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Hindu nationalists oppose quota for tribal Christians

Hindu nationalists oppose quota for tribal Christians
Thursday, 29th January 2009. 12:39pm

By: Vishal Arora.

New Delhi: Hindu nationalists in India have launched a campaign to demand removal of affirmative action benefits for those tribal (aborigine) people who have converted to Christianity.
As part of its ‘intellectual’ campaign to rescue tribal ‘purity’ (of culture) from the influence of the Church, the Sangh Parivar (a family of organisations under the leadership of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, India’s most influential Hindu nationalist group) yesterday re-released a book to demand removal of tribal Christians from the Scheduled Tribes category in the Indian Constitution, reported The Hindustan Times.

Communities listed as Scheduled Tribes in the Constitution can avail from the 7.5 per cent seats reserved in government and public sector jobs and educational institutions for them. The tribal communities in India – whose members are originally not Hindus but belong to ethnic faiths – form around nine per cent of India’s population. According to estimates, around 20 per cent of India’s 24-million Christian community is from tribal backgrounds.

A tribal leader from the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Karia Munda, re-released the book, ‘Bees Varsh Ki Kaali Raat’ (A Twenty-Year Black Night) that was originally launched in the late 1960s by Kartik Oraon, a politician from the BJP’s archrival party, the Congress. The book argues that “Christian converts walked away with quota benefits meant for tribals in the first 20 years of Independence (in 1947), despite having ‘abandoned’ tribal practices.”

“We are expecting wide political support on our demand, including from the Congress (party). This is a genuine demand of all tribals,” the daily quoted Harsh Chauhan, convenor of Janajati Suraksha Manch (Forum for Protection of Tribals), believed to be a Sangh Parivar outfit, as saying.

“The Manch says Kartik Oraon handed a memorandum signed by 235 Lok Sabha (House of the People) MPs (members of Parliament) to the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi asking for converts to Christianity and Islam to be removed from the benefits of ST (Scheduled Tribes) quota. The Sangh Parivar is keen to reinstate the demand all over again,” said the daily.

While a tribal person retains the right to the government’s affirmative action after converting to Christianity or Islam, when a Dalit (formerly known as ‘untouchables’) person coverts out of Hinduism to these religions, she or he loses all benefits. Hindu nationalists are also opposing Christians’ demand to allow job reservations for ‘Dalit Christians’ – the matter is pending before the Supreme Court of India.

The mischief of the church and its mercenaries

Here is a good video on youtube about the mischief of the church and its mercenaries (fathers, nuns, pastors, reverends…..):

Let’s help them helping others!

See the below mail from my friend who lives in Combatore.


I have a friend at Coimbatore, city where I live and work, who goes to the remote villages inside Nilgiris forest every day. I was wondering what he does there. Later, I came to know that he would conduct classes for children there in the villages. It was even more shocking for me to know that he is a single teacher in the school, which is run by him and there is no Government schools in the nearby villages. When I enquired further, there were many shocking things that were told by him. People in the villages are basically ‘tribals’ who are leaving inside forests and they are not exposed to the modern days life. Only off late, they are getting some facilities like roads, drinking water. Electricity, health centre, schools are still dreams for many such villages. The families there do not have anything but poverty. Many families do not even have a proper shelter. He says that he has seen ladies who have only one or two sets of clothes and have to manage only with that. Children get food for only two times and adults may get only one time a day. Ooops….such a bad state they are at. And, since they are not a vote bank, politicians are least bothered about them too.

My friend is putting his 100% effort to help the people in those tribal villages, by running a school. Helping them to market the products that they prepare out of the material available in forests. He does not take salary; he only takes his travel and other expenses from his organization. And the organization is ‘Vanavasi Kalyana Ashrama’ which many of you would have heard about. This is a non-profit service organization. I was wondering what makes these people to work day and night for no salary!! It is just the passion about the society and motherland. He says that his organization has so many such people who are working like him for more than 3-4 decades. My salute to them !!! And, we here crib that the salaries we are getting in lakhs is not enough! And, spend for luxuries without which we can live healthily and happily. Whereas those tribals do not even have proper clothing for them and children have no enough food. What a pity is it!!

This organization attracted me and I started digging more and more about this ‘Vanavasi Kalyana Ashrama’. When I googled I got so many links. I realized that more than 8% of the Indian population are tribals (I prefer calling them Vanavasis) most of which are in similar pathetic state. And, realized that Vanavasi Kalyana Ashrama (VKA) has spread its activities through out the country and still there are many areas which are not entered by VKA, which means still there are so many people who do not have anyone to help them….I can write pages on this topic, I have become an expert in Vanavasi affairs now 🙂


Anyway, coming back to my friend’s case, he used to travel only by bus, which goes only once in a day to those villages and if he goes one village, that’s it’ he can’t go to another village on the same day, as the bus service is not available at that time. He used to spend a lot of time in traveling and waiting for bus, than conducting classes or helping the self help groups (SHG) that are working in other villages. Looking at this, I felt that I should give my bike to him as I am not using on weekdays. So, I did that. With this, he says that he can travel extensively and extend his help to the needy. He can spend more time in training his volunteers, guiding self help groups, supplying medicines to health centres that are run by VKA. He says, that his operational capacity has tripled now and people are happy to get his help whenever they need it!!

My bike is temporary, it moves with me when I get transferred 😦 So, solution is to get a new bike permanently for him. I need your help here. A bike costs around Rs. 40,000. Request you to make donation towards this. Let us help the people who are helping the people in need! Let the Vanavasis come to mainstream and live like you and me. Money is the only thing that we can give them as we do not have time to give! Please contact me if you are willing to donate. I will arrange for a receipt, which has 80G tax benefit also.