurthi ( Brhama, Vishnu and Mahesh) in the first day cover enhanced the significance of Hindu Dharma into the mind of every Hindu admirers without any doubt.
Hindu Existence Group conveys its warm greetings to the Thai Government and every Thai People for this noble cause.

Samudramathana in Thailand Airport – Is it possible in Bharat ?

In Bangkok, Thailand, there is new international airport called Suvarn-bhoomi. Very interesting to know that country surrounded by other major religion has such a huge display from the scripture of Devi Bhagavat and Vishnu Puran.
As is well known – majority of the population in Malaysia , Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia etc., etc., are not Hindus – but they have the culture of respecting their forefathers who were Hindus – and also the Hindu Sanatan Dharma which is unique and has no comparison.
Please see this beautiful exhibit – which is very meaningful and has a message to the Society. 
When asked: Can we imagine putting up this kind of things in our Air Ports in India?
Someone answered: There will be protests from so called secularists, pseudo secularists etc. etc.