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Love jihad – real or a myth?

Love jihad – real or a myth? A detailed study by an NGO. Good work. Read at your leisure.

Some Muslims open to moving mosque

Some Muslims open to moving mosque
The Times of India

MUMBAI: A day after the Allahabad high court verdict on the Ayodhya title suit, a section of Muslims have started looking at the option of taking their mosque away from the Ram Janmabhoomi site. Some prominent clerics, peace activists and Islamic scholars feel that by not appealing in the Supreme Court and paving the way for Ram temple in Ayodhya, Muslims will earn a great deal of Hindu and secular Indians’ goodwill. Significantly, the option is not un-Islamic.

“The Sunni Waqf Board and All India Muslim Personal Law Board should show a gesture and vacate the land the court has allotted them. It should not be seen as surrender,” said Islamic scholar Zeenat Shaukat Ali. Ali added that there are precedents in Muslim history where Muslims had showed generosity and given up their places of worship once they found that these were built on places of worship of other religions.

She further said, “In the 8th century, the Ummayid caliph Ummavi Waleed surrendered the land of a mosque to Christians which his predecessors had grabbed. In Ayodhya, even if Muslims believe, and even if the court has vindicated their stand that the Babri mosque was not built on razed temple, they should be practical and build a mosque away from the temple site.”

The fear of Muslims is that once they give up their claim on the Ayodhya land, Hindutva organisations might raise the issues of Mathura and Kashi. Leading Islamic scholar Maulana Wahiduddin Khan said this fear was removed once the Places of Worship Act 1993 was brought which says that the status quo of all the place of worship, except Ram Janmabhoomi- Babri Masjid, will be maintained as on August 15, 1947. Moreover, the Maulana maintained, several mosques have been relocated in countries like Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

“It’s not in Quran and Hadith that once there’s a mosque, it’s always a mosque. It was later made part of Muslim belief by some fuqhas (Islamic jurists). Nobody is saying that Muslims should give up their claim on the mosque. They can relocate it,” said Khan.

Javed Anand of Muslims for Secular Democracy (MSD) argued that even if the SC endorsed the HC verdict and Muslims got their share in the disputed land, it was almost impossible that Muslims would ever be able to rebuild a mosque on the same site. “The best option is that they gift the land to the Hindus and set an example of magnanimity. It will open a new chapter of Hindu-Muslim unity,” said Anand.

Echoing this, Dongri-based businessman and president of Ekta Welfare Association Iqbal Memon Officer said a petition in the Supreme Court would only keep the issue boiling.

Ayodhya verdict – civic guidelines

The Union home ministry of Indian Government has sent an advisory to all the states asking them to give topmost priority to maintaining law and order in view of the September 24 verdict of Allahabad high court. The central government has also asked TV channels not to air provocative news that might flare communal disturbances. On that day, the court is set to give verdict on the Ayodhya case. While governments are busy in taking precautionary measures, what is the role of an ordinary citizen / civic groups?

Guidelines for individual citizens

1. Be aware that Government is taking all precautions with respect to security of citizens.

2. But you should also know that despite government’s efforts, there could be trouble in your area.

3. Trouble, in case of any, will be created either by the supporters of aggrieved parties, or some other miscreants with political, sectarian interests.

4. It could be stone throwing, beating, destroying properties, abusing or some other way of physically / mentally harming the innocent people.

5. The incidents could be considered as small, very small or very small – but still it could create sufficient pain and anguish to those who are affected.

6. It may not be possible to get case registered in many of these cases. In most of these cases, it may not be possible to get justice. Sometimes the affected people will not even get the sympathy of the officials, police, elected representatives etc

7. Being cautions and avoiding getting hurt in about such incidents is the ONLY solution.

8. Consider the following points while you take the precautions
(a) Talk with your family members about the precautions to be taken.
(b) Talk to your neighbors – exchange telephone / mobile numbers
(c) Be prepared to take up additional steps along with neighbors in an emergency situation.
(d) Discuss with office bearers of residential association of your area. Ask them to be in touch with police, elective representatives and others.
(e) Offer your services to the residential association – think about night shifts, forming bigger groups etc
(f) Trust the government – Help the government and at the same time, prepare yourself to face any unfavorable situation.
(g) Report any provocative, intolerant incidents of your area to your neighbors, residential association and if required to police and elected representatives.
(h) Share your concerns with police and elected representatives – seek their help and advice.

Guidelines for Civic Groups (office bearers of residential associations)

1. Get in touch with police and elected representatives and ensure that precautions are taken about safety of residents of your area.

2. Ensure and plan for receiving quick help form the authorities.

3. Give tips to youth of your area to come for help in case of emergency – to help the protection of the rest of the people before the real help arrives.

4. Don’t panic residents – but make them aware of the forthcoming situation.

5. Propagate trust worthiness of the government – take responsibility of safety of residents of your association.

– Prepared in public interest by ‘Civic Alert’ group, Bangalore.

Dr Hedgewar’s monumental contribution to humanity is RSS

Dr Hedgewar’s monumental contribution to humanity is RSS
By Girish Chandra Mishra
Dr Hedgewar tried to avoid name and fame. Like traditional saints of India he talked nothing about himself nor he liked anything to be published about him by his colleagues. RSS established by him is now 85 years old and it has spread to every nook and corner of India and among the people of all ages and sections. This is the true autobiography of Dr Hedgewar.

Maharshi Aurobindo has written a book named Among the Great. In it

he has mentioned his conversation with Romain Rolland, the great French scholar. He has said at one place that it is true that if all the great men of the world could achieve something important, they got it by their sheer and strong willpower and complete faith in their mission.

DR Keshav Baliram Hedgewar was not as famous as so-called other great men of his time. Like Shankaracharya and Swami Vivekananda he passed away at an early age of 52 in 1940. The RSS established by him in 1925 had spread in almost all the states of the country during his life time yet people outside RSS did not knew him. There will be no exaggeration to say that even today when the RSS is not only known in India but also abroad, few people know his name. Why is it so?

It is due to the fact that Dr Hedgewar tried to avoid name and fame. Like traditional saints of India he talked nothing about himself nor he liked anything to be published about him by his colleagues. RSS established by him is now 85 years old and it has spread to every nook and corner of India and among the people of all ages and sections. This is the true autobiography of Dr Hedgewar.

It is a matter of thinking where lies the distinguishing greatness of Dr Hedgewar. There is no standard instrument of measuring the greatness of people. Generally it is found in all the great men that they proceed on their way with a sense of dedication and sacrifice without caring for the obstacles and difficulties that come on their way while trying to achieve their goal. Some of them are fortunate enough in achieving their goal while others are not successful in their life time and then their goal is achieved by their succeeding generations.

We know that Mahatma Gandhi had reached the zenith of his success in his life time. In USSR Lenin also got the same fame and honour. In China Mao-Tse-Tung also got name and honour in his life.

But the life of Dr Hedgewar was completely different from all of them. Now let us see the reverse of it how many true followers of Gandhiji are there in our country. We have already seen the decline and dismemberment of USSR. The name of Mao has become the matter of the greatest criticism in China.

Dileep Kumar Roy the disciple of Maharshi Aurobindo has written a book named Among the Great. In it he has mentioned his conversation with Romain Rolland, the great French scholar. He has said at one place that it is true that if all the great men of the world could achieve something important, they got it by their sheer and strong will power and complete faith in their mission. But he further said that it is also a matter of thinking how many men after them today take inspiration from them. So the essence of Rolland’s remark seems to be the feeling that the greatness of a man does not depend upon the fame of ideas and ideals, but the fact that how many of his followers follow his ideals with how much faith and truthfulness.

The words of Romain Rolland truely apply on the greatness of Dr Hedgewar. He was born in 1889 and died in 1940. Today thousands of shakhas of RSS are spreading every where and lakhs of swayamsevaks attend them everyday and crores of people in the country and abroad are working with selfless dedication and service on the path shown by Dr Hedgewar. Is it not a testimony to the unique greatness of Dr Hedgewar. Today untold number of people want to know the name of the founder of RSS and this tendency is increasing day by day.

History tells us that it is a sad experience that the ideals laid down by great thinkers and scholars which were propagated during their life time are totally reversed after their departure. Mahatma Gandhi was very much inspired by Leo Tolstoy of Russia for his love and upliftment of the poor but what happened in Russia after the so-called great revolution there? Similarly the rise of Nepoleon Bonaparte totally reversed the ideals and ideas of the French Revolution inspired by Voltaire and Robus Piere. In Ireland the ideals of DE Valera were also destroyed after him. Is it not a fact that ideals of Mazine and Garibaldi were not fulfilled by Mussolini in Italy.

So in this historical perspective when we think about the life, ideas, ideals and achievements of Dr. Hedgewar, what do we find? During his life time RSS may not have spread in almost all the states and cities of the country but today almost 500 districts have come under the influence of the RSS and are getting insperation from Dr Hedgewar’s ideals. Not only that but outside the country his message through RSS and its allied organisations has reached to dozens of countries. The followers of other religions should have no grievance against RSS. Gandhiji even is his life time had started praying God, “O. God! Nobody is ready to listen me”. It is also said about Swami Vivekananda that before his death once he exclaimed, “Who am I to change society? The will of the Mother shall be done.”

But Dr Hedgewar before his death in 1940 while addressing the RSS training camp in Nagpur had remarked happily, “I am witnessing the idol of the Bharat Mata in miniature.”

Today apart from RSS branches its allied organisations like the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram. Vidyarthi Parishad, Bharatiya Majdoor Sangh, Bharatiya Kisan Sangh, Vidya Bharati and other service projects are spreading and executing the ideals of Dr Hedgewar in the country and abroad. It is not a monumental contribution of Dr Hedgewar to humanity.

(The writer is a former editor of Panchjanya and can be contacted at 6/769, Vivekananda Puri, Civil Lines, Sitapur-261 001.)

2,000 Gujarat tribals return to Hinduism in Surat

2,000 Gujarat tribals return to Hinduism in Surat

By our correspondent
Surat, 21 December, 2009
As many as 2,000 tribal people(officially registered about 1700) from remote parts of eastern and southern Gujarat tribal belt today reconverted to Hinduism in a function held at Adajan area in Surat.
Jagadguru Ramanandacharya Shree Swami Narendracharya Maharaj of Nanij presided over the purification ceremony — a several-hour long function. Wearing dhotis and sporting the sacred thread, the converts’ heads were tonsured to signify their rebirth. During the purification ceremony, the converts who felt cheated after going to Christianity apologized to their forefathers for betraying their faith. Converts were purified by Panchagavya and Bhabhuti. Converts were given fresh ‘Vastram’. The affidavits will be made and later registered to complete the formalities
The entire conversion process was similar to the one when 350 years back Shivaji Maharaj brought Netaji Palkar into Hindu dharma by performing the purification process.

Communalism and Secularism

Who is secular

Muslim organisation slams Vande Mataram fatwa

Muslim organisation slams Vande Mataram fatwa
Mon, Nov 9 07:22 AM
The Muslim Rashtriya Manch has slammed the Jamiat Ulema-i-Hind for passing a resolution, which described Vande Mataram as un-Islamic and asked Muslims not to sing it.
According to the Manch, which follows the ideology of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), Muslims who oppose Vande Mataram are opponents of Islam and the nation.
“Our Muslim brothers should not follow the fatwa as Vande Mataram is the national song of the country and every Indian citizen should respect and recite it,” said Mohd Afzal, national convenor of the Manch.
No person could ask anyone to stop reciting Vande Mataram, said Afzal.
In 2003-04, some senior Muslim Leaders had started the Nationalist Muslim Movement, which was later renamed as the Muslim Rastriya Manch in 2007. According to the members of the organisation, RSS leaders guide this organisation in its activities to promote peace and harmony.
On Sunday, senior leaders of the Manch and former Sarsanghchalak of RSS K S Sudarshan met to discuss the issues that generate tension and hostility between Muslims and Hindus.
According to Afzal, the Manch has already translated Vande Mataram in Urdu as Maa Taslemat.
Syed Hamidul Hasan, renowned Shia cleric, who was especially invited on the occasion to speak on Hindu-Muslim issues, said that Muslims were free to take their own decision regarding Vande Mataram, which everybody respects.
Sudarshan said Indian Muslims should not be called a minority, as they are Indians like Hindus and other communities. He also said that Vande Mataram was the national song and does not belong to any particular community.
To mark the first anniversary of the Mumbai terror attack, the Muslim Rashtriya Manch is going to organise an anti-terror march, known as Tiranga Yatra, in Mumbai on November 19.
A terror-free week will also be observed by the Manch from March 19 to 26 during which the message against terrorism will be spread across the country.
Express News Service